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Best IAS Coaching in Delhi

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Best IAS Coaching in Delhi (Performance Reviews)

Searching for a coaching institute for Civil Services preparation in Delhi is one of the most tedious tasks. Just land to Mukherjee Nagar, Rajendra Nagar or Karol Bagh and you will find hundreds of coaching centers, Now the question arise – how to choose the Best IAS Coaching in Delhi?
You will come to know about it as you read below:
Introspect yourself that – Will below mentioned factors help you in your preparation? Will it add value to your preparation? If answer is YES – join coaching; if NO – do self-study.
  • Can you afford to shift to Delhi? If yes – you will have benefit of exposure to diverse section of students with different perspectives, different level of preparedness, opportunity to take tips from their learning.
  • Do you need or get inspired by competitive environment? If yes – then it’s correct, that coaching institute provides ample opportunity for higher level of study environment and you will be able to improve your level of preparation. Meritorious students from all over India flocks to Delhi and get selected in civil services exams. This in fact keeps your motivational levels high.
  • Feedback and suggestions from faculty helps you upgrade you knowledge within limited period of time. Regular class tests conducted in the institute helps you develop ability to handle different levels of questions with speed and accuracy. Thus, writing skill gets polished, which is the most fundamental requirement in IAS mains exam.
  • Top IAS coaching in Delhi provides opportunities to new aspirants to meet with selected students of their institutes. This is a golden chance to understand their preparation method and study schedule/plan. The interaction is really very inspiring and will be in your memory for a long time; will infuse guts for hard work with smart plan.
    best ias coaching in delhi
  • Self-study is recommended but present changes in UPSC have made guidance almost compulsory. If you are yet pursuing graduation then self-study will be good way of preparation for Civil Services but if you have completed graduation – you can save your precious time by IAS coaching in Delhi.
  • - You can find updated study materials regarding UPSC exam at one place. Well designed and arranged study materials according to the pattern of IAS exam. No market search, research required. Yes, authentic study materials should be studied repeatedly – not once but 10 times. Class test will improve your understanding and writing skill under teacher’s guidance. Alone, you may be devoid of this practice.
    - Experienced faculty helps you not only to get understanding of concepts but teaches you the art of correlating/linking between different subject-matter. In fact, this is the biggest benefit of enrolling with best IAS coaching in Delhi. Without guide, it may take long years to learn the same trick through trial & error.
    - You develop insight about the focal points to be studied as well as things to be ignored while preparation of IAS exam. A very important trait that every civil services aspirant should possess.
    - Expert faculty arrange and explain the subject-matters of the syllabus in the most lucid and palatable fashion.
    - Group discussion in the classroom helps add different dimensions to your understanding of topics; multiple aspect of analysis is the requirement of UPSC exam, thus IAS coaching in Delhi fulfils those necessary elements.
    - Best IAS coaching in Delhi also conducts All India Test Series and expose their classroom students to such mock tests.
    This is a great opportunity in two ways (a) You get exposer to UPSC simulated test papers & have access to all India ranking. This helps in knowing your strength and weaknesses. (b) First hand review (answer-copy) of fellow aspirants let you know – how to write better for more marks. The classroom topper is with you and it helps you in learning softer skill of writing.

    Thus, we can summarise that taking IAS Coaching in Delhi is an opportunity to success, but depending fully on coaching institutes is not a rational way of Civil exams preparation. The benefit of coachings delhi is that it saves your time in collecting relevant study materials, and class lectures of teachers helps you in getting clarity of concept, develops skill of correlation i.e. inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary. Participating & interacting with the teachers as well as students helps develop awareness towards the exam and strategically it is very helpful.

    Now let us come to the next aspect i.e. What should be the criterion for choosing Best IAS Coaching in Delhi?

    There as few basic and important criterion which should be kept in mind to determine any particular coaching institute as good or beneficial. These are –

  • Students Success track-record. This is most important part and most flaunted by most of the coaching institution. Precaution: Just don’t run over the claims made by coaching institutes. Properly enquire about its authenticity. Verify them. (If possible, meet some of the selected candidates. We at Elite IAS Delhi, organise such interaction at frequent intervals.)
  • Successful Students Meet. If students are originally from the coaching institute, they will never hesitate to come to their 'Alma Mater' at reasonable interval. IAS Coaching in Delhi is more beneficial if you can get opportunity to meet (interact) with those successfull students during your coaching. They will really add freshness to your preparation as well as they are great source of motivation. (We at Elite IAS, provide one-to-one meeting with our selected candidates. Right now, Nikhil Pathak (IPS-2015), Ashutosh Dwivedi (IPS-2015), Kuldeep Dwivedi (IRS-2015) & Rohit Kumar (IRS-2015) are available for counselling or students’ meet.)
    [Note: Our student Nikhil Pathak (IPS) got selected in First Attempt, completed his graduation from Delhi University in 2015 and selection in same year session in Civils Services Exam i.e. 2015. He is highest scorer in General Studies (mains) i.e. 426 marks.
    Rohit Kumar (IRS) is highest scorer in Sociology Optional paper-II i.e. 144 marks.]).
  • Strength of Classroom. Classroom should not be overcrowded, otherwise personalized attention on students would be impossible.
  • Teacher’s involvement. Interactive classes and concept based learning. Teacher should have the ability correlate their subject-matter with current affairs or contemporary issues. (We at Elite IAS have regular discussion of current affairs.)
  • Class Test. Along with interactive classes, there should be strict provision for class test. It is an important element because here students are exposed to variety of questions from various sections/units. They learn how to write appropriate answers as per demand of UPSC. Feedback of teachers are really helpful.
  • Holistic approach. If you are new to Civil Service exams and its pattern, you should join such institute which provides holistic preparation for Civil Service. For example, Elite IAS provides A2Z solutions i.e. Prelims (GS + CSAT), Mains (GS Paper-I, II, III & IV + Essay) + Interview. Here, Holistic means, classroom coaching + class test + at the end of the course, you should appear in All India Test Series. This will help you evaluate your preparedness in comparison to other students.
  • Study Support. It means, the IAS coachings institute should facilitate teachers’ support even after the class is over. This is very helpful in solving personalized study problems.
  • Current Affairs & Contemporary Issues. Current affairs and Contemporary issues play a major role in latest trend of Civil Services IAS Exam preparation. The question pattern in General Studies demands to substantiate your answers with current affairs and if possible correlate traditional questions with contemporary issues. This enriches your answers and examiner/evaluator tastes such type of attitude. Those coachings IAS institute should be considered good (preferred) who develops their own current affairs & contemporary issues via research & development team. (Elite IAS owns R&D team for preparation of Current Affairs materials & Contemporary Issues.)

  • Lastly, it can be concluded that best IAS Coaching in Delhi is more a perception than reality. For students, that IAS academies are best, which helps them achieve their goal and be successful in Civil Services Examination. Elite IAS academy has a dynamic track record of producing selected students from classroom coaching in Civil Services Exam. We feel proud of our Faculty team, Administrative Staff team and obviously our Students. We are the only coaching institutions in India to get one-to-one interaction with IAS aspirants to our selected students.

    Wish You Best of LUCK!

    , Ashutosh Dwivedi (IPS), Kuldeep Dwivedi (IRS) & Rohit Kumar (IRS)
    To meet our selected candidates, you need to take appointment: Call: 8899999931/34, 7065202020

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