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Add life to your motivation while making efforts in clearing the UPSC exam

Without a motivation, it’s sometimes hard to achieve something. We, as a human being, look out for motivation from within and outer world, just to embark the successful step. Have you ever given a thought from where does such motivation come Undoubtedly, the motivation comes from the vision; you carry in your mind. When you achieve something, you will gain...[ read more ]

Preparation advise for IAS students

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is a dream career of the majority of students in our country. But, how many students make it actually happen every year?  The answer is only a few. Why? The only reason behind this is not only the tough level of the competition, but weak preparations are one other reason which causes failure. To overcome this...[ read more ]

Exam pattern and the selection procedure for UPSC IAS exam

  It is well known that being an IAS is a very reputed thing. It has a very prestigious and bright career ahead. In our country, a major number of students opt for IAS as a career and applies for this examination. An IAS officer gets appointed as a District Collector and thus he is highly responsible for the various...[ read more ]

Common Issues Faced By the IAS Aspirants While Preparing for the IAS Exam

Practicing and preparation always remain overwhelming, no matter which exam is going to hold. A single misstep indulges the aspirant into big troubles for a lifetime. Thus, it’s very crucial for the IAS candidates to overcome such blunders to crack the exam easily. Less the mistakes you make, more the chances are increased to get succeeded in the exam. The...[ read more ]