10 Mock Tests: (7 Section wise Theme-based & 3 Full Test) – (Admission Open)
Course Fee: Rs.10,700/- (Inclusive All Taxes)

(Commencing from 11 June 2022)

11 June 2022SaturdayOrientation SessionImportance of Essay in UPSC Mains and strategy to tackle it.
– Basic Understanding of Essay Writing
– Importance of Brainstorming in Essay
– Dos and Don’ts for writing Essay
12 June 2022SundaySectional Test-1Theme: Social Issues
19 June 2022SaturdaySectional Test- 2Theme: Philosophical, Phrasal-Quotation Based
19 June 2022SaturdayDiscussionFeedback on Evaluated Papers, Discussion of Test 1-2
26 June 2022SundaySectional Test-3Theme: Political and Economic Issues
03 July 2022SundaySectional Test- 4Theme: Philosophical and Ethical Issues
03 July 2022SundayDiscussionFeedback on Evaluated Papers, Discussion of Test 3-4
10 July 2022SundaySectional Test- 5Theme: Environmental Issues, Emerging Technology, Governance
17 July 2022SundaySectional Test- 6Theme: International Relation, Geo- politics, Culture and Heritage, Security
24 July 2022SundaySectional Test- 7Theme: Contemporary Issues 
24 July 2022SundayDiscussionFeedback on Evaluated Papers, Discussion of Test 5-7
7 August 2022SundayFull Mock-1Discussion of Mock 1
21 August 2022SundayFull Mock-2Discussion of Mock 2
04 September 2022SundayFull Mock-3Discussion of Mock 3

Note: Test can be postpone but not prepone. All tests are valid till the Mains examination of 2022. Copies sent after that will not be evaluated and not extra time will be allowed to submit them.