If you go through previous year’s questions, you will find that importance of Current Affairs in both Prelims & Mains have increased or becoming significant every coming year. Now, IAS aspirants need to be updated with almost all important events around the universe i.e. national & international. ELITE IAS team of experts, as usual, is taking all sort of extra pain to keep our ‘Current Affairs’ relevant/important in reference to the UPSC exam. Two consequent years (2016 & 2015), we have performed the best in keeping our students (as well as online followers) satisfied and successful in their General Studies Prelims & Mains examination.

In the changed pattern of UPSC, we take the pride to have one of the most experienced & reliable teams of Current Affairs experts. Almost all the questions related to Current Affairs in Civil Services exam 2016 & 2015 (Prelims & Mains) were asked by our expert made Current Affairs magazine.

Today, keeping oneself updated with Current Affairs is one of the main sources of success in the Civil Services exam. But this is also time-consuming; if you try to go through each and every development/event yourself every day, you may have to invest around 3 to 4 hours reading various newspapers & magazine. This is not prudent because you have many other things to study. Here, you can take the benefit of an expert’s researched work.

They collect relevant current affairs’ information in reference to UPSC; secondly, they correlate those topic(s) to their present purpose/objective, extend background information & significance (this is what UPSC also wants). In brief, our work lightens your burden, you just need to religiously go through our current affairs content and relieve yourself from getting involved in collecting more & more materials. Here, at one stop you will have all the required current affairs materials.

Our research team collect & recreate (analyse) current affairs magazine  materials from various authentic sources (to name few): Sources – The Hindu, Indian Express, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Economic Times, Business Standard, BusinessLine, LiveMint, Press Information Bureau (PIB), WHO, Wikipedia, India Today, BBC, AIR etc. (at the end of the news you can find the source).

Current Affairs 2018-2019