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GS Integrated Course – 2019 [New batch: 15 April]

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Civil Services Examination calls for a perfect learning aptitude followed with the substantial hard work and dedication. Aspirants preparing for the Civil service exam must follow a comprehensive learning approach at best UPSC coaching in Delhi to reach their prospective career goal. Throughout their journey of becoming an IAS officer, Elite IAS offers them the needed support system in the form of continuous mentoring through the best IAS coaching in Delhi. Quality guidance, updated study material and continual analysis of the aspirants class performance, is something is used at the Elite IAS Academy to make the aspirants, aware of their learning stature.

Answer writing practice is of utmost importance while following the learning schedule of the IAS exam. At the best IAS coaching in India, students are advised to do writing practice on a daily note. This is necessary to pace up the writing speed of the aspirant contrary to the limited time available in the examination. Also, regular writing practice will rise up the confidence level and also makes the aspirants aware of the shortcomings, which are necessary to wash away before the final exam. Additionally, regular writing practice at IAS best coaching in Delhi will improve the structure of writing the answers.

General Studies is a vast segment that holds importance in both Prelims & Mains exam. Thus, aspirants must focus on each and every subject of General Studies at UPSC coaching in India. It is not a single subject, it is more than that. Basically, it’s a combination of many subjects such as Geography, Indian History, Polity, Economics, Current Affairs, etc.

At IAS coaching in India, aspirants preparing for General studies must begin by accessing the vast source of information and knowledge about each and every subject. A perfect amalgamation of the learning sources and time available for the exam is recommended at best UPSC coaching in India to achieve the desired success trophy.

The Essay paper is something which plays a crucial role in making your selection confirmed. The marks on the Essay paper are very important and will be included while calculating the total marks. Thus, at IAS coaching in Delhi, you are asked to prepare well to write and effective essay. For assistance, you can follow some useful tips to write and effective essay.

  1. Choose the topic carefully
  2. Think over the topic and plan the writing strategy
  3. Structure your essay with proper introduction and conclusion
  4. Avoid using any proactive language
  5. Make the use of quotes in a proper and exact manner
  6. Don’t get deviated from the topic