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IAS Coaching in Delhi, India– Best IAS Coaching Institute for UPSC Civil Services Exam

Elite IAS Coaching in Delhi is a remarkable one-stop destination for the right guidance to excel in the Civil exams. Elite IAS Academy has been offering the best guidance under the most popular mentors in the country. This IAS Academy has been rated one of the top IAS Institute in Delhi.

Here in Elite IAS Academy, aspirants can be rest assured to get the best training and personal guidance to excel. We offer thoroughly researched study materials and test series papers that help grow confidence in our aspirants.

At present, there are several IAS Coaching centers in Delhi, but Elite IAS Academy is listed on the top because of the quality of training it offers to its aspirants. Over the years it has grown, and now serves aspirants having many branches of its own throughout Delhi.

As we know, UPSC exam is regarded as one of the toughest examinations in the country. It comprises of several stages where aspirants are tested to their maximum potential. IAS exams hold immense value for every aspirant, so they work hard relentlessly to achieve success.

There are several benefits of taking UPSC coaching in Delhi one of the best IAS Coaching in Delhi. At Elite IAS, we follow a very constructive teaching method and guide aspirants to ensure success in the long run. Elite IAS Coaching in Delhi has been ranked as one of the top institutes for UPSC training in Delhi.

Benefits of best UPSC Coaching in Delhi:

  • Students are offered guidance from the best mentors of Delhi. They have long years of experience with Civil Services teaching. They have mentored hundreds of successful students as IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS etc.
  • Aspirants in coaching centers get a chance to interact with some of the senior most retired as well as serving IAS, IPS, and IFS officers. These interactions improve morale and boost confidence in aspirants.
  • Selected students from Elite IAS Academy frequently interacts with enrolled students at the coaching institute to share their study plan that they had used while preparing for Civil services exam. This becomes a goldmine for the IAS aspirants.
  • Apart from these, aspirants are offered the right environment to learn and excel. Brilliant brains i.e. students from all over India collects here and share their studies. This is of great help for mediocre student to excel in their studies and become successful.
  • Students are offered with top-notch study materials backed up by regular sectional test series. 
  • A complete in-house coaching center that offers both online and offline coaching to aspirants.

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Our Mission:

At Elite IAS Academy, we aim at developing leadership qualities with a competitive attitude. We endeavor to offer aspirants the right guidance through our professionals who have immense knowledge of the same. Our Academy believes in developing the moral and ethical values in the individuals who will become tomorrow's bureaucrats. Our mission is to offer aspirants the right environment to learn and grow and excel in the long run. 

Our Approach:

Elite IAS Academy offers students the right methods of learning and preparing for the UPSC exams. We offer top-class faculty members that provide overall growth in students. At Elite IAS Academy, we ensure every student is guided and trained following all UPSC examination parameters.

To ensure that we offer students the best study materials that is completely sought out by faculties. We offer every study related requirement from our end, to assist our students to prepare for the civil examination.

We conduct personality training for students to develop receptivity towards worldly changes and shun ‘fixedness’ of attitude, which is of immense importance in bureaucracy. Secondly, we also train them to maintain balanced approach for all issues – written or spoken. This is done by overcoming ‘illusion of transparency’.

Our Leader


Bibhash Sharma, our leader, is a prevalent figure in Delhi, known for his unique problem-solving techniques. He is the founder of Elite IAS Coaching Academy, founded in 2012. Bibhash Sharma and Ravi Chamoli (co-founder), our leaders have a scientific approach to solving queries, offering the best solutions.

Our leaders have helped many students to get into the prestigious Civil Services every remarkable year. Their training and guidance have helped many students achieve their dream jobs serving as IAS, IPS, IFS, and IRS officers. Under the visionary leadership, we have made Elite IAS the best IAS coaching in Delhi.

What We Provide?

Elite IAS Academy believes in providing the best education to students with world-class facilities to develop their skills. Offering an excellent environment to aspirants will help them to prepare and gain confidence. Our faculty members and classroom learning experienced are ranked top in the country.

Therefore, candidates from the institute have excelled in the civil services examination and serving the nation as the highest-ranked officers. Below mentioned are some of the facilities that we provide our aspirants.

  • Best Faculty Members
  • Fully equipped classroom
  • Regular Seminars for aspirants
  • Top-notch study materials that are highly researched
  • Online IAS Coaching to aspirants
  • Top class administration and infrastructure for the complete growth of students.
  • Attractive fees with various payment options

Available Courses of IAS Coaching in Delhi:

Civil aspirants should consider the number of courses offered by Elite IAS Academy. These courses are designed considering the need of the aspirants and the requirement of the UPSC examination. Some of the courses offered are: -

UPSC Classroom Course

upsc classroom course

The UPSC Classroom Course is a comprehensive program for civil aspirants. It is focused to build the foundation for UPSC preparation. It covers the entire UPSC exams syllabus and is concentrated to give the students insights into the syllabus.

The UPSC Classroom Course comprises several sections that involve test series, lectures, and study materials. EliteIAS provides three batches of this course which starting from May, July, and August.

Online IAS Live Classes

Online IAS Live classes

Online IAS Live classes offer by Elite IAS Academy is eminent all over Delhi. The establishment offers a far-reaching program that incorporates study materials, test arrangements, live classes, and many more. Online classes offered by Elite IAS Institute in Delhi are top-rated that ensures the best results.

The Online IAS Live classes are an Output-Oriented Program that is scientifically prepared considering the need of the aspirants. The students can take the benefits of this course at a minimal affordable price.

The special features of the program are: -

  • This course is beneficial for the aspirants who are preparing from remote areas.
  • Easy access with a routine-based study plan.
  • The course is structured to help the working professionals.
  • The flexibility of schedule and timings.
  • Increased access to the Expert guidance

Video Lectures for UPSC Exam Preparation

Video-based learning

Video-based learning provided by Elite IAS is one of the best examples of enriched e-learning education in UPSC preparation. Video-based teaching today is the most more effective and engaging tool, especially for competitive examinations. The Elite IAS provides a variety of video-based learning options from live online classes to recorded video lectures.

Benefits of Elite IAS Video lectures: -

  • Short, crisp, engaging, and elucidating videos
  • allow students to enjoy learning
  • direct interaction with the teachers
  • Time-saving and tech-savvy.
  • Videos motivate with authentic content

Fee Structure for IAS Coaching Institute in Delhi

Delhi is one of the prominent locations for finding a perfect IAS Coaching center in India. The fees for IAS Coaching in Delhi ranges from anywhere between 1.5 lakhs to 2.5 lakhs. For many IAS aspirants, this amount is enormous, which has been the main reason for them giving up coaching services. At Elite IAS Academy, we know that not every aspirant can afford to pay such a huge fee. This is why we have been working hard to bring about aspirants’ best fess that includes all the three stages in a budget. We are offering aspirants lucrative instalments to pay their fees as per their convenience.

Reasons why Elite IAS Academy is the best when it comes to IAS Coaching:

IAS Coaching is believed to be very expensive, and many aspirants believe that if they do not spend massive amounts, they end up in centers where teachings standards are compromised. At Elite IAS Academy, we ensure the fess is lower than other IAS coaching centers without compromising the teaching standards. Every year several aspirants lose a lot of time looking for the most budget-friendly IAS coaching center. This is where Elite IAS Academy comes into action, offering aspirants top-class education at marginal fees. To this day, Elite IAS Academy is regarded as one of the top IAS academies in the country, having the most affordable fees. With all facilities and guidance offered under one roof, this academy is a one stop destination to help you become successful IAS/IPS/IFS and IRS officers.

IAS Coaching Fee Structure for Elite IAS Academy, Delhi

Academic CoursesFees (INR)Course Duration
Upgraded Foundation Course: 2021-22Rs.2,21,000/-12 Month
General Studies Integrated CourseRs. 1,81,000/-12 Month
3 Years Integrated Course – For UndergraduatesRs. 2,60,000/-36 Months
General Studies Mains + Prelims OnlyRs. 1,60,000/-10 Month
Optional SubjectsRs. 50,000/-4 – 5 Month
Online GS Foundation CourseRs. 72,850/-
Sociology Optional Video CourseRs. 35000/-

Scholarship Program 2021-2022 – Scholarships are offered to the meritorious students from the economically weaker backgrounds. Scholarship Programme for IAS Coaching

Results – Our Selected Students in UPSC

Elite IAS Academy - IAS Topper - Anurag
Elite IAS Academy - IAS Topper - Brijesh
Elite IAS Academy - IAS Topper - Namita
Elite IAS Academy - IAS Topper - Gundala

Frequently asked questions:

What is the educational qualification required for IAS exams?

A candidate requires having a bachelor's degree from any of the recognized education institutes in India. The degree can be regular or distant.

What are the facilities in Elite IAS Coaching in Delhi?

At Elite IAS Academy, you get comprehensive guidance to prepare for the IAS exams. You get the best faculty members and top-notch study materials to keep you ahead in your preparation. Aspirants get exposure, which is essential for success in the civil exams.

What is the role of a coaching center in clearing the IAS exams?

Coaching centers play a very prominent role in helping students to clear the IAS exams. Coaching institutes offer students the right guidance and materials to prepare that are as per the examination syllabus. As the exams are challenging, aspirants need to take coaching for development. Faculty members and study materials will help the aspirant to excel and learn as per the syllabus. 

Will I get training for the Final Interview that involves a personal interview round?

The UPSC exam's final round consists of a personal interview, which is the most critical stage. The aspirants who have cleared the Mains held in October are selected for the final round. The training begins in December that offers aspirants various training on the personal interview.

What are the benefits of coaching in Elite IAS Academy?

Coaching from Elite IAS coaching Academy has many unmatched benefits. Elite IAS Academy offers aspirants the right environment to excel in the civil service exams. The faculty members here are excelled in their respective subjects and can offer the right guidance to success. Quality of study materials is top-notch that has been highly researched before delivering it to the students. At Elite IAS Academy, you get the right platform to boost your knowledge and gain confidence for the civil exams.

Is IAS is the best career for youths in India?

Though various other careers are present in India and abroad, IAS is believed to be one of the best careers for the youths in India. Being an IAS officer has its perks. You get to serve the nation at the highest levels of ranking. Becoming an IAS officer in India will get you a secure job and life.

How should my study environment be for preparing for the IAS exams?

The room where you are preparing should not have any disturbance. Always ensure to have a rough book to make important notes while you are studying. The light should be sufficient for long hours of study. Using a low power light for extended periods of study can harm the eyes severely. One should invest time and prepare wholeheartedly for the exams to achieve success.


Earning the national recognition of being an IAS officer has been a dream of every individual living in the country. UPSC exam, held for IAS's position, is one of India's most challenging exams. But for appearing in this exam needs a proper preparation of the students. Thus getting enrolled in a coaching institute has become a must. Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion among the aspirants to choose the right institute for them. The market is buzzing with hundreds of coaching institutes. Below are a few of the things that should be considered when selecting the right institute for you.

1) Past performance

When searching for an institute, one should always look into the previous performances of the institute. This is going to be the deciding factor whether to enroll yourself and to the institute or not. You will find many institutes boasting about the number of students who could crack the UPSC exam after taking tuition from the respective coaching centers. Don't fall for the numbers as they are just marketing schemes. Try to have a conversation with the institutes' achievers so that you get a better idea about the teaching methods and other features of the same. The better the percentage of students qualifying for the prestigious position, the better is the chance of you being appropriately guided for the exam by that center.

2) Background of the institute

Many students forget to check the background or history of the institute. It is always seen that the older institute becomes, the better the opportunity one gets to polish themselves and get prepared for the exam. The coaching institute can use its experience to guide every student depending upon their capabilities. The study material provided by them would be very accurate and comply with the UPSC exam's latest guidelines. Nowadays, many new institutes have mushroomed in every corner of the country and promise to provide the best learning experience and better study material at a reasonable rate. This turns out to be not more than an illusion as these new educators lack the minimum knowledge required to guide the aspirants.

3) Courses offered by the institute

Students should also consider checking the types of courses provided by the institute. Any student can appear for the UPSC examination, irrespective of the education you had in your life. You can be from science, commerce, or even from the humanity stream. Depending upon these factors, your course structure changes. Thus you need to check for the experienced faculty's availability for a particular subject and their willingness to help whenever you need them. The course should also be custom made depending upon your weaknesses and strength. This way, you will be able to grasp every topic properly at your own pace. A well-curated course is key to a good score in the exam.

4) Student-Teacher ratio

The student-teacher ratio is the most crucial factor that governs any aspirant's decision whether to get himself enrolled in the institute or not. The less crowded class helps the teacher pay attention to an individual student. This exam requires more one-to-one interaction between teachers and students to identify and eliminate every student's shortcomings. This will surely help them get ready for the exam. Teachers also need to update the service to the new topics and the exam syllabus so that their teachings are not outdated. This would eventually hamper the overall knowledge of the student.

5) Availability of good infrastructure

All your efforts in the classroom will go in vain if the environment is not adequately cared for. A good teacher will surely deliver all the knowledge, but you need to be mentally and physically active to understand it. A well-lighted and ventilated room will surely make the students comfortable and absorb most of the teachings. Other features like an air-conditioned room with projectors make the learning experience better. The coaching institute should also have a study room or a library where students can revise the subjects and get into a group discussion with others. This way, they can utilize the time between two consecutive classes.

The coaching institute should also provide a better learning experience. A quality learning experience in the classroom is far better than getting online classes as it makes the interaction with the teacher less complicated and very open. The coaching institute should monitor the performance of every student and guide them according to their potential. Conducting assessments weekly or monthly is the best way of understanding the student's overall readiness. The advancement of technology has enabled many institutes to conduct online examinations and better analyze the student. This way, the teachers can change their teaching strategies for the benefit of the student. The study material should also be updated and easy to understand so that the students don't face any problems when studying at home. Good study material helps the students keep focus and are always concerned about their studies.

The loyalty of the coaching center plays an essential role in your preparation for the UPSC exam. An excellent organization improves and encourages candidates when they fail and work hard alongside them. All the coaching institutes will be trying to win your trust and get you enrolled in their center. But remember, success is decided by your self-study and hard labor and not solely by any institute. Believe in your self, and consistent practice will surely make your goal look real. The coaching institution is to help you get a good guide in the preparation period. Thus, we hope that the points mentioned above will help you choose the UPSC exam's best coaching institute. There are many more tips that could help you, but these are the most important ones. We all hope that you reach the goal of becoming an IAS officer with the best scores

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