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TimingMorning & Evening
Batch Start Date11th Sept, 25th Sept, 9th & 23rd October 2023
COURSE & MODEGeneral Studies (Offline & Online)
COURSE & MODESociology Optional (Offline & Online) 28th Oct.

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IAS Academy in Delhi - Selected Student

Elite IAS Academy - Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi

Elite IAS Academy is one of the best place for those who want to excel in the Civil Services Examination. Our academy is famous for being one of the Best IAS Coaching in Delhi. We have excellent Pedagogy, teaching methods and a track record of achieving outstanding results.

Bibhash Sharma and Ravi Chamoli, who leads Elite IAS Academy, received public recognition for their dedication and the success of the coaching center. In 2017, the institute was honoured by Kiren Rijiju, the then Union Minister of State for Home Affairs in India, who commended them for providing high-quality coaching for Civil Services examinations.

Adding another feather to its cap, the academy received ‘The Golden Star Awards’ in 2018 as the Best IAS coaching in Delhi. Additionally, this best coaching for UPSC in India enjoys a reputable status for its General Studies courses.

What makes this Academy special is its dedication to personalized guidance. We offer separate classes in both English and Hindi medium.

Learning with Small Batches, Big Successes!

Elite IAS Academy raise your UPSC preparation with focused, interactive learning, made possible by our small class sizes (65-70 students per batch). Reach your full potential with our specialized approach.

Personalized Attention for Every Aspirant:

Limited seats in each class ensure that you are more than just a face in the crowd. Small batch sizes mean that our experienced faculty can provide individualized attention to every aspirant. With fewer students vying for attention, your queries get resolved quicker, and your unique challenges are addressed more effectively.

Enhanced Peer-to-Peer Interaction:

A small group of like-minded individuals makes for more meaningful interactions and discussions. It provides a platform where everyone is heard, and each opinion is valued. This enriches your learning experience and helps you understand different perspectives on various subjects, an essential aspect for UPSC preparation.

Tailored Strategy and Guidance:

With fewer students in each batch, our mentors get to know you better – your strengths, weaknesses, and unique needs. This enables them to provide personalized guidance on strategy and time management, tailored just for you.

Accountability and Motivation:

In a small group, your progress – or lack of it – is noticeable. This built-in accountability can be a powerful motivator. You are not just responsible to yourself but also to your peers and teachers who are invested in your success.

Quality Over Quantity:

At Elite IAS, we prioritize quality over quantity. We believe that it’s not about how many aspirants we train, but how many we help succeed. Our track record speaks volumes, and our alumni are a testament to the effectiveness of our small batch size approach.

Our Expert Faculty Panel

When it comes to UPSC preparation, the road to success is often rugged and filled with countless hurdles. However, with the right guidance and mentorship, this challenging journey transforms into an enlightening experience. At this Delhi UPSC coaching, our most prized assets are our dedicated and expert faculty members, who form the bedrock of our institution’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

Unmatched Expertise:

Our faculty panel consists of experienced teachers who have spent years mastering their respective subjects. They work under the expert guidance of Bibhash Sharma, the Director of Elite IAS Academy, who contributes over 18 years of teaching experience with UPSC students. Many of his students have risen to become senior IAS, IPS, IFS, and IRS officers, both nationally and internationally.
Additionally, most of our faculty members have successfully qualified for Civil Services interviews. Many of them are esteemed authors, researchers, and thought leaders in their respective fields, adding to the richness of the learning experience we provide.

Comprehensive Knowledge:

They do not just teach; they enlighten. Our faculty go deep into subjects, breaking down complex UPSC syllabus topics into easy-to-understand modules. Their comprehensive understanding of subjects ranging from Polity and Economics to History and Science ensures that students receive a well-rounded education.

Individual Attention:

Recognizing that every student is unique, our faculty goes the extra mile to offer personalized attention. They are readily available for doubt-clearing sessions, one-on-one mentorship, and academic counselling, ensuring that each student’s needs are meticulously addressed.

In brief, at this best coaching for UPSC in Delhi, we believe that a strong faculty is the cornerstone of any great educational institution. Our expert faculty panel is, therefore, not just a part of our institute; they are the heart and soul that pumps life into our vision for providing high-quality UPSC preparation.

Complete Updated Study Materials

When you join us, we provide comprehensive study materials for you to use. At Elite IAS coaching in Delhi, we understand that the right study materials can make all the difference in your UPSC preparation journey. That’s why we take immense pride in presenting our meticulously crafted Complete Study Materials – a cornerstone of success for aspirants like you.

Comprehensive Coverage:

Our Complete Study Materials leave no stone unturned. They contain the entirety of the UPSC syllabus, meticulously chosen and organised to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of every subject. Whether it’s History, Polity, Geography, Economics, or any other crucial topic, our materials offer in-depth insights, ensuring that no aspect is overlooked.

Simplified Clarity:

We believe that complex subjects can be presented in a simplified manner without compromising on the depth of understanding. Our study materials are designed with clarity in mind, breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-digest sections. This approach empowers you to understand even the most challenging topics with confidence.

Expert Chosen Content:

Our study materials are a result of the collective expertise of our seasoned faculty members and selected students of our institute. Drawing from years of experience and subject mastery, they have distilled their knowledge into these materials. This means you are not just studying from books; you are benefiting from the wisdom of educators who have guided countless aspirants to success.

Updated and Relevant:

The area of UPSC exams is ever-evolving. Our study materials reflect the latest trends, updates, and changes in the UPSC syllabus and exam pattern. You can rest assured that you are equipped with the most current information, positioning you ahead of the trend.

Holistic Approach:

Beyond being a mere compilation of facts, our Updated Study Materials foster a holistic understanding. They encourage critical thinking, application of concepts, and connections between different subjects. This approach prepares you not just for the exams, but also for the challenges you wll face as a responsible civil servant.

Flexibility and Accessibility:

Recognizing the diverse needs of our aspirants, our study materials are designed to be flexible and accessible. Whether you prefer digital access or traditional printed materials, we have got you covered. This adaptability ensures that your learning style is catered to, making your UPSC preparation journey as efficient as possible.

In summary, our Complete Study Materials are more than just books – they are your trusted companions on the road to success. Backed by our commitment to excellence, these materials contains the essence of what Elite IAS Academy stands for: empowering aspirants like you to achieve their UPSC dreams with confidence and competence.

For more information – Email: info@eliteias.in or Call/WhatsApp: +917065202020

UPSC Coaching in Delhi - Elite IAS Toppers

Elite IAS: One of the Best IAS Coaching in Delhi

Elite IAS Academy is a well-known coaching for UPSC in Delhi. We focus on preparing students for the UPSC Civil Services Exam. We offer in-person regular classes as well as online IAS coaching in Delhi for convenient access. The academy has strong reputation for providing best IAS coaching in India. Along with traditional classroom programs, we also offer online lectures and correspondence courses.

Furthermore, the academy aims to help all UPSC aspirants succeed by offering the IAS best coaching in Delhi. At Elite IAS Academy , the faculty members are knowledgeable in their respective fields. We adopt a step-by-step teaching approach to ensure that students grasp the concepts. Teachers adjust their mentoring to fit the strengths, weaknesses, and available time of each student. We also consider the specific requirements of the exam during the preparation process.

Moreover, Elite IAS Academy holds a prominent position as one of the best IAS coaching centers in Delhi. We offer coaching for all three stages of the exam (Prelims, Mains, and Interview). We provide coaching in both English and Hindi medium and have affordable prices. The length of the IAS Foundation course depends on the student’s academic qualifications. It can range from 1 to 3 years.

What is UPSC Civil Services Examination?

Ans. Popularly known as the IAS exam, officially it is called as Civil Services Examination (CSE). This exam is conducted every year by the central recruiting agency, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). They recruit officers for the All India Administrative Civil Service.

The main objective of this exam is to identify the best logical, rational mind with polite personality. The selected candidates join the esteemed Civil Services of the country.

This exam evaluates various personal qualities of candidates, including their dedication to hard work. They also tests level of determination, communication abilities, memory capabilities, concentration, focus, planning skills, and commitment to their goals.

Is Coaching Necessary for UPSC?

Coaching is helpful, but not essential for UPSC. Coaching is not a mandatory requirement for UPSC preparation, but it can be helpful for many IAS aspirants. Whether to join coaching or not depends on various factors, including an individual's learning style, self-discipline, access to study materials, and previous knowledge of the subjects.

Here are a few points to consider when deciding whether to opt for coaching for UPSC:

Structured guidance: Coaching institutes provide a structured approach to the UPSC syllabus, which can be beneficial for beginners who are not familiar with the exam pattern, subjects, or study techniques.

Expert guidance: Qualified and experienced faculty members in coaching institutes can provide valuable insights, strategies, and tips to tackle different sections of the UPSC exam. They can help clarify doubts and provide subject-specific guidance.

Peer learning: Coaching classes offer an environment where aspirants can interact with fellow UPSC candidates, discuss concepts, share study materials, and engage in group discussions. Peer learning can be motivating and help broaden perspectives.

You get well researched Updated Study Materials, current affairs notes, practice papers, and mock tests tailored specifically for the UPSC exam. Last but not least, it trains you in Time Management by regular classes and other assignments in a fixed schedule.

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Elite IAS Academy: Methodology, Approach and Why to Join

Methodology: Tailored
Learning for Success

At Elite IAS Academy, our UPSC coaching is defined by a tailored approach that sets us apart. We build a robust foundation, ensuring even novices are confident and well-versed in subjects. Our method harmonizes scientific teaching, blending NCERT and advanced studies to cater to the distinct demands of the Civil Services examination.

Furthermore, we start with foundational learning, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of basics. Regular Sunday sectional tests gauge understanding, fostering healthy competition while pinpointing strengths and areas for growth. Doubt-clearing sessions after each class promote clarity, while our comprehensive All India Test Series provides a national performance assessment.

Approach: Elevating Your Potential

Our personalized mentorship approach at this UPSC best coaching in Delhi amplifies your potential. Guided by seasoned mentors with extensive experience mentoring successful IAS, IPS, IFS, and IRS officers. You are exposed to insights from retired and serving officers through motivational talks. Success strategies shared by accomplished alumni enrich your preparation.

Hence, benefit from expert mentor guidance, engage in interactions with serving and retired officers, and tap into the strategies of thriving alumni. Surround yourself with bright peers from across the nation, fostering a holistic learning environment.

Why Join: Elite IAS Academy (IAS Best Coaching in Delhi)

Selecting Elite IAS Academy for your UPSC journey yields a range of benefits.

Proven Track Record:

    • With a lineage of successful alumni who owe their UPSC success to our faculty’s rigorous training methods, the results speak for themselves. Our faculty’s consistent track record in producing top rankers stands as a testament to their unmatched capabilities.

Innovative Teaching Methods:

Our faculty employs state-of-the-art teaching methodologies, including interactive sessions, real-time quizzes, and case studies that make learning not just easy but also enjoyable. Their engaging lectures and practical assignments keep students actively involved, thereby fostering an environment that is both academically rich and intellectually stimulating.

Lifelong Mentorship:
Beyond the classrooms and textbooks, our faculty members offer lifelong mentorship, encouraging students to approach life’s challenges with resilience and determination. They are not just educators but guides who stay committed to a student’s holistic development long after the course is complete.

Ethical Guidance:
In a competitive modern world where winning is often prioritized over values, our faculty members stand as pillars of ethical and moral principles. They not only teach students how to crack the UPSC but also imbue them with the integrity and discipline required to become responsible civil servants.

Wholesome Growth: Superior infrastructure nurtures holistic student development.

Enroll in Elite IAS Academy to elevate your UPSC preparation and transform your dream of becoming a successful civil servant into reality. Wishing you the best of Luck!

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Important Things To Know About UPSC CSE Examination

UPSC Eligibility Criteria 2023 -24 CSE Examination.

IAS Age Limit: 21 to 32 years.

Age relaxation: As Per Category (mentioned below).

Educational qualification for UPSC Civil Services: Graduation from any recognized university, Nationality Indian.

Number of Attempts for UPSC Exam for Any Candidate

  1. For General category and OBC Category and belongs to Creamy layer – 7 Attempts.
  2. OBC non-creamy layer – 7 Attempts.
  3. For Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe classification hopefuls there is no restriction on the number of attempts till they accomplish the age of 35 years.
  4. Candidates having a place with OBC/SC/ST can give the initial 4 attempts as General class competitors (on the off chance that they so crave) and from there on they can profit the unwinding in the number of attempts by availing the category relaxation.
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