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Online IAS Coaching - The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on our lives has been unpredictable. Among the many sectors the impact on education happens to be the most indispensable.

Before pandemic the aspirants of the UPSC/IAS Civil Examinations were dependent on the traditional coaching institutes for preparing themselves for the exam. Over the years, they had become used to the physical format of the classroom. However, due to the corona pandemic lockdown restrictions were put on the education institutes. Teaching in the classrooms and supply of material was restricted.

How the Pandemic Impacted the Traditional Classroom Format?

As the time passed and corona virus cases lowered, the restrictions related to the lockdown are also relaxed. The things get eased for the education institutes and coaching started. But there were still many precautions in place, like social distancing that will need to be mandatorily ensured.

In such a situation, it is most likely affecting the . A significant chunk of civil services aspirants will not afford even the minimum coaching and guidance. It’s hard to relocate and reach to the institutes.

Therefore, institutes have been compelled to look for suitable alternatives to the face-to-face classroom system. As a result, the system of interactive on-line coaching approach was adopted. Online education has proved a blessing for aspirants in Covid-19 situations.

Benefits of Online IAS Coaching: -

  • The online learning methodology helps students to learn at their own pace.
  • The online coaching allows the students to study from wherever they want.
  • It is more affordable than conventional UPSC coaching programmes.
  • The online learning provides flexibility of the schedule. Students can study as per their convenience.
  • Most useful for the working professionals.

UPSC Institutes and Online Coaching: -

The current pandemic has compelled all the institutes to evolve from a complete off-line format to an on-line one. These helps students to the basics of studies.

The education and training institutes' knowledge and writing skills ensure that students can acquire the much-needed skills for the UPSC examination. Such arrangements gave the applicants a framework for preparing for the exams, a clear-cut direction, along the necessary resources to get things done.

Following this format, many educational institutes have become specialized in their respective domains, including UPSC and IAS. In pursuit of the same objectives, these institutes recently have introduced provisions for on-line training and development. In this format, the training and teaching are conducted through online learning platforms used by students to access live lectures. Based on this approach, the various study institutes have upheld cutting edge development and teaching.

The “New Normal” Ahead!

The UPSC aspirants needs to be tech-savvy now. From attending online classes to making online notes, there are many latest tools available to enhance the learning. With changing times the aspirants should change the way of preparation. This will not only reduce the time and cost, but also help them to cover the syllabus from multiple sources. Online leaning is now a “New Normal” for UPSC aspirants!

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