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Elite IAS – India’s  Best Online Coaching for IAS in Delhi provides classroom recorded video & study material from industry experts for UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation. An interactive guidance for aspirants via Online IAS Coaching.

We provide personal mentor along with the IAS online coaching videos to clear aspirants’ day to day doubts on a one-to-one basis which no other institute provides in India and this is something that helps us to stand out from the others.

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Online Coaching for IAS

Online IAS coaching is becoming one of the most sought-after options nowadays for the IAS aspirants. People aspire to crack the IAS exam, but they do not find it feasible to give up their jobs or occupations and attend classes regularly in a coaching institute. Besides, where is the time to travel to the coaching institutes and back home every day?  So, online coaching for IAS allows an IAS aspirant to continue with his job and preparation for IAS simultaneously.

Apart from being a time-saving mechanism, the popularity of online IAS coaching is on the rise because of a number of reasons.

(1) IAS online coaching allows overcoming the problems posed by economic, familial and gender-based issues

IAS online coaching is a great boon for all those who for some reason or another, do not find it feasible to rush to the capital to prepare for IAS (as there may or may not be good coaching institutes in most of the small towns and cities). The reasons may be economical, familial, or even gender-based. Apart from the financial constraints to meet the expense of staying in Delhi, there may be obligations towards the kith and kin that may block one’s way to a coaching center.

Besides, gender discrimination still makes it a taboo for many women IAS aspirants to leave home and familial duties towards their parental and/or marital families. Online coaching for IAS preparation allows overcoming all these problems allowing the aspirant to study from the comfort of their homes.

(2)  Online IAS coaching allows one to choose the time to prepare

Apart from sparing the trouble of traveling to Delhi, and allowing to prepare at home, office or wherever one finds it convenient to do so, online IAS coaching also allows the candidate to choose the time for preparation. Thus, you may choose any time out of the 24 hours of the day from your daily routine irrespective of whether you have a full-time job or you are slogging in the kitchen, or whatsoever you are usually occupied with.

How Elite IAS helps you prepare for IAS online?

At Elite IAS, we provide the best online coaching for IAS available in entire India. Apart from the classroom recorded video and study material from industry experts for UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation and complete guidance for IAS aspirants, we provide personal mentors along with the online IAS coaching videos to clear aspirants’ day to day doubts on a one to one basis. It is a great advantage for our students which is neither provided nor matched by any other institute in India. And this is something that helps us stand tall in the crowd of coaching centers mushrooming across the capital.

We provide IAS online coaching for GS Foundation course. Even GS Modular courses are available. In optional subject, we provide Sociology online video course. You can watch sample GS videos here.

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