Online IAS Coaching For UPSC / IAS Examination

Online IAS Coaching - Since the novel coronavirus was detected, many things have changed in many ways, and the impact on our lives has been unpredictable. Among the many sectors that had to face the direct impact of the impact, education happens to be the one that has been majorly impacted.

Since long aspirants of the UPSC/IAS Civil Examinations were dependent on the traditional coaching institutes for preparing themselves for the exam. Over the years, they had become accustomed to the physical format of the classroom. However, due to the corona pandemic lockdown restrictions put into place by the government, for all sections of the education institutes, it has not been possible to coach in classrooms. Keeping in mind the way things are proceeding, it seems that this condition will sustain quite some time now.

As the restrictions related to the lockdown are relaxed and things get eased for the education institutes, there will still be many precautions in place, like social distancing that will need to be mandatorily ensured. In such a situation, it is most likely that a significant chunk of civil services aspirants will not afford even the minimum coaching and guidance as per the traditional classroom format.

Therefore, institutes have been compelled to look for suitable alternatives to the face to face classroom system. As a result, the system of interactive on-line coaching approach was adopted. Even those institutes that were among the oldest and most reputed had no choice but to go for this approach.

It is, therefore, necessary to have an understanding of the on-line format. After all, this approach will be in place for an indefinite period, and no matter how inconvenient traditional aspirants find it be, they do not have an alternate or any other choice. If not anything, this new system's efficacy must be understood well if aspirants want to have an outstanding result.

The current pandemic has compelled all the dedication institutes to evolve from a complete off-line format to an on-line one. And, things have happened pretty fast too. It is a familiar story that a group of students approached a person to teach. Going ahead, a large team of academicians and teachers were formed, which led to creating an atmosphere of learning and development that was adequately conducive for the students. This is how traditional schools and institutes came into being.

Such institutes and schools helped students to the basics of studies. They found the much-required courage to question facts and already established theories to have an in-depth understanding of everything around them than accept what is in front. The education and training institutes' knowledge and writing skills ensure that students can acquire the much-needed skills related to writing and knowledge essential for clearing crucial exams such as the UPSC or IAS. Such arrangements gave the applicants a framework for preparing for the exams, a clear-cut direction, along the necessary resources to get things done. The physical format of educational training provided the basis for clearing the doubts, both inside and outside the class. The classroom format of teaching was to assure of the unwavering dedication and support during their journey as students.

Following this format, many educational institutes have become specialized in their respective domains, including UPSC and IAS. Based on this approach, the various study institutes have upheld cutting edge development and teaching. In pursuit of the same objectives, these institutes recently have introduced provisions for on-line training and development. In this format, the training and teaching are conducted through online learning platforms used by students to access live lectures.

Online IAS Coaching Fee Structure

UPSC Online Academic CoursesFees (INR)No. of Videos
GS Video Course + Sociology Optional [Combo Course]Rs.92,180/- (Including GST)350 + 56
GS Video Course (With Study Materials)Rs.72,850/- (Including GST)350
GS Video Course Only (Without Study Materials)Rs.55,850/- (Including GST)350
Sociology Optional Course  (With Study Materials)Rs.42000/- (Including GST)56
Sociology Optional (Only Videos)Rs.37000/- (Including GST)56

Abhilash Baranwal, IAS- Share smart strategy with online class students

What Are The Various Benefits And Advantages Of This New Online Approach?

In traditional classrooms, aspirants were required to reveal to the campus or the coaching institute. However, in the on-line format, the necessary guidance is made available to the aspirants right in the confines of their home. This specific feature related to safety has recently become very vital than ever. In other words, Covid has changed the way of imparting education. It needs to be understood that all the IAS aspirants' learning requirements are more or less the same even though they come from contrasting backgrounds. Because of this, their approach to study varies a lot.

Some people need to balance work or look after college studies or perhaps take care of family life. Such juggling makes management of time and attending tuition classes physically not only tricky but also a big challenge. For example, aspirants who stay in far-flung regions need to come down to the campus to attend classes, say six times in a week, literally impossible. Another common issue is societal distractions that thwart the learning outcome to a great extent. In such cases, the preference is always to study through an alternate method. Such an approach at least allows staying focussed, which is vital for such crucial examinations. In other cases, there might be a preference for a unique pace and style of learning.

The on-line approach is a unique way for the aspirants to shift between the demands of unavoidable daily activities where time and resources are always limited while preparing for the UPSC / IAS examinations for achieving the life goals. In general, parents, working professionals, domestic and international students, aspirants with disabilities, and those located in remote regions can benefit a lot through the on-line format of coaching. Additionally, at a time like this, those looking to maintain a social distance and study from their home's safety would be most benefited by the online model. The flexibility extended by this system is simply unparalleled. Whoever is willing to adopt this format can easily do it anytime. It is not just a cost-effective solution, but it also accommodates the needs of all aspirants.

What Is The Difference? How Is The Online Approach Different From Face To Face Format?

Well, there is no difference between the online and face to face format. The only difference is in the mode of the delivery of the lecture. In place of the physical one, we now have the on-line one. In this, aspirants can always interact with the instructor or the lecturer, just like how it happens in a regular offline classroom. The online model has an extra advantage. All the live lectures can later be accessed in the form of a recording. Therefore, it is possible to go through the teaching sessions later on as many times as required.

The second aspect of the on-line teaching approach is a technological intervention. The use of technology has enhanced several aspects of teaching like:


The online mode allows to avail guidance from practically anywhere and everywhere by merely clicking a button. Aspirants can have quality guidance without going over to the institute or keeping up with restrictions like social distancing. Technology has drastically improved access to information and education.


It is no longer required to attend a coaching session at a specified time. It is quite challenging to achieve for those employed or have a family to look after. Video back-up of the on-line sessions makes it convenient to catch up with the coaching schedule in case of a miss. All the study materials are available on-line, and aspirants can study and complete assignments as per their schedule. People need to complete the tasks within the deadline. It's up to them how they plan it.

Increased Interaction:

Class time is no longer the only scope to ask questions or look for information. Instead, it is possible to raise a query anytime. There is no need to wait for the next class. It is also possible to engage in group discussions and share information.

Time is valuable. There is no point in waiting for normalcy since a lot of things are still in the dark. No one knows for sure what will happen next. All educational institutes will have to follow the norms. Therefore, it is evident that there will be an impact on the traditional system, and the way forward is the on-line learning mode. It extends the flexibility and offers a host of impossible benefits to achieving in the offline model.

Elite IAS Coaching

Elite IAS ensures that every aspirant is extended support in the same manner as it would have been during a physical session. Every gap has been meticulously examined, and accordingly, the online module has been designed. Every effort has been given to ensure that the aspirants come close to the instructors even during a challenging time like this. This is exceptional for any educational institute.

Elite IAS relies on innovation to enable aspirants to prepare for the UPSC exam by leveraging the on-line mode's advantages. The benefits are numerous and allow aspirants to prepare a stress-free from the comfort of home.

Free Study Resources:

Gain eminent knowledge from free study materials. It includes the notes for each and every subject specified in the UPSC syllabus. Candidates have complete freedom to use it for self-study.

Online Tips:

Pick up the tips and strategies from our articles. You will have access to content on various topics. Use it as your guide about UPSC exam preparation and requirements.

Qualitative Mock Tests:

Mock exams are the most important aspect of your IAS preparation. We deliver a quality sectional test that improves your confidence and you learn the art of writing as per the demand of UPSC. Get started and compete with many other IAS candidates. Moreover, we have a real-time platform to help you gain the true exam experience. Our Best Online Coaching for IAS prepares you to attend the mains written exam confidently.

Guidance To Buy Books:

Firstly, we don’t suggest you buy books. Our comprehensive study materials, current affairs and the help of internet is sufficient for your IAS preparation, but in case you wish to refer to some textbooks – our educators will provide you the name of relevant authors. They will also advise you what to read and what to leave from those books.

Interview of IAS Toppers:

Learning from the people who are already successful is the best strategy. We have collected the interview question and answers from the IAS toppers. Access them and prepare well. You can access videos of many of our selected students i.e. IAS/IPS/IRS sharing their study strategy with ELITE IAS students.

Mobile-Friendly Platform:

Revision is the most essential preparation element. You can access our online platform via mobile and revise while traveling. Ultimately, it enables you to manage time proficiently.

Course Content:

  • 700+ hours of course content
  • Comprehensive course coverage
  • Updated study materials
  • UPSC expert as your personal mentor
  • Doubt-solving sessions with our educator(s)
  • Sectional tests – objective & subjective
  • Current Affairs & contemporary analysis


In brief, online coaching exposes you to the real-time UPSC exam preparation. You prepare the vast UPSC Syllabus under the guidance of experts, this gives the right direction to your studies, you feel more confident with your preparation. Saves time for search of relevant study materials (as the market is flooded with UPSC study materials and only experienced can pick the quality materials).

Last but not least, writing our Practice sectional tests that contain both objective and subjective questions accordingly helps you to identify your areas of strength and weakness. Plug the weaker section and you will come out with flying colors. Our Online Coaching for IAS allows to learn and test yourself simultaneously. Here you got the smartest way to prepare for the IAS exam.


For Detail Information Please Contact to Elite IAS Coaching in Delhi for UPSC Exam preparation.

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IAS Live Classes Fee Structure

General Studies Integrated Course: 2020-21Rs.80000/-10-11 Months
General Studies Integrated Course: 2020-21 Note: Payment in two installments (Time Span between two installments is 45 days)Rs.90000/- (i.e. Rs.45000/- per Installment)
Prelims only-online course (Subject include:Ancient,Medievel & Modern History;Art & Culture;Geography;Indian Polity;Science & Technology;Ecology & Environment & Current Affairs)Rs.35000/-

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FAQs for Online IAS Coaching:

Question: Are classes available both online and offline?

Answer: Yes. Elite IAS provides both online and offline classes. Due to covid-19 pandemic, right now we are providing online classes which contains Video lectures, full study materials (digital), sectional tests, current affairs’ magazine and all India test series. Mentor(s) is available for doubt clearance. You can find some online IAS video classes here.

Question: Do I need to attend online IAS coaching at a fixed time?

Answer: No. You can watch our UPSC online course at your own comfort of time.  Our IAS online coaching is live recorded classroom videos, here you can find students interacting with the teacher. They raise many relevant questions which is beneficial for most students, specially the new IAS aspirants. Thus, extremely helpful for working professionals, college students, women etc.

Question: Will Course Material be provided?

Answer: Yes, course materials will undoubtedly be offered to our candidates. Along with Course Material, we also offer sectional tests and current affairs magazines.

Question: What will be the scenario after Lockdown?

Answer: once the Lockdown gets over, we will offer students to convert to the regular classroom program. This is entirely up to the choice of the candidates. The dates, once decided, will be officially announced to all the candidates.

Question: I have already enrolled in the regular classroom program. How will I get the Online IAS class? Do I have to pay for the classes again?

Answer: All students who have participated in the regular coaching classes are now offered, online coaching classes. Physical classrooms can commence only once the Government of India notifies the coaching center.

Once the Lockdown gets over, and the government allows initiating the regular classes, candidates can pay the remaining fees required for regular classes and commence thereon. We have our centers for IAS coaching at Old Rajinder Nagar and Mukherjee Nagar. All the details and schedules will be sent to our registered students.

Question: Is subject wise admission possible in Online Class?

Answer: Yes, the subject of wise admission is also known as modular classes. Candidates can opt for subject wise classes for General Studies Paper 1, 2, 3, 4. These modular classes model is only available under the online coaching platform offered by Elite IAS Academy.

Question: What all are included in the GS Prelims cum Mains Foundation Course in Online Classes?

Answer: The Online IAS coaching course is similar to that of the UPSC Syllabus. GS Prelims consists of Paper-1: General Studies & Paper-2: CSAT. UPSC Mains course lectures contain – General Studies Paper-1, 2, 3, 4, and Essay.

Apart from this, the IAS Online Coaching Course also consists of sectional tests for all four General Studies papers and Essay.

Question: How can I access the Online Classes?

Answer: The online coaching for the IAS preparation course is available in two different modes- (a) Pen drive or hard drive – as per the student’s course plan & (b) Online Portal. After assigning for the course, candidates will be offered the username and password.

Prelims and Mains sectional tests are available on the UPSC online portal offered by Elite IAS Academy. Candidates require first writing it and then uploading it on the online portal after scanning. Our experts then evaluate it and upload it to the same portal.

Question: Is there a limit on the number of devices that I can use to access the online? If yes, how many?

Answer: You can access the video lectures unlimited times. IAS online coaching offered by Elite IAS is available in two modes: Pen drive/ hard drives and an online portal. 

Question: Suppose I missed the live class, how can I access the same class later?

Answer: there are no chances you can miss any classes as we offer video recordings of live classes. You can watch these recorded videos at any time whenever you feel convenient. The online model offered by Elite IAS Academy offers the best teachers and faculty members for live lectures.

Question: How many times can I view a lecture in online mode?

Answer: AS mentioned earlier. There is no limitation to views the UPSC online mode videos.

Question: Will the study materials be sent at my present address or my permanent address?

Answer: Study materials can be sent to registered candidates at any location, which they feel is convenient. There are no charges for sending study materials to candidates. If the study materials are being sent outside India, then charges may be applied. 

Question: What about Monthly Current Affairs Magazines in Online Classes?

Answer: We offer candidates monthly current affairs magazines for online IAS classes through the online portal. At Elite IAS Academy, we offer candidates weekly current affairs update to students for the best results.

Question: Can I pay the course fee in instalments?

Answer: Yes, you can make payments in installments. It is advised to pay the amount in a single payment, as our institute offers several discounts.

Question: Having enrolled in Online Classes, can I also attend some of the offline classes?

Answer: In general, online IAS candidates cannot opt for both online and offline classes. There are certain instances where students can opt for offline classes, but the management will only decide that.

Question: How can I prepare for the IAS online?

Answer: To prepare, you need to join our online coaching course and avail all the benefits instantly. After your enrolment, one of our educators will get in touch with you and guide you. For further information, you can call: 7065202020 or email us at 

Question: Which is the best online coaching for IAS?

Answer: the best IAS coaching center is judged on the parameters facilities offered by the center. 

At present, several online classes are popping up online that only offer online classes and o not have regular classroom facilities for coaching. It is advised to avoid such centers. 

Choose a coaching center with the best faculty members and offer the best study materials and test series. Coaching centers with a physical presence should be opted by IAS aspirants for an all in one grooming session. Only coaching centers with a high marketing reputation and offer regular offline classes can provide the best coaching. It is advised to stay far from coaching centers that offer coaching for several examinations such as IAS, CDS, SSC, Banking, and many more. These online coaching centers are mostly focused on incomes and profits rather than education. Coaching centers can’t be experts in all the examinations, so it is advised to choose a coaching center that offers IAS examination coaching explicitly.

Question: Which is the best online course for UPSC?

Answer: The course for all the aspirants remains the same. There is a General Studies paper which is compulsory.  Yes, there are optional subjects that aspirants can opt to take. The optional subject depends on the expertise and interest of the candidates. You can choose any one of the optional subjects that you feel you have an interest or knowledge about. Some of the optional subjects offered by the UPSC boards are Sociology, Public Administration, and Geography.

Question: How can I study online for IAS?

Answer: there are several methods adopted by us for sending study materials or video lectures to registered candidates. These methods are using a pen drive/hard drive or via our online portal. Candidates can choose any medium that they feel is convenient for them. 

Online IAS coaching is similar to self-study, and aspirants should be well aware of all the materials to score well. The study schedule prepared by you should be followed for the best results. The UPSC Online coaching model sets a direction for your UPSC preparation. You take online classes from lecturers and prepare notes. Later you refer to them along with the study materials and other documents. 

The lessons online are taught by subject experts. These experts have immense knowledge and offer the dos and don’ts, a bonus to candidates.

Question: Is there any free IAS Coaching?

Answer: This question put forward is a remarkable one. We all want free IAS coaching practically. It is not in practice. This is because no one is willing to offer such services for free. If a center offers free coaching, it is just a marketing gimmick.

There are several other reasons why IAS Coaching cannot be offered for free. Firstly, free IAS coaching will lack a good and experienced team of faculty members. Secondly, no teacher will be able to complete the entire syllabus, including several subjects all alone. In short, to do justice with the IAS exams, you require a team of experts that do not come for free.

Finally, it is advised to go for a valuable and experienced coaching center for the best results rather than going to free IAS coaching centers.