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Best Online IAS Coaching & Live Classes for UPSC and IAS

Are You a Working Professional or College Students? Looking for UPSC Preparation along with your job or studies . We at Elite provide offline experience in online Mode. You have to join the class online via your Laptop/Smartphone/Tablet/PC at a defined time and attend it. You can raise question in Live class and the teacher will immediately answer your doubts.

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All topics for General Studies Paper-I, II, III & IV will be covered.
All topics for General Studies Prelims including CSAT will be covered in this Online IAS Coaching.
Duration of the course – 11-12 months.
Weekly Current Affairs (Relevant topics for Civil Services Prelims & Mains).
Essay Writing Training/mentoring.
Prelims Test Series (All India Ranking).
Mains Test Series (All India Ranking).
These all India test series help our students to evaluate their performance in reference to best brain/students of India. You can compare your level of preparedness with all India Ranking. Working on weaker sections or topics will help you easily sail through the exam successfully.
Class Lectures/mentoring are conducted by India’s Best teachers with long years of experience.
Our mentors start topics from basic and gradually lead them to the advance level of UPSC requirements. This makes our Online IAS Coaching the best and most popular among IAS aspirants.
Online/Live class is somewhat similar to regular offline classes. You join the class online via your Laptop/SmartPhone/Tablet/PC at a defined time and attend it. You can raise question in Live class and the teacher will immediately answer your doubts.
Last but not least, you will gain all benefit of UPSC coaching in Delhi at the comfort of your home.
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Detailed Information About Online Coaching for IAS

IAS aspirants accept and prefer online classes because they solve the problems of distance and time. It is critical that you only enrol in the best online IAS coaching centre because only the best online IAS coaching can provide you with the best and most up-to-date resources for your administrative services examination preparation.
The best online IAS coaching will assist you in preparing for the UPSC civil services examination. Aspirants for the IAS exam are currently preparing for the UPSC Online exam. UPSC aspirants are taking online IAS prelims and mains coaching. This means that top online IAS coaching centres can help you prepare for the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) Examination from the comfort of your own home.
Join an online coaching programme to help you prepare for your civil service exam. The best online IAS coaching centre will undoubtedly assist you in performing the best online IAS examination preparation.
How can you do IAS coaching online?
Elite IAS Classes is our dedicated platform for online Prelims, Mains, and Interview preparation. UPSC aspirants no longer need to take a train to Delhi and pay exorbitant fees for offline coaching, food, and lodging. Elite IAS not only provides free study materials, but also strategies, tips, guidance, mock tests, and other resources to help civil service aspirants easily pass all stages of the UPSC Civil Services Exam.
With websites like, aspirants can now prepare for the IAS exam while sitting at home, using only a mobile phone. The new mantra is online IAS coaching!

Which online coaching is best for UPSC?

regarded as one of the best online IAS coaching programmes in the country. The following are some of the key resources that will be available at ELITEIAS’S for civils online coaching:

  1. Current Affairs For UPSC: The EliteIAS provides a comprehensive compilation of current affairs from the Hindu, Indian Express, PIB, and Yojana- Kurukshetra Gist.
  2. The Hindu Editorial Analysis: On a daily basis, the EliteIAS assists aspirants by providing a concise Hindu Editorial analysis. This analysis can be used by UPSC Prelims and Mains candidates.
  3. Current Affairs: This is EliteIAS’s most useful feature! Elite IAS offers a full UPSC Current Affairs in English Language answer. This is beneficial to applicants who are studying in English.
  4. Scholarship Program: The Elite IAS Scholarship Program is a supplementary benefit for aspirants from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. EliteIAS ensures that a lack of funds will never stand in the way of an Aspirant’s dream.
  5. Interview Guidance: EliteIAS offers an interview Guidance Program in which a Board of qualified and neutral observers assesses the candidate’s personal suitability for a career in public service. The primary interview programmes begin two weeks after the results of the main exam are released. Two mock interviews and a personal sitting session are included in the curriculum.
  6. Yojana and Kurukshetra Magazine: Elite IAS delivers the critical Yojana magazine for the UPSC exam. It also provides information on the news, ideas, and opinions discussed on Rajya Sabha TV.
  7. Daily Current News Analysis: Summarises the day’s most important news stories and provides practise questions for the prelims and mains exams. It also includes a summary of the day’s PIB Releases as well as practise problems.
  8. News Issues: Elite IAS provides in-depth explanations of topics that frequently make the news.

Why choose Elite IAS Online Coaching Program?

  1. Convenience: –The ease with which you can prepare online is critical. One can now prepare for and pass the UPSC Civil Services Exam using laptops or even mobile phones from the comfort of one’s own home.
  2. Most highly recommended: All relevant and up-to-date study material is collected by a professional team of experts, such as the Monthly Current Affairs magazine and Daily Current Affairs.
  3. The Stage Wise Test Series: Elite IAS Test Series is a series of tests that are designed to help you. A stage-by-stage exam series to assist you better understand where you stand and where you need to improve.
  4. Personal Guidance Made Simple: On a regular basis, students receive one-on-one guidance via phone, email, or in-person sitting to clear doubts and keep them motivated while preparing for this highly dynamic exam.
  5. Uninterrupted Preparation: Organize all of your lectures and study materials and access them from anywhere, at any time.
  6. Continuous Assessment: Through regular tutorials, mini tests, and the All-India Test Series, students receive personalised, specific, and concrete feedback and attention. A large number of selected candidates chose the All-India Test Series. The Elite IAS offers corrective actions as well as continuous performance improvement.
  7. Regain Missed Sessions: Through your own student login, you can access recorded lessons, resources, and track your absolute and relative performance.
  8. Frequently Updated Content: Updated content is frequently available on websites in the field of online coaching. Articles on current events to meet the most recent UPSC exam standards.
  9. All-India comparison: Mock examinations for Prelims and Mains provided by websites such as allow aspirants to compare their performance throughout India.
  10. Reasonable Fees: The UPSC-IAS online coaching fees are relatively reasonable as compared to the quality and efforts put forward by the Coaching Institute.

Unlimited Reasons to Be a Part Of Elite IAS Online Coaching Programs

  1. Toppers from all around India have put their faith in us.
  2. Get taught by the top professors in India, with a focus on one-on-one attention!
  3. MCQ practise tests featuring thousands of MCQs for each component.
  4. Weekly Live Session with Faculty for the purpose of resolving doubts.
  5. 100% Syllabus Coverage with a Special Focus on Multiple Revisions

Elite IAS Online UPSC Coaching Classes Provides the Following Services:

The Elite IAS approach is an all-inclusive self-study package for UPSC CSE. This venture benefits all aspirants who seek guidance outside of the classroom. EliteIAS was founded with the goal of providing high-quality online education while emphasising self-study.
Study Materials: We offer notes on every subject covered in the most recent UPSC syllabus. Elite IAS aspirants are free to share or print Elite IAS study materials for their own use.
Preliminary Mock Exams: Our tests are well-known for their high quality. Elite IAS prelims mock test platform enables aspirants to learn and compete with thousands of other aspirants across India in real-time.
Guidance and Strategies: We write articles on a regular basis to help aspirants understand the latest IAS exam requirements.
Mock exams for the mains: Learn the art of mains answer writing.
Interview with IAS Toppers: Directly from the horse’s mouth. Discover the strategies used by UPSC toppers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q1. Is online coaching sufficient for IAS preparation?

Answer: Yes, if adequate study material is available, interactive sessions with experienced faculty are available, and mock tests and practise papers are provided for regular assessment of the candidate, online coaching can be extremely beneficial in IAS preparation.

Q2. Why is it important to engage in coaching?

Answer: When you have to cover a syllabus as extensive as the UPSCs, every minute counts. Enrolling in a coaching institute can eliminate that extra work from your routine, allowing you to focus solely on your ultimate goal.

Q3 How do I receive online coaching study materials?

Answer: After each class in the regular classroom course, the videos of the lectures are uploaded to our study portal. Even after the course is completed, you will have access to these videos for review. All of the study material books are shipped to your address within 10 days. Similarly, the test series are also administered online via our study portal. So you don’t notice any difference between the classroom and the online course.

Q4 How Can We Communicate With Teachers to Clear Our Doubts in Online Sessions?

Answer: Students enrolled in our classroom courses can ask their teachers for clarification at any time. We understand that if a student has a question, it should be answered right away. As a result, our teachers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist students with their problems.

Q5. How may students benefit from online current affairs classes?

Answer: Elite IAS has always provided its students with high-quality content, and now it is assisting them with current-affairs seminars. The most effective way to prepare for current events is to use high-quality content and classes. Students benefit from the classes because they learn what to study and how to study.

Q6. When is the best time for a student to enroll in a current affairs course?

Answer: Students should begin studying Current Affairs on a regular basis and not wait until the exam date to do so. Students should start studying at least ten months before the Prelims. Regular coverage of current events allows a student to stay informed, arrange events, learn more deeply, and analyse.

Q7 Is coaching for the UPSC civil services test truly necessary?

Answer: No, it’s a fallacy that you need to take a course to pass the exam. Self-study is sufficient for preparation. However, the true difference that coaching schools make is that they improve your preparation by providing good supervision.