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GS Prelims Video Course – 2024 (Special)

(PRELIMS-2024 Only) 

You can Crack “Prelims-2024” with focused preparation!
This course contains: GS Video Lectures + Current Affairs (PDF) + All India Test Series – 2024
Prelims Video Course Fees
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Full GS Prelims Syllabus Topics will be Covered (as below):

  • Ancient History
  • Medieval History
  • Modern History
  • Art & Culture
  • Geography
  • Polity
  • Science & Technology
  • Ecology & Environment
  • Economics
  • Current Affairs in PDF (April 2023 till March 2024)

GS Video Course for Prelims – 2024 (Key Features):

  • It helps you to complete the Prelims course in shortest time & Revise it several times at your comfort.
  • Our online GS Video Prelims – 2024 Course is developed with holistic approach. In other words, Prelims subjects (syllabus) are covered along with Mains extended subject-matters. This is very helpful and necessary element to prepare for Prelims. Prelims is not just factual information – and one cannot logically understand prelims questions without having expanded knowledge; and here, understanding of topics with mains point of view helps candidates to take an edge from other competitors – who are just focused in prelims level of preparation (and which is considered as incomplete approach of study).
  • You can tune your Online Video Classes (subjects) according to our All India Prelims Test Series -2024. (This is a scientific way of preparing for IAS Prelims Exam. All successful students prepare in same way & you should also do the same.
Note: No genuine IAS Coaching Institute can complete the whole Prelims – 2024 course/syllabus through classroom teaching, in just few months.
  • If your target is Prelims – 2024. This online GS Video lecture course helps you to complete whole prelims syllabus within stipulated time frame. (You need to invest extra time in learning/watching our GS Video lectures. And you can do it because it saves your two to three hours daily i.e. saves time in commuting to coaching centre and coming back to home. Digital world has brought ‘Knowledge’ to your door-steps, i.e. you can get same quality of education at home, what traditionally students use to gain in classroom coaching.)
  • This online video course is specially designed keeping in mind IAS Prelims 2024. (You just need to spare time to watch & learn from these Videos & solve related topics from our All India Prelims Test Series-2024.)
  • You don’t need to search for Current Affairs anywhere else. We will be providing you our (ELITE IAS) magazines (pdf) from April 2023 to March 2024 (UPSC creates questions from current affairs between this period, for Prelims)
  • Our All India Prelims Test Series-2024 will help you to analyse your progress. In the report card, you will find your Strength & Weakness. This provides ample opportunities to work on weakness (weak sections) and improve on those areas. (If you plan your studies with this approach – you will certainly find great improvement in your marks and Ranking in Prelims Test Series.)
  • This will enhance your motivation and you will be ready for Prelims exam 2024 (26th May, 2024) before-hand.
Remember, God helps those who helps themselves. Make decision & start working on your studies without wasting even an iota of time. Goal-oriented people have abilities to run against the time and achieve Success.
Prelims Video Course Fees
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