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GS Prelims Test Series

  Prelims Test Series – 2019

(18 Mock Tests): 29th September, 2018 – (New Batch – Admission Open)
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General Studies (Prelims) Test Series – Highlights:
  • We provide explanation for each answer (not just a, b, c or d type answer)
  • Scoring system same as followed by UPSC (i.e. 0.66 marks deduction for each wrong answer)
  • Flexible module for candidates joining classroom or online test
  • Student can write test online / download Prelims question paper and write offline / can write test papers at our Mukherjee Nagar centre.
  • Panel on the screen of computer which shows all questions in different colour scheme indicating which questions are answered/unanswered/marked for review.
  • During online mock examination, candidate can review or change their answer anytime. Moreover, he/she can also mark any answer for review at later stage.
  • Online platform with Login ID & password.
  • Nature of questions will be as per UPSC pattern.
  • Will Provide Current Affairs + Value Addition Materials
  • Flexi-module helps aspirants to accomodate with social environment and focus on their preparation for Civil Services Exam. Such as working professional, college students, coaching attending students etc.

Note: Writing (solving) Test Series makes you a disciplined smart learner i.e. studying a particular section without writing practice (solving MCQ) will keep your understanding efficiency incomplete. By solving lots of multiple-choice-questions you develop a habit of solving questions with speed (quicker) as well as exposed to variety of question. You come to know how plethora of questions can be raised from a particular topic with different angle of connectivity. This helps you to develop comprehensive understanding of the subject matter as well as build rational ability to eliminate odd choice answers. (Both are necessary to score high in the real prelims exam of UPSC.)
Nowadays, writing test series is almost essential and it would be rational decision to EVALUATE YOURSELF BEFORE THE UPSC EVALUATES YOU.

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