GS Prelims Test Series

(26 Mock Tests) ENGLISH MED.: 7th September 2019 – (Admission Open)
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Prelims Test Series – 2020

(ONLINE/OFFLINE) (English & Hindi Medium)

Why our Prelims Test Series-2020, different from others? (Highlights)

* Our Online students can download ELITE IAS Apps in their Android mobile phone and appear in our Prelims Test Series 2020 via mobile phone. For students appearing in Classroom for the Test Series will fill OMR sheet (as is done in UPSC Prelims exam) and detailed performance report will be sent via SMS and email.
* You will receive broad analysis of your Prelims Test Performance, i.e. Section-wise analysis of your Strength & Weakness (Eg. History, Polity, Economics, Current Affairs etc.).
* Result will contain 10 to 15 pages (pdf) – along with sectional analysis, it will contain different levels of questions & your performance. Example: Difficult, Very Tough, Easy, Normal etc.
* Discussion for Difficult & Very Tough level questions will be done by our expert faculty. They will also guide you How to tackle them.
* Questions have been framed analysing previous years’ questions, especially trend of 2018,2019 Prelims. (For the first time UPSC had related most of Current Affairs questions with traditional parts.)
* You will find lots of questions in our Prelims Test Series-2020 patterned in same way, i.e.
-Traditional questions of History, Polity, Economics, Ecology & Environment, Geography etc. framed & linked to Current Affairs.
* The Prelims Test Series – 2020 questions will cover entire Current Affairs news from April 2019 till date. (This will not only explain you the intricacies of Difficult level questions, but help you understand questions with multi-dimensional approach, i.e. factual correlation, conceptual analysis, linkage of traditional questions to current affairs & vice-versa.)
* Without above-mentioned understanding of questions, qualifying Prelims nowadays may become tough or wastage of your hard labour.
* Our team of experts and our quality question pattern will guide you to success in Prelims Exam 2020.
In case, you feel incomplete preparedness for Prelims – 2020 and wish to Complete or Revise it in short span of time… You can go for our ‘Prelims – 2020 Special’ online GS Video lecture course. Click here for detail information…
Technical – Highlights:

  1. Online students can download ELITE IAS Apps in their Android mobile phone and appear in our Prelims Test Series 2020 via mobile phone.
  2. We provide detail explanation for each answer (not just a, b, c or d type answer)
  3. Same scoring system as followed by UPSC (i.e. 0.66 marks deduction for each wrong answer)
  4. We, advice our students to give Prelims test series according to the schedule provided, this will help you organise your studies much better and provide you All India Ranking.
  5. This test series is also flexible i.e. you can write the Test paper as per your schedule, but this will not provide you All India Ranking. You should attempt/complete all Test Papers before 30th May, 2020.
  6. In fact, for those students who are unable to stick to a fixed time/schedule, Flexi-module helps them to accommodate with social environment and focus on their preparation for Civil Services Exam. Such as working professional, college students, coaching attending students etc.
  7. Our Offline Students can write their Prelims Test Series – 2020 at our Old Rajinder Nagar (Karol Bagh) or Mukherjee Nagar centre. Test will be conducted on OMR sheet and detailed performance report will be sent via SMS and email.
  8. For Online Students, panel on the screen of computer which shows all questions in different colour scheme indicating which questions are answered/unanswered/marked for review.
  9. During online mock examination, candidate can review or change their answer anytime. Moreover, he/she can also mark any answer for review at later stage.
  10. Online students will be provided Login ID & Password to access our online platform.
  11. Nature of questions will be strictly as per UPSC pattern.

Note: Solving Test Series makes you a disciplined smart learner i.e. studying a particular section without solving MCQ will keep your understanding incomplete,section-wise performance report makes you aware about your Strength & Weakness. This is helpful in making improvement on weaker areas. By solving lots of multiple-choice-questions you develop a habit of solving questions with speed (quicker) and accuracy as well as exposed to variety of questions. You come to know how plethora of questions can be raised from a particular topic(s) with different angles of connectivity (Eg. Current affairs linkage with traditional questions). This helps you to develop comprehensive understanding of the subject matter as well as build rational ability to eliminate odd choice answers. (Both are necessary to score high in the real prelims exam of UPSC.)
Nowadays, writing test series is almost essential and it would be rational decision to EVALUATE YOURSELF BEFORE THE UPSC EVALUATES YOU.
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