Prelims is one of the most competitive stages in UPSC CSE Examination simply because you have to compete with around 5-6 lakhs aspirants. You can only excel this stage with sheer practice you put while preparing. ELITE IAS Prelims Test Series (PTS) to check your memory of facts, conceptual understanding, and consistency in your preparation.


Our well designed test papers will focus on testing concepts as well as factual knowledge as per UPSC Pattern.
New Batch: 18th Dec 2022 (Current) & 3rd Feb 2023 (Upcoming)
Total:35 Tests
10 Fundamental Sectional Tests
07 Applied Sectional Tests
03 CSAT Tests
06 Test Dedicated for Current Affairs
09 Test in simulated manner as conducted by UPSC (Including both GS and CSAT)
The fundamental sectional tests will help you analyse your overall performance in each subject. The questions in these tests will a great mix of static along with current events associated with each subject. Each sectional test will be of 100 questions. The Revision tests will help you analyze your overall performance in each subject.
The current affairs tests will help in interlinking the current events with the static portion of the subject. The tests will contain 100 questions purely on current events.
1-1 On-demand mentorship over video call/in-person meeting with faculties.
Crash Course covering the full syllabus of Prelims exams in classroom sessions of more than 120 Hours. (During January-April 2023)
The CSAT Tests are divided into three divisions having one test each on Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and Reading Comprehension. The test will consist of 50 questions.
The primary feature of the Mock Tests is that the tests are completely based on the UPSC pattern to give you a real-time environment of the examination and boost your preparation.
The programme is based on the multi-layer performance analysis which includes a test report, detailed analysis, cohort analysis, topics wise legacy analysis of students performance through SMART Portal
This programme holds a unique feature of test discussion of all the sub-sectional, sectional and current affairs tests.
The programme equips every aspirant with an opportunity to connect with our esteemed faculty through one-to-one discussion, doubt-clearing sessions and mentorship.


Course Fee: Rs.5999/-


The Civil Services Examination’s Preliminary Test, which is taken by approximately 5 lakh candidates annually, is by far the toughest part of the process. It is impossible to disregard or dismiss GS Paper 1 because it continues to be the determining element in whether a candidate passes the preliminary exam. Due to the small number of questions at this level, there is extremely little room for error. The questions in the EliteIAS Prelims Test Series have been created to test your conceptual comprehension, consistency in your study methods, and clarity of reasoning.

What makes a candidate vulnerable to failure right away?

  • Lack of Prioritization and Planning
  • working diligently but not in the appropriate way (It is a bottomless pit if one chooses to study everything available in the market).
  • reading complex stuff without first grasping the fundamental ideas from the NCERTs.
  • Absence of Revision doing several practice tests without thinking and without analysis.
  • not conducting practice exams under exam-like circumstances.

Benefits of Elite IAS Prelims Test Series (PTS)-2023

  • EliteIAS provides GS & CSAT Prelims Test Series that are created and administered in the same manner as the real test.
  • It aids students in identifying their areas of strength and weakness so that they can address them after the test.
  • Through a range of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs), this Comprehensive Test Series will assess the aspirants’ knowledge and help them prepare for the UPSC Prelims by developing the proper attitude.
  • Through practice and this test series, applicants can lower their error rate during the UPSC Prelims Exam.

Why is a Test Series Necessary?

  • You need an integrated approach where you regularly study, put what you learn to the test, grow new skills, and improve specific parts.
  • Using fewer sources and gaining greater knowledge from the MCQs: Given the short time a candidate has; it is challenging to pinpoint the crucial areas and cover them comprehensively from many sources.
  • Regular exams, which have a large student base and real-time rankings for all of India, will give you a good impression of the intense competition.
  • The best course of action is therefore practice, performance analysis, assistance, and correction.
  • Effective annual schedule: It is claimed that you are preparing for the mother of all tests, therefore this is not just any exam. As a result, it calls for planning, consistency, and discipline.
  • With the aid of a schedule, you can hold yourself responsible, maintain composure, reach milestones, and ultimately reach your goal.
  • Every test should show incremental improvements. Make errors and then evaluate and learn from them.
  • Develop and enhance your skills: Techniques for removing things, time management. These days, exams tend to test your common sense by asking challenging, debatable, and ambiguous questions.
  • Reading books and pre-made study resources will undoubtedly increase your knowledge, but they won’t offer you the abilities you need to pass this exam.

Significant Features of Prelims Test Series (PTS)-2023

  • The Fundamental exams are structured so that they will cover every topic on each subject’s syllabus.
  • Your preparation will be more in-depth and give you a sense of subject completion if you answer the questions on each subtopic.
  • You can evaluate your overall performance in each subject by using the revision exams. These exams will contain a good mixture of static and questions related to recent events for each subject.
  • You will get Artificial Intelligence (AI) based learning assessment which will track your performance and improvements with each test you are making.
  • To supplement AI finding, there will be individual mentors assigned to you to keep a check on your performance regularly in tests and suggest you required improvements.
  • Different levels of test series are designed in such a way that you can cover all the topics from foundation to advance levels.
  • The main benefit of the Mock Tests is that they perfectly follow the UPSC pattern, giving you a feel for the examination in real-time and helping you prepare better.
  • A distinctive aspect of this programme is the test discussion that follows each subject’s foundational and revision exams.
  • Every aspirant in the programme has the chance to interact with our eminent faculty through one-on-one conversations, doubt-clearing sessions, and mentorship.
  • The programme is built on a three-layer performance analysis that incorporates test results and in-depth research.