How to Read the Kurukshetra Magazine to Prepare for the IAS Exam?

The monthly Kurukshetra Magazine is a publication of the Indian Government. Thus, it carries the views of the Government concerning numerous issues.

Significant Features

– It is a monthly publication produced by the I&B (Information & Broadcasting) Ministry for the Ministry of Rural development.

– Theis Magazine aims at carrying the message of the Rural Development across the people. It provides a forum for the sake of a frank and sincere discussion(s) to alleviate various problems when it comes to the Rural Development. Thus, the focus lies on the Rural Uplift.

The Forum provides an excellent opportunity to discuss:

  • Horticulture
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Food Security, etc.

Besides, you would come across various articles by experts including the Secretaries of Ministers, Economists, and Academicians, etc.

Where is Kurukshetra Magazine available?

Kurukshetra Magazines are available online in different websites. For the ease of our readers and the convenience of candidates, we have linked all the previous publications of Kurukshetra magazine on our website.

Click Here For – Yojana Magazine – English & Hindi (हिन्दी)

Kurukshetra Magazine English for November 2022 Issue

Kurukshetra Magazine English for October 2022 Issue

Kurukshetra Magazine English for September 2022 Issue

Kurukshetra Magazine English for August 2022 Issue

Kurukshetra Magazine English for July 2022 Issue

Kurukshetra Magazine English for June 2022 Issue

Kurukshetra Magazine English for May 2022 Issue

Kurukshetra Magazine English for April 2022 Issue

Download Kurukshetra Magazine Hindi (हिन्दी)

Kurukshetra Magazine English for November 2022 Issue

Kurukshetra Magazine English for October 2022 Issue

Kurukshetra Magazine English for September 2022 Issue

Kurukshetra Magazine English for August 2022 Issue

Kurukshetra Magazine English for July 2022 Issue

Kurukshetra Magazine English for June 2022 Issue

Kurukshetra Magazine English for May 2022 Issue

Kurukshetra Magazine English for April 2022 Issue

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Why read the Kurukshetra Magazine?

Apart from presenting the Indian Governemnt’s views about various issues, Kurukshetra Magazine also provides the data and analytical descriptions concerning the same.

Reading the this Magazine equips the candidates well in a manner so that they write logically convincing Essays for the Essay Paper, Mains, CSE. Each of the topics covered in the Magazine is analyzed well concerning all the relevant perspectives by the writers from numerous backgrounds.

And it should not be forgotten that the monthly Kurukshetra Magazine covers a considerable portion of the syllabus for the General Studies, Mains, Civil Services Exam, UPSC.

And the reader would also come across relevant information concerning various government initiates, government schemes, and the policy initiatives etc., recently launched by the government specifically for the sake the upliftment of the rural India.

If interested in reading the Kurukshetra Magazine, you may download the same from the link given below.

Why is Kurukshetra Magazine so important?

Kurukshetra Magazine analyses each topic through multiple perspectives and opinions and expresses the Government’s take on current affairs. There are various diverse range of topics published in this magazine, which are relevant for the UPSC Examination. Kurukshetra Magazine focuses on India’s social issues related to rural governance. Since the source of information gathered is from Government, therefore, the credibility and authenticity of the knowledge shared are trustworthy. One can blindly trust Kurukshetra magazine for the preparation of current affairs and general knowledge sections of civil service examinations.

Why Kurukshetra Magazine is ideal for IAS?

The syllabus of the UPSC Mains examination contains two important papers i.e., Essay writing and General Studies paper. Both of these sections are concentrated on rural upliftment and development in recent years of India. The magazine discusses various aspects of horticulture, animal husbandry, and food security. There are various diverse discussions being published in these magazines. The expression and opinion of reputed Secretaries of Ministers, Economists, and Academic scholars are presented in the magazine, which is a complete package of all the current affairs going on in the country.

How to read Kurukshetra Magazine for IAS preparation?

For securing the highest score in UPSC exams, the applicant must be well-versed with the current affairs of India. And Kurukshetra  is one of the most credible sources for gathering recent developments of socio-economic sectors of India and rural development scenarios concerning the country. In the last few years, there has been some modification in the UPSC syllabus, making the study materials and previous year’s question paper stagnant. In this scenario, the aspirants can trust the monthly editions of Magazine for a daily dose of general knowledge and current affairs.

How to make the best use of Kurukshetra Magazine for UPSC 2020?

Kurukshetra Magazine assists IAS aspirants in clearing the UPSC examination with a high score. It is particularly helpful in two papers of civil service examination – essay paper writing and General Studies. Candidates are advised to read and make notes out of previous 1 year published magazines. While reading the magazines for a year, the aspirants will gain knowledge of current affairs and have various perspectives on a given scenario because of the descriptive illustration and various opinions being expressed in the magazines. It will help the candidate to write well-structured and informative essays. In addition, due to constant exposure to current affairs topics, candidates will have an edge in the preparation of GS paper of UPSC mains examination.

Why does Kurukshetra Magazine consider better over other magazines?

The source of information and the topics are produced by the Government of India. Therefore, the publications and information provided in the magazine are relevant and updated, apart from being credible and accurate. Therefore,  magazine is better than other commercial magazines of this genre. All the contemporary development being levied upon rural India are published in this magazine. The neoteric approach of various government initiatives and schemes directed towards rural upliftment are clearly discussed with various perspectives and opinions from reputed leaders of the country.

How to orient Kurukshetra Magazine with the UPSC syllabus?

The aspirants should get thorough with the UPSC syllabus and complement the important topics being covered in the last few years. After which, the aspirants can consult Kurukshetra Magazine for reading and researching on the current affairs related to those important topics of civil service examination. One should thoroughly read the magazine and makes notes for future references. While focussing on important subjects, one may neglect various opinionated topics and full details of government schemes as they are not UPSC relevant. After careful perusal, candidates can observe repetition in articles being published, which should be avoided for saving time. Aspirants can download free versions of all the previous two-three year’s edition of Kurukshetra Magazine and start going through them for preparing the essay paper and GS paper for UPSC mains.

How is Kurukshetra Magazine different from Yojana Magazine?

The official venture by the Government of Indis has sponsored the publications of Kurukshetra Magazine and Yojana Magazine. However, both of them focus on entirely different aspects of current scenarios prevailing in India. While Yojana Magazine is co-sponsored by Niti Aayog, the Kurukshetra Magazine is supported by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. The Ministry of Rural Development of India describes various Government initiatives and schemes directed towards rural upliftment of India, whereas, in Yojana Magazine, the editors put forward various positive and negatives aspects of socio-economic developments of India forwarded by Niti Aayog.

The motives behind these two magazines are entirely different. Yojana Magazine is directed towards expressing socio-economic scenarios whereas Kurukshetra Magazine focuses towards rural development. Although both of the magazines are by the Government of India, and they clearly represent the viewpoints of Government, Yojana Magazine is more liberate while Kurukshetra magazine describes the initiatives and schemes undertaken by the Government in a detailed manner.

For reader’s expediency and ease of convenience for our candidates, we have enlisted all the previous year’s publications of Kurukshetra Magazine. Here are all the easily downloadable links for pdf versions and one can study them online.


What is Kurukshetra Magazine?

Kurukshetra Magazine is a monthly magazine published Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, under the official venture and sponsorship by the Government of India. The magazine embraces various initiatives and schemes organized by the Government for rural upliftment. The main embody of Kurukshetra Magazine comprises of current scenarios of the country in terms of rural development.

Why is Kurukshetra Magazine better than other magazines?

Among all other commercially available magazines, Kurukshetra Magazine is published by the Government along with the Yojana Magazine. Therefore, the provenance of knowledge and information genesis is accurate and credible. The main focus of  Magazine is rural development and upliftment undergoing in India, knowledge of which is useful for IAS aspirants.

How is Kurukshetra Magazine relevant for the UPSC examination?

UPSC examinations are focussed on the current affairs of the country. Therefore, the knowledge provided in this Magazine is relevant for UPSC preparation. The magazine expresses the views and opinions of reputed secretaries and ministers, therefore aspirants will get exposure to varied perspectives for a given topic, which is important for Essay writing skills. And the general trivia gained will be helpful in answering the General Studies paper of UPSC Mains.

How to read Kurukshetra Magazine for IAS preparation?

Aspirants should read the previous years’ full editions of Kurushetra Magazine, along with Yojana Magazine, and focus should be given to the important topic of the UPSC syllabus. Candidates should refer to NCERT and related textbooks for reference and notes should be prepared for further studies.

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