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How to Read the Kurukshetra Magazine to prepare for the IAS Exam?


The monthly Kurukshetra Magazine is a publication of the Indian Government. Thus, it carries the views of the Government concerning numerous issues.

Kurukshetra Magazine: Significant Features

– It is a monthly publication produced by the I&B (Information & Broadcasting) Ministry for the Ministry of Rural development.

– The Kurukshetra Magazine aims at carrying the message of the Rural Development across the people. It provides a forum for the sake of a frank and sincere discussion(s) to alleviate various problems when it comes to the Rural Development. Thus, the focus lies on the Rural Uplift.

The Forum provides an excellent opportunity to discuss:

  • Horticulture
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Food Security, etc.

Besides, you would come across various articles by experts including the Secretaries of Ministers, Economists, and Academicians, etc.

Why read the Kurukshetra Magazine?

Apart from presenting the Indian Governemnt’s views about various issues, Kurukshetra Magazine also provides the data and analytical descriptions concerning the same.

Reading the Kurukshetra Magazine equips the candidates well in a manner so that they write logically convincing Essays for the Essay Paper, Mains, CSE. Each of the topics covered in the Magazine is analyzed well concerning all the relevant perspectives by the writers from numerous backgrounds.

And it should not be forgotten that the monthly Kurukshetra Magazine covers a considerable portion of the syllabus for the General Studies, Mains, Civil Services Exam, UPSC.

And the reader would also come across relevant information concerning various government initiates, government schemes, and the policy initiatives etc., recently launched by the government specifically for the sake the upliftment of the rural India.

If interested in reading the Kurukshetra Magazine, you may download the same from the link given below.

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