Essay Test Series

(Batch Start: 29 May)

By Experts, Elite IAS

11 Mock Tests: (7 Section wise & 4 Full Test) – (Admission Open)
Course Fee: Rs.8400/- (Inclusive All Taxes)

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Mains Essay Test Series

Key Highlights:

  1. Flexible module for candidates joining essay test series. You will be writing test online via our portal.
  2. You will be trained to get rid of two major problems i.e. Functional Fixedness and Transparency Illusion, while developing good communication in your essay writing.
  3. Training will be given for appropriate way of writing INTRODUCTION (be it Quotation, Story or Paraphrasing).
  4. BODY writing(Middle part) needs ‘Micro skills’ like SIGN-POSTS (linking phrases) to show examiner your ‘Original Thinking Capability’.
  5. How to write CONCLUSION which is synced with Introduction & body-part of your essay. It should satisfy the curiosity of the examiner.
  6. Evaluation will be done within two weeks.
  7. Answer sheet will be evaluated by the experts
  8. One to one mentorship for the development of a multi-dimensional approach to essay writing.
  9. Expert Support: Telephonic Discussion/E-mail Interaction.
  10. Model Answers (synopsis) will be provided for all sectional tests.
  11. Copy evaluation and feedback system are designed to provide relevant insights and feedback to each candidate as per his/her performance.
  12. Nature of questions will be on UPSC pattern.
  13. Value Addition Materials will also be provided along with it
  14. Flexible-module helps aspirant to accommodate with the social environment and focus on their preparation for Civil Services Exam.

Note: Writing Test Series makes you a disciplined smart learner i.e. studying a section without writing practice will keep your understanding efficiency incomplete. UPSC appreciates your knowledge with brevity, and this art could be learned only by repeated answer writing training.

So, when you read something and simultaneously appear in the test, it has a dual effect
(i) you improve your answer writing skill
(ii) receive suggestions for improvement from experts.
(Both are necessary to fetch better marks in the real mains exam of UPSC.)
Nowadays, writing essay test series is almost essential and it would be a rational decision to EVALUATE YOURSELF BEFORE THE UPSC EVALUATES YOU.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is essay writing important for the UPSC exam?

Your writing skills and qualities in the essay paper will become an additional bonus in the Main papers. Due to the limited time in the Mains examination, the pressure is very high. So candidates cannot answer all the questions. The structure and presentation of the candidate are, therefore, essential in the paper.

Developing the right writing style and strong analytical abilities will significantly boost your success at the Main. In this regard, the essay becomes the most crucial aspect of the examination.

What is the mode of teaching, and how much time will be allotted?

ELITE IAS Essay Test Series is available both online and offline modes. The Elite prelims last for two hours, giving the right feeling of examination. The students can choose between the offline and the online modes depending on their needs, thus assuring that students never miss the tests. This way, the students get adequately prepared for the UPSC prelims exam.

How will many test series be assigned?

The test series can be assigned to you after you have enrolled yourself in it. There are multiple test series to apply for at minimal prices. You can even opt for a combo pack at a significant discount. All the question papers will be available for download on the respective exam dates. Students can even prepare as per their schedule and attend tests online.

What about test evaluation and feedback?

With the help of the experts, all the papers will be evaluated within two weeks. A one-to-one mentorship will be provided to each student after publication to help them discover their weaknesses and strengths. Model answer scripts are also provided after each test to help them get prepared for the next exam. A detailed report of performance feedback is also given to help the student correct their mistakes.

What would the study material be provided?

The study material and the model question papers are prepared with the help of highly educated educators. In addition to numerous tips and techniques for essay writing, the study materials would also provide profound knowledge about essay writing basics. All main points will be addressed and resolved in the previous year’s question papers.

I am a student of the Elite prelims test series. Would it be sufficient to clear prelims?

Elite test series is one of the best test series available in the market. In addition to the regular self-made class notes of all different topics and current affairs, attempting tests is also a pivotal part to crack any exam. The test series needs to be practiced extensively to make sure you are adjusted to the main exam’s time constraint. Before attempting the test series, one should make sure that the basics are straightforward. All the topics should be brushed upon very carefully before focusing on the test series. This will make sure you are well versed with all the topics of the test series. The test series will surely help you during your preparatory period.

How many scores to target in the Elite prelims test series?

Usually, the Elite prelims test series are prepared with experts’ help, and the difficulty level is kept above average. This is to make sure that students are prepared for any situation. Targeting for solving at least 70 questions and scoring about 120 marks is good enough. You should probably focus your concentration on the accuracy rates rather than being concerned about the marks or number of questions you attempt.

Accuracy rates can be determined by the number of correct answers per the number of questions you attempt.  For a good score in the UPSC exam, your accuracy should be more than 80 percent.