Essay Test Series

(Batch Start: 11 October)

By Bibhash Sharma

11 Mock Tests: (7 Section wise & 4 Full Test) – (Admission Open)
Course Fee: Rs.6500/- (Inclusive All Taxes)

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Offer: Essay +  Sociology Test Series-2020 COMBO Fee: Rs.20350 (Saving Rs.1650/-)

Mains Essay Test Series

Key Highlights:

  1. Flexible module for candidates joining online test.
  2. Evaluation will be done within two weeks.
  3. Answer sheet will be evaluated by the experts
  4. One to one mentorship for the development of a multi-dimensional approach to essay writing.
  5. Expert Support: Telephonic Discussion/E-mail Interaction.
  6. Model Answers (synopsis) will be provided.
  7. Copy evaluation and feedback system are designed to provide relevant insights and feedback to each candidate as per his/her performance.
  8. Nature of questions will be on UPSC pattern.
  9. Value Addition Materials will also be provided along with it
  10. Flexible-module helps aspirant to accommodate with the social environment and focus on their preparation for Civil Services Exam.

Note: Writing Test Series makes you a disciplined smart learner i.e. studying a section without writing practice will keep your understanding efficiency incomplete. UPSC appreciates your knowledge with brevity, and this art could be learned only by repeated answer writing training.

So, when you read something and simultaneously appear in the test, it has a dual effect
(i) you improve your answer writing skill
(ii) receive suggestions for improvement from experts.
(Both are necessary to fetch better marks in the real mains exam of UPSC.)
Nowadays, writing essay test series is almost essential and it would be a rational decision to EVALUATE YOURSELF BEFORE THE UPSC EVALUATES YOU.

Useful Readings:

For Detail Information Please Contact to Elite IAS Academy for UPSC Exam preparation.
Call:  7065202020, 8899999931

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an essay writing important for the UPSC exam?

The essay writing paper is one of the nine sections of the UPSC mains examination. In the essay paper, the aspirant has to write two essays within 1200 words. The marks allotted for each piece are 125, with a total of 250 marks for both essays. There will be four options given, and aspirants need to write two descriptive content out of those topics.

What is the mode of teaching, and how much time will be allotted?

ELITE IAS Essay Test Series is available both online and offline. Students can opt for both online and offline sessions. There are ample test series available purely based out of the UPSC exam pattern. Classroom teaching and online sessions will be available, and students can log in to watch lessons and modules at any time of the day.

How will many test series be assigned?

There are numerous test series available, including section-wise tests, revision exams, full mock tests, and self-assessments with model answers are also provided for practice. Students can prepare as per their schedule and attend tests online.

What about test evaluation and feedback?

The tests are evaluated by our board of subject matter experts within two weeks. A thorough discussion session is organized either online or face-to-face classroom meetings for doubt clearance and feedback.

What study material would be provided?

Study materials and module questions and answers will be provided online, prepared extensively based out of the UPSC curriculum. The study materials will have in-depth knowledge about the fundamentals of essay writing, along with various insights and techniques for essay structuring and editing. All the important topics and the previous year’s examination questions will be discussed and solved

I am a student of Elite prelims test series, would it be sufficient to clear prelims?

Elite test series is an essential addition to the regular and self-made class notes related to all the different static topics and current affairs. The test series should be practiced repeatedly, especially if you have a handful of days left for the examination. However, when starting to prepare for the UPSC, aspirants should clear the basic concepts before adapting to only practicing test series.

You should consider re-reading the crucial chapters from the textbooks, thereafter, practice the last 20 years question papers of UPSC. UPSC requires thorough practice and repeated studying from a few sources of information.

How many scores to target in the Elite prelims test series?

For targeting competitive scores for Elite Prelims Test Series, you must provide correct answers to at least 70+ questions to score about 120+ marks. That will be regarded as a decent score as per the test series is concerned. You should probably focus your concentration on the accuracy rates rather than overthinking about the marks or number of questions you attempt.

Accuracy rates can be determined by the number of correct answers per the number of questions you attempt.  The accuracy rate should be more than 80%, and almost 65 items should be right if you tried 80 questions.