Essay Test Series

(Batch Start: 26 June)

By Bibhash Sharma & Elite IAS Team

10 Mock Tests: (7 Section wise & 3 Full Test) – (Admission Open)
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Essay is one the most important part of Civil Services Examination. Rather, it is the true test of an aspirant’s Awareness, Innovation, Inclusive Thinking, Organisational Skills and what not. Over the years essay paper has evolved as a true game changer in the mains examination and we can easily testify this fact with marks of recurrent toppers. Essay paper has contributed immensely in the top ranking aspirants’ score.
Furthermore, essay doesn’t require any specific preparation or to read any specific book for that matter. It is purely a skill and can be developed only through practice in right direction with right approach.
Hence to equip the aspirants with pivotal skill of writing good quality essay Elite IAS is delighted to announce yet another Essay Test series:

Features of the Essay Test Series for Mains 2022

  • Total of 10 Tests will be conducted which includes 7 Sectional- theme based test and 3 full mock tests.
  • Candidates would be given model essays after every test.
  • Model Essays are prepared with innovative tools and approaches which may be used for various kinds of essays in real examination.
  • One on One Discussion after Copy Evaluation.
  • Practice Worksheets.
  • A handbook on Fundamental Approach of Writing Essay along with a compendium of Quotations, Phrases, Anecdotes etc. which can be used while writing essay.
  • Comprehensive coverage of most important topics from Yojana, Kurukshetra, Front Line and other important Magazines.

Essay Test Series

Key Highlights:

  1. Flexible module for essay test series.
  2. You will be trained to get rid of two major problems i.e. Functional Fixedness and Transparency Illusion, while developing good communication in your essay writing.
  3. Training will be given for appropriate way of writing INTRODUCTION (be it Quotation, Story or Paraphrasing).
  4. BODY writing (Middle part) needs ‘Micro skills’ like SIGN-POSTS (linking phrases) to show examiner your ‘Original Thinking Capability’.
  5. How to write CONCLUSION which is synced with Introduction & body-part of your essay. It should satisfy the curiosity of the examiner.
  6. Evaluation of essay test series paper will be done within two weeks.
  7. Answer sheet will be evaluated by Bibhash Sharma & Elite IAS Team of experts
  8. One-to-one mentorship for the development of a multi-dimensional approach to essay writing.
  9. Expert Support: Telephonic Discussion/E-mail Interaction.
  10. Model Answers (synopsis) will be provided for all sectional tests.
  11. Copy evaluation and feedback system are designed to provide relevant insights and feedback to each candidate as per his/her performance.
  12. Nature of questions will be on UPSC pattern.
  13. Flexible-module helps aspirant to accommodate with the social environment and focus on their preparation for Civil Services Exam.

Note: Writing essay test series UPSC, makes you a disciplined smart learner. If you study a section without writing practice, it will keep your understanding efficiency incomplete. UPSC appreciates your knowledge with brevity, and this art could be learned only by repeated answer writing training.

So, when you read something and simultaneously appear in the test, it has a dual effect
(i) you improve your answer writing skill
(ii) receive suggestions for improvement from experts.
(Both are necessary to fetch better marks in the real mains exam of UPSC.)
Nowadays, writing essay test series is almost essential and it would be a rational decision to EVALUATE YOURSELF BEFORE THE UPSC EVALUATES YOU.

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Which is the best Institute for essay Test Series for UPSC?

Answer: EliteIAS is one of the most popular UPSC test series brands. It is regarded as one of the most effective test series for exam preparation with excellent mentoring. The UPSC Program from EliteIAS is a complete education that will help you pass the UPSC 2022-2023 exam.

Why Test Series Is Important For UPSC?

Answer: The test series will deliberately provide its pupils with in-depth knowledge of the syllabus as well as scientifically prepared revision strategies that include both static and current components. All who want to pass the UPSC exam and join the Civil Services should use test series as a valuable self-assessment tool. As a result, it is only prudent to recognise the significance of test series for the UPSC exam in advance. You learn about your limitations and strengths by taking the IAS and UPSC prelims test series, so you may concentrate on turning your flaws into strengths. Aside from that, you can get an estimate of how long it takes to answer each question.

Frequently Asked Questions

When To Start Taking Test Series For UPSC?

Answer: The UPSC prelims test series is crucial to improving your preparation for India’s most coveted exam. Mock tests put your preparation to the test and tell you how well you’re doing and what you need to work on next. For UPSC preparation, it is critical to complete test series. You should begin solving test series approximately 6 months prior to the actual exam date. As a result, you can examine your errors and attempt to correct them. You should enrol in two exam series since if any element of the curriculum is missed in one, the other may compensate.

When Should We Start Test Series For UPSC?

Answer: You may begin the Mains test series first for the 2022 exams. It’s possible that after three months of preparation, you’ll be ready. Prelims should be taken 3–4 months before the exam date. This programme, if followed correctly, should be enough to improve your answer writing while also completing the syllabus. Join a GS and optional subject test series. Start preparing for the Prelims in July of the preceding year, and prepare the General Studies from the final week of July to April and the optional subject from mid-October to March.

Is 1 Year Enough For IAS Preparation?

Answer: Yes, without coaching, one year is sufficient for IAS preparation. No matter how challenging the UPSC exam is, one year is enough to pass the IAS exam if it is prepared with entire dedication. If one studies properly with the right guidance and UPSC test approach, one does not need to enrol in tutoring for the IAS exam. You can pass this exam on your first attempt if you focus your studies. Preparing for UPSC is a full-time job in and of itself; you must put in at least 6-8 hours per day during your preparation.

Is One Test Series Enough for UPSC Prelims?

Answer: A test series is necessary, but it is not sufficient. One should devote sufficient time to reading and writing practice. So, instead of enrolling in many prelims test series, enroll in only one (or two if you are confident that you can manage plus one gets to face questions set with diverse approaches). UPSC aspirants should take at least one mock test per day or on alternate days until the exam date. If you begin one year before prelims, you must read basic books such as NCERT and others to gain the depth required to pass this exam. Relying only on test series should only be used as a last option.

How should mock tests be revised?

Answer: Another crucial practice is to revise the sample exam papers on a weekly basis. This will help you recall the questions and relevant data till the exam.

How should the performance of mock tests be evaluated?

Answer: While many toppers recommend attempting a maximum number of questions, it should fully depend on the candidate at what attempt level he or she is obtaining greater marks. Some applicants tackle 70-80 questions and qualify for the exam, while others attempt more than 90 and pass the CSE. It is preferable to develop your own exam strategy depending on the results of the mock tests.