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Sociology Classroom Course Highlights:

Dedicated to SociologyBibhash Sharma is the top-notch teacher of Sociology in Delhi; his scientific way of teaching has helped many students get selected in Civil Services exam. His sociology optional classes are 100% focused on UPSC (Civil Services Examination). It means you will be joining one the best sociology optional coaching in Delhi, which is truly dedicated to IAS exam.
Classroom Communication: Teacher will deliver lectures on concerned topics to develop clarity i.e. Explanation & Discussion of Topics. NO DICTATION. (We consider that dictating the content to students in the classroom is simply wastage of our precious time.) This is the uniqueness of this sociology optional coaching in Delhi.
Participatory Class: During class, students can ask questions to get their confusion dispelled. We motivate students to raise relevant questions in the classroom.
Study Materials: Immediately after admission, full study materials of sociology optional for UPSC will be supplied to our students. (Sociology study materials updated in 2023)
Answer Writing: Sociological answer-writing skills & techniques will be taught to students. This is the greatest advantage of sociology optional coaching at Elite IAS Academy.
Unit Test: Chapters/Units covered in the classroom will be assessed with the Classroom/Unit test at a regular interval (every Sunday).
Course Duration: Around Three Months of sociology optional coaching.
Experienced Teacher: Mr. Bibhash Sharma has more than 18 years of teaching experience. It means students will learn, understand, practice answer-writing of sociology under the careful guidance of the well-experienced teacher. The cumulative effect makes this institute the best sociology coaching in Delhi.
Study Support: One (1) year full study support. A student can consult the teacher(s) even after completion of their course. Can seek an appointment at the institute or contact via phone or email.
All India Sociology Test Series (Mains): All classroom students will be entitled to 20% fee concession for our All India Sociology Test Series Mains.

Sociology Optional Fee Structure – Classroom & Online/Live

Sociology Optional Course: 2023-24Rs.60,000/-2.5 to 3 Months
Sociology Optional Online/Live ClassesRs.54,000/-2.5 to 3 Months
Sociology Optional Video Course (With Study Materials)Rs.40,000/-49 Video Lectures

About Bibhash Sharma : Best Sociology Optional Teacher

Indomitable spirit, never say die attitude and trust in his purpose are the hallmark of Bibhash Sharma. He is one of the best teacher for sociology optional in the field of Civil Services coaching. He has more than 18 years of teaching experience in the IAS coaching field. Many of his students are senior bureaucrats in different part of India and abroad – like IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS etc.
With penchant for academics, he was associated with top coaching institutes of the time. But later on, he realised the limitation of association and in 2012 founded his own coaching institute named ‘Elite IAS Academy’. 
Here he teaches Sociology optional as well as some sections of General Studies. Under his leadership a team of experienced teachers are associated with this coaching institute. The coordinated efforts of mentors started bearing its fruits very soon, within a short span Elite IAS Academy started producing fabulous results.
To mention a few successful students with sociology optional are:

  • Nikhil Pathak, IPS (AIR-107, CSE-2015, first attempt selection, he was one of the top scorer in General Studies);
  • Ila Tripathi, IAS (AIR-51, CSE-2016, one of the top score in Sociology – 301 marks);
  • Abhilash Baranwal, IAS (AIR-44, CSE-2017, one of the top score in Sociology – 303 marks);
  • Namita Sharma, IRS (AIR-145, CSE-2018, one of the top score in Sociology – 306 marks),
  • Abhinav J Jain IAS (AIR-14, CSE-2020 – one of the top score in Sociology – Paper-I: 146 + Paper-II: 139 = 285)

Bibhash Sharma’s hard work and coaching institute’s achievements were recognized by the society. In 2017, Kiren Rijiju, (Union Minister of State for Home Affairs of India) felicitated Mr. Sharma on behalf of Elite IAS Academy for imparting quality Civil Services coaching. In 2018 was recipient of ‘The Golden Star Awards’ in category of Best IAS coaching in Delhi. Last but not the least, Elite IAS is one of the reputed institute in Delhi for General Studies coaching and sociology for UPSC.

Subject related FAQs

1. Is sociology a good UPSC subject?

ANSWER. Sociology is a fairly popular Civil Services Exam option. If we look at the total number of candidates who chose each subject, it appears that Sociology is the most popular choice because it is a high-scoring subject.

2. Are the NCERTs required for sociology?

ANSWER. While all NCERTs are vital, it’s natural to prioritise when examinations are approaching. NCERT textbooks are prepared in a very straightforward and lucid manner for schoolchildren. These textbooks are simple to understand and can save you a lot of time learning the essentials.

3. How long will it take to cover sociology optional?

ANSWER. In order to cover the entire syllabus in sociology Optional, 4 months is recommended. Both Papers I and Paper 2 can be completed in the same amount of time. Start with Paper I because it provides a comprehensive comprehension of sociology theory and fundamental concepts.

4. Is sociology a difficult optional?

ANSWER. Sociology is seen as a safer alternative because it does not necessitate any specific knowledge or academic experience in order to be prepared as an optional. Many times, it has been demonstrated that candidates with no prior understanding of sociology performed well in their optional paper.

5. How should Sociology Optional Papers 1 and 2 be covered?

ANSWER. Both Papers I and Paper 2 can be completed in the same amount of time. Start with Paper I because it provides a comprehensive comprehension of sociology theory and fundamental concepts.

Course related FAQs

1. Which Sociology Optional course does EliteIAS offer?

ANSWER.  EliteIAS offers a “Sociology Classroom Course” taught by Bibhash Sharma Sir, a dedicated faculty member. This UPSC (Civil Services Examination) Sociology Optional Course is entirely focused on the UPSC Sociology Optional Subject.

2. Why to choose Sociology Optional at EliteIAS?

ANSWER.  EliteIAS is known for putting a strong emphasis on answering questions. You must have realised by now that the only way to get a decent CSE score is to write good answers. We put the same focus on Optional Answer practise as we do on General Studies at EliteIAS.

3. How long will the course last?

ANSWER. The EliteIAS Sociology Classroom Course offers three months of optional sociology coaching.

4. Is there any post-course support provided by EliteIAS?

ANSWER. At EliteIAS, we are still enthralled by your preparation and selection. Our relationship with aspirants isn’t only confined to the months of Optional Subject Preparation; it goes well beyond that. Support is given to aspirants in the form of material, missed classes, answer evaluation and interaction with faculty.

5. What type of study assistance is available through the “Sociology Classroom Course”?

ANSWER. Support for one (1) year of full-time study. Even after completing their course, a student might consult with their teachers. It is possible to make an appointment with the institute or to contact them by phone or email.

Preparation Strategy for Sociology Optional:

Sociology, in general, and the UPSC syllabus in particular, assist you in better comprehending society and, as a result, you will become a better person with a reason for making and living a better social life.

It makes you more elastic and adaptable to society as an individual. Sociology aids us in comprehending the social structure, which includes the family, economy, politics, education, and religion. It assists us in comprehending the interconnectedness of various Structures, The Social System.

Sociological theories’ Critical Perspectives assist us in comprehending Social Inequalities, Social Facts, Social Actions, Social Systems, and the Function and Dysfunctions of Social Structures. As a person, sociology teaches you to be more accepting of opposing viewpoints. Many societal issues have been solved using sociological ideas.

The steps below will help a beginner prepare for UPSC Sociology:

Step 1. Develop a genuine interest in the subject.

The most crucial component of UPSC optional preparation is this. You must devote a significant amount of time to your optional subject. It would be tough unless you ‘feel like’ studying the subject topic. At first, don’t read any theoretical aspects. With an open mind, read NCERT Class 12th.

Step 2. Analyse the syllabus and previous year questions.

It is critical to understand what you must learn. It’s more crucial to understand what you don’t need to learn. The syllabus is crucial. MEMORIZE the syllabus subjects if at all feasible. Relate the Paper 1 and Paper 2 topics. Make a curriculum mind map. 

Do not make notes during the first reading.  Do not jot down anything. When you read it, try to absorb the concept. Relate them to current events. If you work in the IT industry, for example, connect it to Marx’s concept of alienation. Some of the terminology referenced in the preceding sources may be difficult to define. You may also discover that several sections from the syllabus have been left out.

Step 4: Second reading and note making.

Make notes on A4 paper and file them in a ring binder. When you add value to these themes in the future, simply place the A4 sheet in its proper location in the file. As a result, all of a topic’s notes would be in one spot, making it simple to review in the days leading up to the exam. Get yourself a copy of the Oxford Dictionary of Sociology. It will assist you in better understanding sociological terms.

Step 5: Value addition and filling the gaps.

Make notes on your A4 page during the first reading and file them in the appropriate location in the ring binder file. Further reading may not be necessary once you’ve taken notes from these sources. It’s now time to fill in the gaps in the information and expand on what’s currently there.

Step 6: Focus on current affairs, Budget, Economic survey, reports, government schemes etc.

Current events are likewise quite dynamic in nature because they change all the time. Current affairs is a component that is included in every competitive test because of its importance and dynamic character. Some of the best resources to prepare for current affairs are listed below.

  • Newspapers– The Hindu, The Indian Express, etc.
  • Monthly Current Affairs Magazine– Pratiyogita Darpan, Civil Services Times, Yojana, Niti Aayog reports, Economic and Political Weekly (for some topics only), World Focus year-end issue only, etc.
  • Internet- There are a lot of available resources on the internet which you may follow.
  • All India Radio

Step 7:  Evaluate yourself.

Self-evaluation is a method of assessing one’s own performance by applying clear criteria to evaluate and appraise work against a set of agreed-upon criteria. Evaluating oneself is like to taking a step forward in your mental development. You discover your strengths and weaknesses when you assess yourself as a person. Finding your flaws, admitting them, and then working on them are all that is required to move forward in life.

Benefits of choosing Sociology optional?

Sociology is a natural outgrowth of our everyday understanding of social life. As a student, he or she is related to society in some way, so he or she has a fundamental awareness of it. Sociology is a really useful option. It not only helps you achieve good grades on optional papers, but it also aids in the production of essays and improves your writing skills.

Benefits of Choosing Sociology as your Optional Subject are: –

1. Shorter Syllabus: Sociology has a more condensed curriculum. It’s simple to comprehend and performs well. It’s a social science that’s particularly popular among humanities students. Even pupils with no prior knowledge of science can do it safely because it is simple to understand.

  1. Subject Credibility: You will never get a bad grade in this subject. Regardless of whether you have completed the syllabus, you can easily make responses from a general viewpoint point of view, which will help you to score marks, as opposed to other courses where you may receive a zero in your answers.
  2. Benefit in Essay: Sociology also helps you develop a generalised theory on each issue, which means you’ll get better grades in essays.
  3. Effectiveness of Sociology Optional in UPSC: Sociology is a really useful option. It not only helps you achieve good grades on optional papers, but it also aids in the production of essays and improves your writing skills.
  4. Sociology can also aid with general studies: Being a generalist topic, it aids in the completion of all four General Studies papers.
  5. Sociology’s UPSC success rate is high: The success rate fluctuates, with between 85 and 240 individuals being chosen. This ratio, however, should not be overlooked because many candidates score well in their optional but are unable to pass the Mains due to poor performance in their GS papers.
  6. Sociology is a safer optional: Sociology is a safer option because it does not require any specific knowledge or academic background in order to be prepared as an optional. Many times, it has been demonstrated that candidates with no prior understanding of sociology performed well in their optional paper.
  7. Other Benefits
  • Improve your interview and public speaking skills at various levels.
  • Theoretical questions are frequently asked. As a result, there’s no need to be concerned about being surprised throughout the exam.
  • No prior knowledge of sociology is required.
  • It’s fascinating, especially if social issues are important to you. It aids in the comprehension of society and its many layers and functions.
  • Study materials are easily accessible.
  • It assists with the essay paper, as at least one essay on social problems is usually required. It will also assist you during the interview process. The ethics paper benefits from sociology as well.
  • There is some overlap with Paper I of General Studies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which coaching is best for sociology optional in Delhi?

Answer: Elite IAS is one of the best coaching for sociology optional Classes. One of the most popular optional subjects in the UPSC Civil Services Examination is sociology.

Does sociology Optional need coaching?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to pass the IAS exam without coaching. However, ‘everyone’ may not be the case. It is dependent on his or her ability to self-study. You can pass the UPSC CSE without any classroom instruction if you are skilled at self-study. Aspirants can begin basic preparation in my first year of college and took my prelims immediately after graduation.

Is elite IAS good for Sociology?

Answer:Bibhash Sharma Sir, a dedicated faculty member, teaches a “Sociology Classroom Course” at EliteIAS. This UPSC Sociology Optional Course is entirely focused on the UPSC Sociology Optional Subject. Elite IAS is a nice coaching institute for sociology.

Which institute is best for sociology UPSC?

Answer: EliteIAS is India’s leading institute for civil services exam sociology optional preparation. UPSC has picked 65 of our enrolled students for the Civil Services Exam in 2020. (Final Selections). In 2019, 180 of our registered students passed the CSE Mains.

Is sociology good for IAS?

Answer: Sociology is a highly beneficial optional subject for the UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam. It not only helps you get good grades in the optional subject, but it also helps you in the essay and builds good answer writing skills over time. Sociology has a more condensed curriculum. It is simple to grasp and scores well. It is a social science that is popular among students of the humanities. Because it is simple to grasp, even students with no prior knowledge of science can do it safely.

What is the syllabus of sociology for UPSC?

Answer: Science, scientific method, and critique are all covered in the Sociology curriculum. (a) Research methodology’s major theoretical strands. (c) Positivism and its detractors. (d) The importance of facts and their objectivity. (e) Methodologies that are not positivist.

Why is sociology an excellent UPSC optional?

Answer: Sociology optional helps in UPSC CSE interview- knowledge of societal concerns, diverse social challenges, and their impact on governance would allow you to offer impressive replies during the interview. It can also assist you develop good analyses and varied points of view on any topic.

Is sociology a difficult subject to learn?

Answer: Sociology majors have a high chance of success due to less difficult material and less hours of study. While prerequisites vary by school, most sociology degrees do not need completion of upper math and science subjects.

How long does it take to finish the sociology optional?

Answer: The UPSC syllabus for sociology optional is brief and succinct, allowing it to be completed in 3-4 months. Aside from that, no prior knowledge is required for this optional, so even a newcomer can prepare it. The UPSC mains exam includes two optional papers.

Who is eligible to take sociology as an optional subject?

Answer: Rest of the students from other streams can choose Sociology as an optional because it is quite generalist and does not require any specialisation.  As one of the most popular optional subjects, there is an abundance of study materials available.