Best IAS Coaching in Delhi with Fees for UPSC Preparation

best ias coaching in delhi fees

UPSC Coaching in Delhi Fees Information

IAS coaching in Delhi fees are influenced by various factors such as the coaching institute’s reputation, course duration, faculty quality, study materials, and facilities. Choosing an institute like Elite IAS Academy, renowned as the best IAS coaching in Delhi with fees, is crucial for success.
We offer the most affordable coaching for all UPSC Courses, both offline and online. The average fee for a year-long IAS course in Delhi ranges from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2,00,000. This comprehensive fee covers study materials, classroom lectures, mock tests, and other essential services. Additionally, we offer support with hostel accommodations.

Affordable Fees Structure For UPSC Coaching

Offline Fees Structure For UPSC/IAS Coaching in Delhi

Classroom UPSC Courses Batch Size Fees (Excl. of GST)
GS 1 Year Integrated Course (Eng. Med.) 75 ₹1,25,000
GS 2 Year Course (Eng. Med.) 55 ₹1,85,000
GS 3 Year Course (Eng. Med.) 50 ₹2,21,000
Sociology Optional (Eng. Med.) 70 ₹54,000
NCERT Foundation Course (Eng. Med.) 75 ₹1,40,000
Only NCERT Course (Eng. Med.) 75 ₹20,000

Online Fees Structure For UPSC/IAS Coaching in Delhi

GS INTEGRATED – ONE YEAR BATCH (Eng. Med.) ₹70,000/- 11-12 months
TWO YEAR BATCH (Eng. Med.) 1,10,000/- 22- 24 months
Sociology Optional (Eng. Med.) (Live) 49,000/- 2.5-3 months
Sociology Optional (Eng. Med.) (Recorded) 25,000/- 50+ Video Lectures
NCERT FOUNDATION COURSE (Eng. Med.) 1,75,000/- 12-15 months
Only NCERT (Eng. Med.) 15,000/- 5-6 months

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Admission Open 2024-25 : Upcoming Batches

Timing:Batch Start Date:Course & Mode:
Morning & Evening10 May, 10th June & 24th June 2024General Studies (Offline & Online)

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Why IAS is the Most Coveted

IAS is the most valued career because it offers a unique blend of job security, prestige, the opportunity to make a significant impact on society, and a chance to be involved in high-level policy making. IAS officers have the ability to effect change at various levels of administration and are instrumental in implementing government policies that shape the future of the country. Additionally, the IAS provides a diverse career with exposure to a wide range of sectors, promising personal and professional growth.

Does taking IAS coaching classes in Delhi ensure a rank in the Civil Services examination?

The answer is no. According to data, most successful candidates have prepared for the exam under expert guidance. Also, Delhi has the highest success rate compared to other states across the country.

Being an IAS aspirant, you must be ready to put your heart and soul into the preparation to be a successful IAS. Elite IAS academy understands your dream and shows you the right way leading to your dream.

We provide you with every necessary resource to get through the most challenging exam and serve our country.

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Why Join IAS Coaching in Delhi:

Result-oriented teaching:- The journey of becoming the best UPSC Institute or civil services coaching in Delhi from being a team of experienced and well-trained faculty was not a cakewalk. It took a few years of hard work and perseverance to reach the top. Like other IAS coaching academies, we don’t focus on only generating the maximum profit. Instead, we are known for our values and result-oriented teaching methods.

Customized academic Course:- Our professional and customized academic Course is the key to our success. All our courses are regularly updated and upgraded regularly by our reputed and expert faculties from all over the nation. Right now, we offer a wide range of UPSC courses specially designed to cater to every candidate’s needs.

Individual Attention:-  A team of veterans in the industry has designed professional academic courses with great care. We pay equal attention to each student. Apart from the classroom training, our students can take self-assessment tests to evaluate themselves. We keep a performance chart for each student. Based on the performance and progress of the student, our faculties decide their Course of action.

Affordable Fee:-  We provide the most affordable IAS Coaching in Delhi fees with options for easy payments. Compared to the general UPSC coaching fees in Delhi, we offer the best fee-structure, trying to make the courses available for everyone. Candidates from both English and Hindi medium background can take our courses. To find out the fee structure in detail, please see below.

Fee Structure – Payment Plans & Concession

One Time Payment: A candidate can pay the full Fee for the course, and avail decent discounts on both Online and Offline courses.

Method 1
Method 2

Fee Structure – Payment Plans & Concession

Fees on installments: The option makes it easier for the students to pay the entire fee in easy instalments during the course.


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GS One Year Course

1,25,000/– INR upto 15% Discount

GS Two Year Course

1,85,000/– INR upto 20% Discount

GS Three Year Course

2,21,000/– INR upto 20% Discount

Online UPSC Coaching

61,000/– INR upto 25% Discount

Test Series

GS Prelims Test Series – 2023 – 15000 INR

GS Mains Test Series – 2023 – 15000 INR

Essay Test Series – 2023 – 10000 INR

Crack UPSC Exam with the help of Best IAS Coaching in Delhi

A few lacs of UPSC aspirants write the Civil Services Exam, the toughest one in India, every year. Unfortunately, most of their dreams get shattered mostly because of the lack of proper guidance. Working hard is not enough to clear the exam; working smart is the mantra. A clear understanding of the topics and expert guidance is all one needs to become an IAS. With us, let your journey begin towards your dream.

To get the best IAS coaching, join Elite IAS Academy, the country’s best IAS Academy. This is one of the most trusted IAS Academy in Delhi with an affordable fee structure. Since 2012, our students are making it to the list of the winners. Quality education is what drives them towards producing the best results.

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Features to Join UPSC Classroom Course

Top 10 benefits to join IAS coaching in Delhi:
  • Weekly Classroom Sessions: Six days a week of intensive classroom sessions for thorough syllabus coverage.
  • Diverse Course Options: Availability of full-fledged courses and individual subjects to cater to different needs.
  • Proven Success: A track record of guiding students to success in the IAS exams through well-designed classroom sessions.
  • Personalized Mentorship: Individual attention to students to foster a competitive spirit and administrative acumen.
  • Systematic Approach: Strategic teaching methodology to cover the extensive UPSC syllabus within a planned schedule
  • Online and Offline Flexibility: Offering both online and offline modes of coaching to suit the convenience of students.
  • Interactive Distance Learning: Recorded video courses and study materials that allow for interaction and doubt clearance.
  • Experienced Faculty: A team of highly qualified teachers, including subject matter experts and former civil servants.
  • Regular Assessments: Frequent tests and assessments to track progress and identify areas for improvement.
  • Comprehensive Study Materials: Up-to-date and comprehensive study materials and test series to complement classroom learning.
  • These features are designed to provide a robust and supportive learning environment for UPSC aspirants, ensuring they have access to all the resources and guidance needed to excel in the Civil Services Examination.

Features to Join Online IAS Coaching in Delhi

Today a lot of aspirants prefer online classes that can be taken from the comfort of their homes. Are you one of them?

Our Live classes provide the perfect platform with quality education to the students planning to write the Civil services Examination. Our mantra is to provide the best coaching to everyone preparing with us and further moving towards this direction. We have introduced our Online/Live classes to assist those students who cannot join our classroom classes. This is a small step towards bringing our courses to everyone’s doorstep within a budget.

Elite IAS Academy has a Comprehensive online course to facilitate your UPSC preparation. You will get the details of our live classes here. Get in touch with our counselors today to get further information on the Course and the deliverables.

Live Classes for UPSC Preparation– Visit to Explore more about Our Online Course

If you plan to join Online Coaching classes for your UPSC preparation, you will get the benefits listed below.

  • Live Interaction :-Online coaching classes leverage you to study anytime and anywhere, saving a lot of your time.
  • One-on-One Faculty interaction:- IAS online coaching offers one-on-one interaction with the faculty, which, in turn, leads to better learning. These individual classes ensure 100% attention to the students without any distraction from other students.
  • Ideal For Working Professional:- You can access these online classes from the comfort of your home. If you are working and planning to write the UPSC exam, you can even take the classes on the way to your office or home. These classes let you learn in a calm and soothing environment of your choice, helping you focus more.
  • As already mentioned, these online courses are perfect for working professionals with family and other responsibilities or people who are preparing for multiple examinations.

These are some of the benefits. The list has a lot more. Join the Elite IAS Academy and explore them eventually.

Elite IAS Academy: Best IAS Coaching Academy for UPSC Civil Services Exam

Since the time of inception, Elite IAS Academy has been the Best IAS Institute in Delhi. The institute has a team of top mentors and faculties from all over the nation dedicated to producing the best result. The well-structured study materials help the students to stay focused, saving them from browsing through an ocean of topics. We focus on providing the best IAS officers to the country, and we are successfully doing the same since 2012. Our students have shown consistent results from 2014 – 2023. We pledge to give this country more number of IAS officers in the future.

While looking for the best UPSC Coaching in Delhi, students get bombarded with tons of institutes, ensuring the best result. Elite IAS Academy tops the list. It is one of the reputed institutes that is well-known for its high-quality coaching and result-oriented guidance.

Reliable & Affordable IAS Coaching in Delhi Fees

Find the UPSC coaching fees in Delhi too high? Looking for some affordable option?

Please don’t waste your valuable time searching for affordable UPSC coachings in Delhi; we offer the best IAS coaching at Elite’s affordable fee structure. Our courses and programs are designed so that you can opt for our classes for some particular subjects that you are weak on. In that case, you need to pay only for the subjects you take classes for, not the entire Course.

Frequently Asked Questions on IAS Coaching in Delhi

Elite IAS Academy, renowned for UPSC coaching in Delhi, offers tailored mentorship, superior study materials, and a history of success, making it a premier choice for IAS aspirants seeking top-tier guidance and a comprehensive preparation experience.

IAS coaching fees in Delhi vary, with comprehensive courses ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2,00,000. These cover all stages of UPSC exams, including Prelims, Mains, and Interview, along with study materials, test series, and mentorship for a holistic preparation experience.

Elite IAS Academy offers a range of courses for UPSC preparation, including:
  • GS Integrated Classroom Course with personal mentorship
  • Online/Live GS Integrated Course for working professionals and students
  • NCERT Ankur UPSC Course to build foundational knowledge
  • UPSC Test Series for Prelims, Mains, and Essay stages
  • Sociology Optional with expert teaching by Bibhash Sharma
  • UPSC Upgraded Foundation Course for comprehensive IAS preparation
  • These courses are designed to cater to different needs and schedules of UPSC aspirants, ensuring a well-rounded preparation for the Civil Services Examination.

    Elite IAS Academy maintains small batch sizes for IAS coaching, with 65-70 students per batch. This ensures personalized attention, improved peer interaction, and customized guidance, fostering an environment conducive to success in UPSC exams.

    Yes, Elite IAS Academy provides online coaching for UPSC. They offer an Online/Live GS Integrated Course designed for working professionals or college students who wish to prepare for the UPSC alongside their job or studies. This course aims to deliver an offline experience in an online mode, complete with updated study materials, Sunday class tests, and personal mentorship to ensure comprehensive preparation for the UPSC exam.

    The faculty at Elite IAS Academy consists of experienced teachers led by Bibhash Sharma, the Director, with over 18 years of teaching experience. Many faculty members have qualified for Civil Services interviews and are esteemed authors and researchers. They provide comprehensive knowledge, individual attention, and are known for their expertise and mentorship in guiding students to success in UPSC exams.

    Elite IAS Academy has a strong track record of success in UPSC exams, with numerous students achieving high ranks each year. Specific success rates and testimonials are available on the website.