Top Rated IAS Coaching in Delhi with Fees & Fee of IAS Coaching in Delhi, India

Elite IAS Academy believes in providing quality education and excellent faculty to the IAS aspirants.  It is one of the best IAS coaching in Delhi. Besides, it offers an affordable IAS Course Fee structure. The candidates have three payment options. They can choose any of them as per their suitability

IAS Coaching in Delhi Fee Structure – Payment Plans & Concession

  • One Time Payment: A candidate can pay the full Fee of the IAS coaching course, and avail decent discounts on both Online and Offline coaching fees.
  • Fees on installments: The option of an easy installment is available for the candidates. They need to pay the whole amount in the duration of the course.
  • Scholarships: For meritorious and economically weaker background students, facility of scholarship is available. Scholarship Programme for IAS Coaching

IAS Coaching Fee Structure: The IAS aspirants get value for money for the fee they pay at Elite IAS Academy. Our Academy has produced a number of Civil Servants. They have been functioning efficiently and doing the institution proud.

No need to say, that an IAS aspirant gets the best possible ROI (return on investment) for the fees they pay. We love to repay them with Success in Civil Services exam. And that is what makes Elite IAS Academy the best IAS coaching institution in India.

The Academy offers easy options for the payment of fees. Besides, the courses are designed keeping the student requirements in mind. Teaching is delivered in such a way that students from various backgrounds can easily understand it. We gradually proceed from basic to advance level of preparation. Sectional class tests (every Sunday) helps them learn the ‘artful presentation’ of contents. This inculcate in them competitive learning behaviour. Equipped with these skills our students crack IAS exam in first attempt or at earliest.

Recent, job trend shows that majority of Indian youth crave for power and prestige. And Civil Services is the shortest cut to climb the echelon of top position i.e.  the Indian Administrative Services. Top sort services in UPSC exam, by candidates are IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS etc., all depends on individual choice for service and all India ranking of the candidate.


Classroom IAS Coaching in Delhi Fees Structure

Academic Courses Fees (INR) Course Duration
Upgraded Foundation Course: 2020-21 Rs.2,21,000/- 12 Month
General Studies Integrated Course Rs.1,81,000/- 12 Month
3 Years Integrated Course – For Undergraduates Rs. 2,60,000/- 36 Months
General Studies Mains + Prelims Only Rs. 1,60,000/- 10 Month
Optional Subjects Rs. 50,000/- 4 – 5 Month
Online GS Foundation Course Rs. 72,850/-
Sociology Optional Video Course Rs. 35000/-

IAS Course Fee Structure For Online IAS Coaching

Academic Courses Fees (INR) No. of Videos
GS Video Course + Sociology Optional [Combo Course] Rs.92,180/- (Including GST) 350 + 39
General Studies Video Course (With Study Materials) Rs.72,850/- (Including GST) 350
GS Video Course Only (Without Study Materials) Rs.55,850/- (Including GST) 350
Full Sociology Optional Course (With Study Materials) Rs.35000/- (Including GST) 39
Sociology Optional (Only Videos) Rs.31000/- (Including GST) 39

How Online Coaching helps in your UPSC journey?
5 Reasons to Join Online IAS Coaching


Upcoming Batch for IAS preparation in Delhi – Elite IAS Academy


Batch Start Date Online Registration
20-January-2020 General Studies (Old Rajendra Nagar) Time: 11:00 AM & 11:30 AM Register Now
27-January-2020 General Studies (Mukherjee Nagar) Time: 8:00 AM Register Now
10-February-2020 General Studies (Mukherjee Nagar) Register Now

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Elite IAS - Best IAS Coaching in Delhi- Award

About Elite IAS

Founded by Mr. Bibhash Sharma (reputed academician), and Mr. Ravi Chamoli (philanthropist) in 2012. Elite IAS has come to be widely recognized as the best IAS coaching institution within a very brief span of time. The institution has been producing a number of successful candidates every year. And that’s what makes the Academy a highly sought after institution by the IAS aspirants.

Elite IAS Academy aims at making the students well equipped and confident, with all the required skills imparted in a manner so that they can clear the IAS Exam in the first attempt itself. Besides, the Academy also makes it sure that the students are coached using the suitable preparation strategies so that they score high enough to join IAS.

Why Elite IAS is the most coveted of the IAS Coaching in Delhi

Every year, large number of Civil Services aspirants come to Delhi, literally known as ‘Mecca’ of IAS preparation. The best part over here is that they feel behavioural transformation in their personality. This is due to competitive atmosphere available in Delhi. Students from all over India comes here- and you get golden opportunities to interact with some of the best brains, like IITians, Medicos, toppers of Universities.

It is correct that, just by taking IAS coaching in Delhi one cannot get selected in UPSC exam. But this is also reality that maximum successful candidates have taken some guidance in some of the coaching in Delhi. Delhi students have highest success ratio all over India in the matter of selection in IAS exam.

And obviously, being an IAS aspirant, you would like to be among the few fortunate ones, declared successful by UPSC and asked to join IAS. Elite IAS Academy has been nurturing the ambitious Indian youth in a flawless manner so that they can administer the country well.

Our Popular Courses for UPSC(Civil Services)

General Studies Integrated Course is very popular among students. This course contains a complete package for General Studies in Civil Services examination i.e. it covers a total of 1525 marks out of 2025 marks (GS=1000 + Essay=250 + Interview=275 marks)…..

If you are thinking to prepare for UPSC EXAM but located outside Delhi or a working professional or college student– don’t be disheartened. We provide  Online IAS Coaching with interactive support. You can take the course in hard disk more…

Are planning to write IAS Test Series? It means you have already prepared UPSC syllabus and want to get feedback from experts. Or want to learn ‘art of presentation’ while writing an answer. You are at the right place; our experts ……

Most of the Indian graduates dream of acquiring a prestigious job in Civil Services, but due to some obligations or another, they can’t picture themselves as attending classes in Best IAS coaching in Delhi, to prepare for the same. If this is the case with you,….

Our Selected Students

air- kumar
Brijesh- Elite IAS Coaching in Delhi Topper
air-namita - Elite IAS Coaching in Delhi Topper
air-gundala- Elite IAS Coaching in Delhi Topper
Elite IAS - Best IAS Coaching in Delhi- Award

Why Elite IAS

We are one such IAS institute in Delhi , India that received “The Golden Star Award” for being the best IAS coaching in Delhi. The award was presented by Kirron Kher, the Member of Parliament. We feel proud to be awarded for our remarkable contribution to quality education and IAS training in Delhi.

These awards are the added feathers in the cap of the faculty of Elite IAS coaching. Such recognition of the efforts of teachers and staff members helps our team to work harder on our students and maintain our top position.

Elite IAS academy in Delhi, India is the best IAS-institute in all ways. Here are some of the features of the Elite IAS academy:

  • Affordable fee structure
  • The batch strength doesn’t surpass 80 students so that each student gets maximum attention from the teacher
  • Timings are flexible
  • Weekend classes for job-going candidates
  • Doubt clearance/test classes on Sundays
  • Unlimited test series and samples
  • Adequate study material

Every year, thousands of IAS aspirant throng to Delhi for UPSC exam preparation and returns to their respective place after completion of course. For enriching experience and expert IAS guidance and training – join this best UPSC coaching in Delhi.

Why Should You Get Yourself Enrolled at Elite IAS Academy?

Delhi is considered to be the hub of preparation for civil services exam. The coaching institutes in Delhi are, by far, among the best in the country. Elite IAS, no doubt, is one among top IAS coaching in Delhi. And this is due to certain unique factors which makes Elite IAS stand tall among its competitors.

These are:

1. A very healthy Student to Teacher ratio: Elite IAS is very conscious about teaching students in small batches of 80 students (Maximum) per batch. This is done to facilitate students to ask doubts and get in touch of the teacher easily in the class and after the class as well. This facilitates the teacher to solve the doubts of the students in a diligent way.

2. Weekly Tests: Elite IAS is the only institute which conducts tests on every Sunday. These tests are evaluated and discussed by teacher in the class. This gives an edge to the students right from the very beginning. Small batch size enables evaluation and one to one discussion with the teacher.

3. Well planned and holistic completion of the syllabus: Elite IAS has divided the entire General Studies course in 18 modules plus one module for CSAT. One subject is picked up at a time and completed with weekly tests in between. The methodology adopted for teaching is holistic i.e. students are prepared for Prelims and Mains exam simultaneously. (Observing the present trend of the exam, holistic preparation is the need of the hour).

4. Well structured and Updated Study material: Elite IAS is widely known for its study material for GS Prelims and Mains. Questions in the UPSC exam have been directly asked from the Elite IAS booklets. Apart from it, Elite IAS current affairs magazine is also issued in two formats i.e. Current News and Editorials.(Editorials are very important for mains).

5. Responsive Management: The management is very responsive to the queries of students here. The management helps to an extent for Daily plan formulation of the students and keeping a track on it too. They also take care of lodging facilities of the students as well. You will get what you will be committed. (This makes Elite IAS Academy unique and better).

The counselling session (free of cost) is a must attend for every aspirant in order to learn about the approaches to the exam.

What should you consider before joining an IAS coaching institute?

When an educated Indian youth rushes to Delhi, and procures a suitable accommodation, his next concern is to look for the right kind of the IAS coaching institution.

What should you keep in mind before joining an IAS Coaching Institute?

You might be having your own criteria, but it would help you make the considerations given below before opting for an IAS coaching institution:

  1. Students’ Review- It is advisable to seek reviews from the students who are being coached at the institution at present. Their feedback can be considered as the most authentic of the sources to get to know the exact competence of the coaching institution.
  2. Faculty-The expertise and the experience of the faculty members should not be compromised with at any cost. These are the faculty members who, apart from having a thorough knowledge of the respective subjects that they teach, are absolutely aware of the complexities involved in the preparation for the IAS Exam.
  3. Study Material-The study material that the coaching institution offers to its students should be thoroughly competent. The content should be precise, lucid, as per the requirements of the UPSC syllabus and without any exaggerations or diversions.
  4. Facilities-The Infrastructure and the location of the institution counts more than what you might have perceived of initially. A proper infrastructure and comfortable learning facilities serve to motivate the students to learn better with greater sincerity.
  5. Success Rate-The success rate of the IAS coaching institution should be looked into carefully. However, it should be kept in the mind that it should be the current success rate and not from too distant a past. Only then can you be sure of the quality of the coaching provided in the institution.
  6. Fee Structure-It would be a good idea that you compare the fee charged by the institution with a few other IAS coaching institutions of the same caliber. Besides, it’s advisable to make sure that you do receive all the facilities in proportion to the fee paid by you. However, it will not make any sense to opt for an IAS coaching institution only because it does not charge much when compared with others.
  7. Familiarity with subjects-Be familiar with the subjects so that you can make an assessment of the quality of the coaching if you are provided with a demo class before taking admission in the institution. The Civil Services Exam allows you to make a choice for the Optional Subject only. All other subjects are to be studied by all the aspirants, more or less, in the same vein.

So, it’s advisable to be familiar at least with the basic concepts of the subjects that you are supposed to prepare for the CSE. If you can judge for yourself if the coaching institution is well equipped with the experienced faculty to teach various subjects in a competent manner, it will be add to your preparation for the Exam.  

8. Course Pattern-The course pattern at the IAS coaching institution that you are going to join should not be ignored. It should focus on:

  • A systematically organized completion of the syllabus
  • Gaining all the required knowledge within a suitably practical time frame so that sufficient time is left for revisions
  • Properly scheduled classes

In conclusion, it’s advisable to prefer the regular classroom IAS coaching institutions over the ones that concentrate more on the online IAS coaching or the distance learning programmes. It will optimize the benefits that you gain from an IAS coaching institution.

How IAS Coaching can be a Big Source of Motivation for You During UPSC Preparation?

Why and How to become an IAS Officer?

Life, for a majority of the people, implies struggling in one way or another. At times, one has to struggle at multiple platforms also. Consequently, you are required to make various choices as well.

Besides, what’s more important, any ambitious individual would like to live his life to the brim, at both the personal as well as the professional platforms. That is to say, both the sides of the picture, personal as well as professional need to be well balanced.

It should always be remembered that no individual exists in vacuum. Besides, his own professional life affects the personal one and vice versa. Very often, a successful professional life leads to a happy personal life.

And the educated Indian youth seldom underestimates the importance of his career. He feels greatly attracted towards the power and the prestige offered by the Indian Administrative Services. However, all concerned are aware that out of the lakhs of the aspirants, only a few are able to clear the Civil Services Exam and fewer are allowed by UPSC to join IAS.

As a result, the candidate who fails to clear the Civil Services Exam, at times, suffers a considerable setback to his confidence and even self image. Whether you opt for a government or a private job, if you are enjoying a good career, you are going to live a happily satisfied life.

However, it should not be taken for granted that the majority of the Indians employed with the government sectors enjoy a secure career. Besides, they are also provided with various benefits at various stages of their career. But, the same might or might not be said for their private sector counterparts.

Role of an IAS Officer

IAS officers enjoy considerable power. The District Collectors are held in high esteem by the Indian government for they are responsible for the entire districts. The IAS officers frame the government policies and also see to it that they are implemented properly. However, the ministerial consent cannot be ignored.

The IAS officers also supervise the plans and policies of government. They are also responsible for the implementation of the policies during the expenditure of the funds.

The Journey of an IAS officer

The newly appointed IAS officer initially joins the state administration bodies at the sub-division. In the capacity of a sub-divisional magistrate, an IAS officer looks after various jobs including administration, various tasks related with development, and law and order.

Here lies the huge Responsibility of an IAS officer!

By now, the importance of the duties undertaken by an IAS officer should be clear to the reader. Thus, it’s not difficult to understand that the reputed IAS coaching institutions have been playing a great role in shaping the careers of the Indian youths.

IAS Exam Schedule

UPSC conducts the Prelims in May or June and Mains in October every year for the Civil Services Exam. The candidates who qualify the Prelims are allowed by UPSC to go ahead with the Mains, that is the second stage in the Civil Services Exam. The candidates clearing the Mains successfully are called by UPSC for the Interview which is the last stage for the Civil Services Exam. The Interview aka the Personality Test takes place in between March – May.

IAS Exam Eligibility

Though all of the Indian youths who are 21 or above, and, at least graduates, may appear for the Civil Services Exam, the upper age limit varies for various classes.

The age limits for various classes is as given below:   

  1. General Category: 21 – 32 years
  2. Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (SC/ST): 21 – 37 years
  3. Other Backward Classes (OBC): 35 years

Number of the Attempts

The candidates from the General Category are allowed 6 attempts for the Civil Services Exam. And the aspirants from the OBCs are allowed 9 attempts. However, the upper age limits should be observed. And there is no limit for the number of attempts to be made for the SC/ST.

For the physically disabled candidates, the General Category and OBC candidates are allowed to make 9 attempts. There is no limit for the number of attempts for the SC/ST students.

The Procedure of UPSC Exam Application

UPSC has recently made the provision for the online mode for all the candidates who would like to apply for the Civil Services Exam.

A candidate needs to follow the steps given below in order to apply for the Civil Services Exam:

  • Log in to the official page Only a single application can be submitted by a candidate.
  • No candidate is allowed to withdraw the candidature once the application is submitted.
UPSC Exam Pattern

The Civil Services Exam Pattern is designed exclusively to make an assessment of the candidate’s academic expertise as well as his overall personality. Following the pattern would help the candidate move ahead with the preparation for the IAS Exam in a successful manner.

  • The Prelims Exam (or the Civil Service Aptitude Test)comprises 2 Papers of 400 Marks. Both Papers viz., General Studies and CSAT (Qualifying) carry 200 Marks each.

Both the Papers are Objective Type. A time of 2 hours is allotted for each of the Papers. The question papers are bilingual, and set in both English/Hindi. The blind candidates are provided with an extra time of 20 minutes to answer the Paper.

  • The candidates are required to qualify the Prelims so that UPSC allows them to face the Mains. After the Mains results are declared, they are short listed by UPSC for the Interview. The Mains exam comprises 9 Papers.
  • The last, but far from being the least, is the Interview. It carries 275 Marks. At this stage of the CSE, UPSC does not intend to make an assessment of the knowledge, but the complete personality of the candidate.
What else to do?

An IAS aspirant should prepare well for all the three stages of the Civil Services Exam. Performing well at all the three stages is highly essential. It’s only then that you may find yourself to be among the highest of the rank holders when UPSC declares the results for the Civil Services Exam.

Director Message

Elite IAS Coaching in Delhi Founder
IAS Coaching in Delhi - Elite IAS Academy

Dear Students,

Our name “Elite” symbolizes our belief that students at our institute become superior in ability to the rest of the group as the learning progresses. We value their trust in allowing us to provide the best possible support to prepare them for Civil Services Exam. In addition to that we provide quality education and care that let our students grow, learn and be ready for a bright future. They also learn the values and responsibilities needed to become active members of the community; something which is the need of the hour in modern world.

We are mindful of the standards we want to have and thus there is no compromise on the quality of education provided by us. We are proud to say that just over a few years only, Elite students have excelled in their aspirations. We are a forward-focused institute that rises to meet rapid changes and new realities that confront the students every day.

The institute equip students with the skills they need to thrive in their lives through interactive teaching methods. The assessments are done on All India level through ‘All India test series’. We have a dedicated, well qualified and trained staff who strives to help each student to meet their goals. The students are also provided with personal and professional support by out experienced and passionate teachers and staff.

Another important area of our focus, that is left untouched by others like counseling the students on the strategy to be adopted for writing the exam and motivating them as mental toughness in inevitable for this exam. We also tend to be flexible in our teaching, with the motto of fulfillment of the desired objectives of the students.

At ELITE IAS we take limited students in a batch, so that each student gets personalized attention. This is possible only in small batches. We maintain a performance chart of every student, so that we can identify their strength & weakness and work on them. Through systematic and planned study, success in Civil Services exam becomes easier. Nikhil Pathak, one of our students graduated in 2015 and has cleared Civil Services exam in first attempt with 107 Rank. I love to end my message with the famous quote.

“Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”

Our Student Reviews- Elite IAS Academy

Sanju Sharma

I’m student of online coaching for ias preparation, highly satisfied with this distant programme. Thanks Elite IAS Academy

Harpal Kaur

Elite IAS Academy is such a reputed name that I find students with brilliant academic records in my batch. It gives a great feel and motivates me to prepare even more competently.


Elite IAS Academy - One of the Best IAS Coaching Institutes of Delhi. Best Option to join if you are looking for IAS Preparation with reputated coaching in delhi. Thank You

Deepak Ohri

This IAS academy is the best coaching institute for the preparation of the Civil Services Exam. I feel so because a number of students who have received coaching here have cleared the exam successfully

Jitender Dhahiya

I am glad that I have joined Elite IAS for the preparation of Sociology. Not only have I begun to tighten my hold over the subject, but I really feel that my confidence levels are going up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the fee for IAS coaching (civil services coaching)?

Answer: Fee structure for UPSC coaching in Delhi varies from institute to institute. In general for good coaching it will be between 160000 to 190000 for full package of General Studies i.e. GS (all four papers), CSAT, Essay and Interview.

Question: Which IAS coaching (UPSC coaching in India) is best in India?

Answer: Ans. Best IAS coaching in India is a hypothetical question. There is nothing like Best or Perfect, in fact, those IAS coaching are termed ‘Best’ who deliver better teaching services to students along with hospitable staffs.

To choose best Civil Services coaching you should do some research yourself. Firstly, extract some information from google about list of institutes; secondly, call the coaching institutes which are in your ‘research list’ – Ask them about all sort of queries in your mind.

Thirdly, visit the IAS coaching institute physically and if possible meet with students already studying in this coaching (existing students are the most authentic source to get honest review about the institutes level of teaching).

Question: Is Coaching (IAS coaching institute) required for IAS?

Answer: Technically NO, but Practically YES. If you have started preparation for Civil Services exam at your early stage i.e. while pursuing your graduation and able to plan your studies strategically, and understand the subject-matter of UPSC syllabus -then coaching is not required.

Coaching acts as a facilitator and not an end. IAS coaching in Delhi provides you experienced teachers. They have many years of experience in teaching UPSC candidates. Their teaching has helped students get selected in Civil services exam as an IAS, IPS, IRS etc. So, they are expert guide and their direction based guidance helps you to clear IAS exam earlier.

Coaching helps you shorten the time-interval of Success. It helps in avoiding trail & error learning phenomenon and so saves your time to Success.

Question: How is Delhi for IAS Coaching (IAS academy in Delhi)?

Answer:  Delhi is considered as ‘Mecca’ of IAS Coaching. The term seems true. You can find that most of the selected candidates in UPSC has some connection with Delhi, specially coaching institute.

In fact, Delhi is a hub of IAS coaching. It is mushroomed with highly effective coaching as well as cheap & low level coaching institutes. You need to use your logic, reference of students and/or research to land to good coaching institute. One thing is guaranteed that if you enroll to quality IAS coaching in Delhi, success become easier.

Question: What are the Delhi Top IAS Coaching Classes (Top IAS coaching in Delhi)?

Answer: Delhi has a list of Top IAS coaching classes. Here, ‘top’ means – those coaching institutes which provide quality teaching to their students. Many coaching talks about ‘world class infrastructure’ but has pathetic study materials and teachers.

Few coaching are good but has ‘crowd in classroom’, i.e. students strength between 300 to 500. Avoid larger classroom coaching, it won’t provide you one-to-one teacher interaction. Thus, will foil your purpose for coaching. Prefer reputed coaching with strength of 50 to 100 students in a classroom.

Question: Is 1 year Enough for Preparation for IAS Exam?

Answer: This question is subjective in nature, it depends on candidates’ past experience. If you had started your preparation while pursuing your graduation then, one year of serious preparation is enough to Crack IAS exam.

Alternatively, around 2 years of serious preparation can definitely help you get selected in Civil Services exam.

Question: Is Taking IAS Coaching Beneficial for UPSC Exam Preparation?

Answer: Yes, of course. Coaching helps you save the time in success. IAS coaching institute makes your preparation direction based. Saves you from distraction as well as overloading of study materials.

UPSC has not recommended any book for UPSC syllabus. You can find lots of books for reading in the market; this is the biggest source of wastage of time for IAS aspirant while preparing the exam. Experienced teachers in coaching helps you in organized & focused study. In fact, ‘goal-oriented study’ is the mantra of success in Civil Services.

Question: Which are the Best IAS Coaching in Delhi with Hostel facility?

Answer: There are a lot of IAS Coaching institutes who provides hostel facility to their students. Elite IAS Academy is one of them.

Question: What are the best places for IAS Preparation in Delhi?

Answer: All Best IAS coaching institutes are based at Old Rajinder Nagar and Mukherjee Nagar. So these are best places in Delhi for IAS Preparation with good connectivity to metro and other facilities.

Question: Is one year enough to Prepare for IAS Exam?

Answer: Yes, if you study wholeheartedly and dedication. one year is good enough. Past records indicate that many of those who cracked IAS Exam, have studied regress for one year.

Question: What is the duration of IAS Coaching in Delhi?

Answer: Duration for IAS coaching in Delhi is between 10 to 12 months. This includes General Studies Prelims, Mains and Essay. If you join the optional along with your GS coaching then the time duration remains the same. But you need to do extra hard-work to be in continuum with your studies.

Normally, students first complete General studies and then complete their Optional subject paper. Optional course duration differs between 3 to 5 months, as per their syllabus. For example, Sociology will be completed in around 3 months but History syllabus may take around 5 months.

Question: How to Choose Right IAS Coaching for UPSC Exam Preparation?

Answer: Before taking decision to join any Best IAS coaching in India, you must do some research yourself. Google about the list of coaching, gather information, get in touch with respective institute via email or phone.

Put your queries to the representative of the UPSC coaching, if it satisfies you, join it. Some logical interaction with academic representative is essential because you are going to spend there around one year.

Question: Best alternative if, you can not come to Delhi for IAS exam preparation?

Answer: Due to some reason, you are unable to come to Delhi for IAS exam preparation then don’t Worry! In today’s ‘Digital India’ education has percolated to small towns and not limited to Metropolis, specially Delhi. You can join Online IAS Coaching, it is recorded videos of classroom lectures. You learn the same Civil Services preparation course as the students of classroom does (physical coaching).

Nowadays, thousands of students are enrolling per year to Online coaching for IAS preparations. They are having high success ratio too. They can use maximum time during office, home or college. We have witnessed a surge in enrollment of online coaching students from variety of field i.e. working professionals, college going students, educated house-wifes etc.

In brief, alternative is Online IAS course – without compromising quality teaching, because you have access to lectures of best teachers of Delhi.

Question: How to prepare for IAS without coaching?

Answer: You may prepare for the IAS Exam without joining a coaching institution. However, it implies that you will have to take care of all what is usually undertaken by the coaching institutions for the sake of others.

What extra effort(s) do you need to put in?

As already stated above, you would be required to put in some extra efforts in order to go ahead with your preparation for the IAS Exam in a successful manner. So you need to be a little more:

  • Hardworking
  • Dedicated, and
  • Organized

The point to be noted is that you would be required to work harder than others. And you simply can’t escape that! There is no shortcut to working hard!

What should you take care of?

All who aim at cracking the IAS Exam without joining an IAS coaching institution should take care of the following factors:

  1. Keep yourself motivated: Above all, why did you begin with the preparation for the IAS Exam in the first place itself? You aim at joining the Indian Civil Services. So, it’s good to keep yourself motivated. Whenever you feel perplexed by the complexities of the preparation for the IAS Exam, remind yourself that you must simplify the same for you have to join IAS.
  2. Research about the examination:Carefully read the Official Examination Notification. Doing so will give you a fair share of the idea concerning the Examination pattern, syllabus, and all other relevant examination details.

Note:- It’s advisable to make a note of:

  • Eligibility criteria including age and qualification etc.
  • Exam dates
  • Selection process
  • Examination pattern
  • Syllabus, etc.
  1. Gather Study Material:After you carefully go through the syllabus, you would be requiring the study material for the preparation. Though there is sufficient of the study material available online, it’s advisable to consult the government websites as they are authentic.

Some of the important government websites are listed below:

  • Income Tax Department,
  • Ministry of Home Affairs,
  • Ministry of External Affairs, etc.

All the government websites provide the visitor with the annual reports. Besides, they provide the latest information as they are updated regularly.

Thus it’s advisable to acquire the information from the sources that are known for their authenticity. Besides, it will save you from getting confused as well.

Thus, it’s best to keep your concepts clear. Choose books and make a selective reading. Reading the NCERT books is a good idea to keep the concepts clear.

  1. Past years’ question papers: It’s advisable to solve at least 5-7 years past CSE papers. Apart from giving you a good practice, it will also familiarize you with the examination pattern.
  2. Up to date with current affairs:Make it a habit to read a newspaper regularly. Apart from gaining knowledge of the current affairs, it will also keep you updated with various developments at the national and international platforms.
  3. Solve the Test Series: It’s not just studying hard with the best possible time management skills. You will need to put your knowledge to test. Thus, it’s best to opt for a competent online test series. Solve it repeatedly. If you do so in the same time frame as is allowed by UPSC for the Civil Services Exam, you will be better able to answer the question papers when it actually comes to facing the IAS Exam.
  4. Avoid distractions: Say a big NO to all the distractions. It should be noted that the UPSC syllabus for the CSE is too vast to be prepared easily. And there is no time for any kind of the distractions. So, it’s advisable that you do not waste even a minute of your time.

Make a time table and follow the same in order to keep all the distractions at bay. It will not only enhance your time management skills, but would also allow you to study better.

  1. Seek guidance from the knowledgeable: Well, you study the material and solve the test series online. You also solve the past years’ question papers. But you might be having quite a few queries and doubts. Seek the guidance from the knowledgeable to get your queries solved. You can talk to your peers for the same.
  2. Remember to relax:Do not forget that a sound mind always resides in a sound body. Thus, eat, sleep and relax well. Also, it’s your mind that should be relaxed so that you can focus well on the preparation for the Exam.
  3. Revise:Do not forget to make the revisions. Revise as frequently as you can. There is no point in studying much and forgetting it all when you actually face the IAS Exam.

To sum up, be confident and believe in yourself. An IAS aspirant who aims at preparing for and cracking the IAS Exam without getting himself enrolled at an IAS coaching institution must have oodles of confidence. Besides, the tips given above would help you strategize your preparation well for the IAS Exam.

Motivational Speech for IAS Aspirants

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December 4, 2019

Best ias coaching in delhi and specially elite ias teachers are very experienced and co operative. Since join with the elite i feel like i can do it…

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December 3, 2019

I must say this is the best institute and the best guidance and support system one could get in New Delhi for the Civil Services Preparation

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December 3, 2019

I find the IAS Test Series provided at Elite IAS quite helpful. Best Elite IAS coaching in Delhi & best faculty. Tank you

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December 3, 2019

Elite IAS Academy provides frequent interactions in between the candidates and the former students who have cleared the IAS exam successfully.Best Option to join if you are looking for IAS Preparation with reputated coaching in delhi and best faculty Thank Elite IAS.

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December 2, 2019

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December 2, 2019

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IAS with Harimohan
IAS with Harimohan

Thanks for sharing ..


Do you people provide study related extra help after completion of IAS coaching course from your institute?


Is IAS coaching in Delhi compulsory? Can’t we get selection without coaching.

Awshesh Mishar
Awshesh Mishar

How is Elite IAS Academy different from other coaching institutes in Delhi

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Aniket Biswas

Sir, you have mentioned your classes did not surpass more than 80 students? Then when should I apply for my admission ? Please explain

Saurabh Shukla

Thanks for sharing the details for fee structure of IAS.
It’s helpful for me.

Vaibhav Agrawal
Vaibhav Agrawal

Helpful article….thanks for sharing this information about fee structure of IAS

Vipul Kumar

Thanks for sharing the information. can we chose any subject as option subjects out of available subject in IAS mains exam. For example , I am a Mechanical Engineer and I want to Take History as my optional subject in Mains , So Is it possible?