Top Rated IAS Coaching in Delhi with Fees & Fee of IAS Coaching in Delhi, India

IAS Coaching in Delhi: Elite IAS Academy is dedicated to equip the IAS aspirants realize their goal. It is a leading name in the field of providing coaching for the IAS Exam. It provides the right kind of the guidance to its students to crack the Civil Services Exam in the very first attempt.

The institution believes in serving the nation by transforming the students into highly efficient Civil Servants. The Academy is widely recognized as the best IAS coaching institution in Delhi.

The coaching academy provides flawlessly competent sessions and highly competent faculty. Besides, the fee structure makes the courses easily affordable. There are three payment options available to the students. They may opt for any as per their suitability.

IAS Coaching in Delhi Fee Structure – Payment Plans & Concession

  • One Time Payment: A candidate can pay the full Fee for the course, and avail decent discounts on both Online and Offline courses.
  • Fees on installments: The option makes it easier for the students to pay the entire fee in easy installments during the course.
  • Scholarships: Scholarships are offered to the meritorious students from the economically weaker backgrounds. Scholarship Programme for IAS Coaching

IAS Coaching in Delhi Fee Structure:

Our students get the best ROI (Return on Investment) for the fee they pay. Many of them are selected by UPSC. And that is what that counts.

Moreover, the courses are designed in a flawlessly competent manner. Each of them takes care of all the requirements pertaining to the IAS Exam. The same applies to the coaching sessions also. Each of them takes care of the CSE preparation requirements. Most importantly, the sessions take the requirements for the students from various backgrounds into account.

The class room sessions proceed gradually from the basic to the advanced levels of preparation. Sectional class tests are held on every Sunday. It helps the students make a self assessment of the preparation for the IAS Exam. Also, the assessment helps them gain most of the positive traits of the competitive learning behavior.  Consequently, the majority of our students crack the CSE either within a single attempt or at the earliest.

The point to be noted is that it is the IAS rather than any other Civil Service that the educated Indian youth seeks the most. Apart from the IAS, clearing the CSE, a candidate may join IPS, IFS, IRS etc. But, it is the Indian Administrative Service that bestows almost awesome power and prestige upon the recruits.

Classroom IAS Coaching in Delhi Fees Structure

Academic CoursesFees (INR)Course Duration
Upgraded Foundation Course: 2020-21Rs.2,21,000/-12 Month
General Studies Integrated CourseRs.1,81,000/-12 Month
3 Years Integrated Course – For UndergraduatesRs. 2,60,000/-36 Months
General Studies Mains + Prelims OnlyRs. 1,60,000/-10 Month
Optional SubjectsRs. 50,000/-4 – 5 Month
Online GS Foundation CourseRs. 72,850/-
Sociology Optional Video CourseRs. 35000/-

IAS Course Fee Structure For Online IAS Coaching


Academic CoursesFees (INR)No. of Videos
GS Video Course + Sociology Optional [Combo Course]Rs.92,180/- (Including GST)350 + 39
General Studies Video Course (With Study Materials)Rs.72,850/- (Including GST)350
GS Video Course Only (Without Study Materials)Rs.55,850/- (Including GST)350
Full Sociology Optional Course (With Study Materials)Rs.35000/- (Including GST)39
Sociology Optional (Only Videos)Rs.31000/- (Including GST)39

How Online Coaching helps in your UPSC journey?
5 Reasons to Join Online IAS Coaching


Upcoming Batch for IAS preparation in Delhi – Elite IAS Academy

Batch Start dateOnline Registration
21-July-2020 Sociology Optional (Live/Online) (by Bibhash Sharma)Register Now 
18-August-2020 General Studies (Old Rajendra Nagar)Register Now 
07-Sept.-2020 General Studies (Mukherjee Nagar)Register Now 
14-Sept.-2020 General Studies (Old Rajendra Nagar)Register Now 

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Elite IAS - Best IAS Coaching in Delhi- Award

About Elite IAS Academy

Elite IAS Academy had been founded by the reputed academician Mr. Bibhash Sharma and philanthropist Mr. Ravi Chamoli in 2012. The institution has come to be widely recognized as the best IAS coaching institution. The teaching strategies are opted and implemented in a manner so that the candidates score high in the CSE. It has produced a huge number of success stories within a brief span of time. And that’s what makes Elite IAS a highly sought after Academy by the IAS aspirants.

What role does an IAS Coaching Academy play to help you crack the CSE?

Delhi is, many a times, referred to as the ‘Mecca’ for the preparation for the IAS Exam. Huge multitudes of the IAS aspirants rush to Delhi for the same. The trend is repeated year after year with much greater numbers of the IAS aspirants.

The national capital provides a behavioural transformation in the candidates’ personalities. And that plays a decisive role in helping them crack the CSE. It is highly important to perform competently at all the stages of the Civil Services Exam. Needless to say, the candidates should prepare competently for the entire CSE in a holistic manner.

The competitive atmosphere available at Delhi helps the aspirants keep themselves motivated and strive nearer perfection. What’s more, you might come across IITians, University Toppers, Medicos etc.

It should be kept in mind that only getting enrolled in an IAS coaching academy is no guarantee that you would clear the Exam. However, it cannot be denied either that most of the successful candidates had got themselves enrolled at a competent IAS coaching institution. The highest ratio for the successful candidates for the CSE has been from the students from the IAS coaching institutions at Delhi.

Obviously, being an IAS aspirant, you would like to be among the successful candidates and join IAS. Elite IAS Academy takes pride in shaping the careers of its students. Many of the candidates taught by us have been serving the nation as efficient Civil Servants.

Our Popular Courses for UPSC(Civil Services)

General Studies

General Studies Integrated Course is one of the most sought after ones amongst the students. It provides a detailed coverage for the four General Studies Papers (GS I –IV). Each carries 250 Marks. Besides, it covers the Essay Paper (250 Marks) and provides guidance for the Interview (275 Marks).

Online IAS Coaching

There might be a huge number of the IAS aspirants who simply cannot move to Delhi. But, they need not be disheartened. We provide Online IAS Coaching accompanied by interactive support…

IAS Test Series

Our IAS Test Series have always been helpful to the students planning to sharpen their answer writing skills. It might provide the much needed high push to your score!


The IAS Correspondence Course is a great way for all those who simply can’t leave home to attend classes. Moreover, the candidates too fond of self-study to picture themselves attending class room sessions would find the same highly useful.….

Our Selected Students

air- kumar
Brijesh- Elite IAS Coaching in Delhi Topper
air-namita - Elite IAS Coaching in Delhi Topper
air-gundala- Elite IAS Coaching in Delhi Topper
Elite IAS - Best IAS Coaching in Delhi- Award

Why Elite IAS

The Academy has been honoured with the Golden Star Award for being the best IAS coaching institution in Delhi by none other than Kirron Kher, the Member of Parliament. We take pride in being awarded thus.

The point to be noted is that we do not consider success as the destination, but a continuous journey. We are always striving to get nearer the perfection!

What makes Elite IAS Academy stand apart?

  • Affordable fee structure
  • Limited batch strength so that the faculty can pay individual attention to all
  • Flexible time for classes
  • Weekend classes for the professionals
  • Query Solving Sessions/Tests on the weekends
  • Flawlessly competent Test Series, apart from the Samples
  • Competently designed study material

Every year witnesses a huge multitude of students coming to us. Most of them successfully clear the CSE. We sincerely believe that when a student realizes his ambition, he gets the best ROI for the fee he pays.

And needless to say, the broad smile on the faces of our students at having cleared the CSE is the best fee for all our labour. 

Our Student Reviews- Elite IAS Academy

Why Get Yourself Enrolled at Elite IAS Academy?

There is no dearth of the IAS coaching in Delhi. But Elite IAS Academy has always been at the top. It is not for no reason that the Academy has been so widely acclaimed. The major factors are as described below:

1. A very healthy Student to Teacher ratio:

None of the batches includes more than 80 students. It is to make sure that each of the students receives individual attention from the faculty.

2. Weekly Tests:

Elite IAS Academy is the only coaching institution that conducts Tests on every Sunday. Besides, as already said above, the batch strength is always kept under check. Small batches make the evaluation of the Tests easier. Above all, the Tests also provide the students with a bright opportunity to assess themselves and prepare accordingly.

3. Well planned and holistic completion of the syllabus:

The academy has divided the General Studies course into 18 modules. There is also a module for CSAT. There are Weekly Tests during the completion for each of the Subjects.

We opt for a holistic strategy. That is to say, the students prepare for the Prelims as well as the Mains simultaneously. And that has been serving quite well observing the present trend for the Exam.

4. Well structured and updated Study material:

Elite IAS has gained a reputation for itself for providing the students with flawlessly competent study material that is simply flawless. It applies both to the Prelims and the Mains. It should be noted that UPSC has asked questions directly from the Elite IAS study material.

To top it all, we focus sharply on the Current Affairs. Elite IAS Current Affairs Magazine is also issued in two formats i.e., Current News and Editorials. It would do well for an IAS aspirant to remember that Editorials are very important for the Mains.

5. Responsive Management:

The management is highly responsive to the requirements of the students. Apart from providing them with the highly qualitative coaching, the management also comes to their rescue concerning safe and secure accommodation. Apart from that, the counseling session is free of cost and helps the students gain familiarity with various preparing strategies for the Exam.

What should you consider before joining an IAS coaching institute?

It is always in the best interests of the IAS aspirants to be highly careful while opting for an IAS coaching institution. Otherwise, all your efforts to clear CSE and join IAS will simply be turned futile. It is best to consider:

1. Students’ Review

Interact with the current students. They are the most authentic of the sources who can reveal the actual quality of the coaching provided at the institution.

2. Faculty

The faculty members are the guiding force behind your preparation for the CSE. That is what you are going to join the institution for! Apart from the knowledge of the respective subjects, they should also be well equipped with considerable experience.

3. Study Material

The point to be driven back home is that it is not a bulky, but the qualitative study material that counts. It should never be forgotten that quality always scores over quantity.

The study material provided by the institution should be absolutely as per the requirements of the syllabus prescribed by UPSC. The point to be noted is that it should not include any diversions from the syllabus. The syllabus is too vast to allow any room for a diversion!

4. Facilities

The infrastructure, apart from the location of the institution always counts to a considerable extent. It helps to focus well during the class room sessions. And you are very likely to reach back home with the same mood. A positive frame of mind thus gained at the institution would help you study better at home as well.

5. Success Rate

It is the success rate at present rather than the distant past that counts the most. That is the most authentic of the evidence that speaks of the competence of the institution.

6. Fee Structure

It is advisable to compare the fee charged by the coaching organization with a few others.

7. Familiarity with subjects

It would be in your own interest to get familiar with the UPSC syllabus for the CSE. Apart from that, if you get familiar with the subjects also, it will help you considerably to opt for the right kind of the IAS coaching institution. For example, familiarity with some of the Optional Subjects might help to decide better when it comes to the choice of the coaching institution.

Elite IAS Academy enjoys a good reputation for teaching Sociology, one of the most popular Optional subjects taught by the famous Academician and Founder of the Academy, Mr. Bibhash Sharma.

8. Course Pattern

The course pattern is a crucially important factor. It must include:

  • A systematic coverage of the syllabus
  • Including all the details without any diversions so that sufficient time is left for the revisions
  • Well scheduled coaching sessions

It should be noted that regular classroom IAS coaching institutions always score over the online or correspondence courses.

Why Join Indian Administrative Services?

It is not for no reason that the educated Indian youth simply dreams of joining IAS. You would across some of the major reasons here. Simply go on reading:

  1. The Power and the Prestige: Nobody can deny that the Indian Administrative Service is the most coveted of all the cadres offered by the Union Public Service Commission. Though a Civil Servant is always well respected by the Indian Society, it is the IAS Officer who is always looked upon in great awe. The Power and the Prestige enjoyed by an IAS Officer makes it a highly enviable job!
  2. Job security: A government job always offers a better job security than a private one!
  3. Handsome salary: Apart from an enviable salary, the IAS officers get all other facilities that makes the life of the recruited individual a highly dignified one.
  4. Satisfaction gained by serving the nation: The IAS officers are responsible for the formation and implementation of the Government policies, apart from various other correlated duties. Needless to say, they do serve the society and gain a tremendous satisfaction for doing the same.

Various Roles Played by an IAS Officer Role of an IAS Officer

Indian Government vests great power in the positions occupied by the IAS officers. As already specified above, the IAS officers frame and implement various policies, though the Ministerial consent is essential of course. Besides, some of the designations are accompanied by great prestige. The Indian Government looks upon the District Collectors in high esteem. They are responsible for the entire district(s).

The Journey of an IAS officer

The journey begins with joining the state administration at the sub-divisional level. A sub-divisional magistrate looks after:

  • Administration
  • Tasks related to development
  • Law and Order

Needless to say, it is only logical that the IAS coaching institution should be chosen with great care. The coaching academy not only equips the students to clear the CSE, but also transforms them into Future Civil Servants. And the tasks undertaken by them, specifically the IAS officers require high competence!

IAS Exam Schedule

The three stages of the CSE proceed as:

  1. Prelims – May/June
  2. Mains – October
  3. Interview aka Personality Test – March/May

IAS Exam Eligibility

You should be 21 or above and at least a graduate.

The age limits for various classes is as given below:

The age limits for various classes is as given below:   

  1. General Category: 21 – 32 years
  2. Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (SC/ST): 21 – 37 years
  3. Other Backward Classes (OBC): 35 years

Number of the Attempts

It is as specified below:

  1. General category: 6
  2. OBCs: 9
  3. SC/ST: No Limit
  4. Physically Disabled:
  • General Category and OBCs: 9
  • SC/ST: No Limit

The Procedure of UPSC Exam Application

UPSC also allows to apply online for the CSE.

A candidate needs to follow the steps given below in order to apply for the Civil Services Exam

  • Log in to the official page Only a single application can be submitted by a candidate.
  • No candidate is allowed to withdraw the candidature once the application is submitted.

UPSC Exam Pattern

Qualifying PapersMarks
Paper-AOne of the Indian Language to be selected by the candidate from the Languages included in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution300
Papers to be Counted for Merit
Paper-IIGeneral Studies-I (Indian Heritage and Culture, History and Geography of the World and Society)250
Paper-IIIGeneral Studies-II (Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International relations)250
Paper-IVGenera Studies-III (Technology, Economic Development, Bio-diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management)250
Paper-VGeneral Studies-IV (Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude)250
Paper-VIOptional Subject – Paper 1250
Paper-VIIOptional Subject – Paper 2250
Sub Total (Written Test)1750
Personality Test275
Grand Total2025

Civil Services Exam

Civil Services Exam is a holistic test. The pattern makes an assessment of the candidate’s knowledge as well as the complete personality. Understanding the same would help the aspirant prepare well for the Exam including all the stages viz., the Prelims, Mains and the Interview. It should not be forgotten that the Interview makes an assessment of the candidate’s personality. As a result, it is known as the personality Test also. The previous two stages aim at evaluating his knowledge. However, the answer writing skills in the Mains provide a broad glimpse of his personality. That explains why it is highly important to develop the same.

  • The Prelims Exam (or the Civil Service Aptitude Test) comprises 2 Papers viz., General Studies (200 Marks) and CSAT (200 Marks).

Both the Papers are Objective Type. A time of 2 hours is allotted for each. The question papers are bilingual, and set in both English/Hindi. The blind candidates are provided with an extra time of 20 minutes to answer the Paper.

  • The candidates are required to qualify the Prelims so that UPSC allows them to face the Mains. After the Mains results are declared, they are short listed by UPSC for the Interview. The Mains exam comprises 9 Papers.
  • The last, but far from being the least, is the Interview. It carries 275 Marks. At this stage of the CSE, UPSC does not intend to make an assessment of the knowledge, but the complete personality of the candidate.

A Word of Caution

An IAS aspirant must not ignore preparing for any stage of the CSE. Many of the candidates ignore the Prelims as it is a qualifying Exam. But neglecting to prepare well will only make it difficult for you to qualify the first stage. As a result, UPSC will not allow you to go ahead with the second. Besides, apart from studying well for the Mains, you should face the Interview Board after a thorough preparation. And the UPSC Interview Board would assess your complete personality as the future IAS Officer. Your knowledge has already been assessed earlier.

Director Message

Elite IAS Coaching in Delhi Founder
IAS Coaching in Delhi - Elite IAS Academy

Dear Students,

The very word Elite symbolizes that we would like our students to be considered as the Elite class by none other than UPSC itself. Besides, we would like the society of India to look upon our students functioning as the IAS officers in great awe!

The greatest of the fee that we can draw from our students is the great success they clear the IAS Exam with and the highest of the high esteem they enjoy among the Indian society.

We not only provide all the knowledge as per the UPSC syllabus for the CSE, but also provide take care of the changing requirements for the same. The study material is competently designed. It covers the entire syllabus without any diversions. We fully appreciate that our students’s time is too precious to be wasted for they are going to face the IAS Exam.

We take care of each and every requirement pertaining to the IAS Exam. It also includes the changes produced in the syllabus and the Exam pattern by UPSC. Besides, the students are provided with competent Test Series so that they face the CSE with great ease and confidence.

Elite IAS Academy

Besides, the All India Test Series is a bright opportunity we provide our students with for making self assessment both for the Prelims and the Mains. It helps them to prepare accordingly, thus aiding the preparation for the IAS Exam.

Many of our students have done us proud by cracking the CSE. They have been functioning as highly efficient Civil servants and serving the nation. Our websites reveals the success stories motivating all the IAS aspirants.

We believe in helping our students not only study hard, but also study smart. The strength of each batch is kept under check solely for providing individual attention of the faculty to each of the students. We also maintain a performance chart for each of the students. Their strengths and weaknesses are worked upon further accordingly. And all these strategies make the success itself run after our students!

We believe that Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is the fee for the IAS Coaching (Civil Services Coaching)?

Answer: It varies from one IAS Coaching Institution to another. However, a competent IAS Coaching Institution in Delhi charges a fee somewhere in between Rs. 1,60,000 to Rs. 1,90,000 for the complete package for General Studies that usually includes:

(a) CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test) for the Prelims
(b) Papers for the Mains
1. General Studies Papers
(i) GS I
(ii) GS II
(iii) GS III
(iv) GS IV
2. Essay
(c) Interview

Question 2: Which is the best IAS Coaching Institution in India and the best UPSC Coaching in India?

Answer: Well, the question itself is somewhat hypothetical. Every IAS aspirant is a unique individual. As a result, his preparation requirements for the IAS Exam may vary from others to some extent or another. Thus, the IAS Coaching Institution that is best for a candidate may not turn out to be so good for another.

However, making the following considerations may help you opt for the Best IAS/UPSC Coaching Institution in Delhi:

1. Research: You may Google your queries. The SERPs, that is to say, the Search Engine Result Pages would provide you with all the required details concerning the best IAS Coaching and UPSC Coaching Institutions in Delhi.
2. Pay a visit to the organization: Once you have researched the details, you may shortlist the best UPSC Coaching institutions and visit them to gain a familiarity if the organization would be the right one to join or not.
3. Ask for a demo class: Doing so would be a good idea as it would help you gain familiarity with the teaching methodologies adopted by the coaching institution, apart from the quality of the coaching.
4. Limited batch strength: It is highly crucial and must not be ignored at any cost. There simply is no point in joining an IAS Coaching Institution where the batch strength runs into hundreds. On the other hand, with fewer students in the classroom, the faculty would be better able to pay individual attention to all.
5. Feedback: It would go a great deal. But it would be in the best of your interests to seek the reviews from the current students only. They are the most reliable of the sources to provide you with the authentic details concerning the quality of the coaching provide by the institution.

Question 3: Is it mandatory to join an IAS Coaching Institution to crack the IAS Exam?

Answer: The answer to the query is both no and Yes with a Capital Y. Technically speaking, you might not require to get yourself enrolled at an IAS Coaching Institution. Get a copy of the syllabus, read it thoroughly. Manage the study material accordingly. And begin with the preparation!

But when it actually comes to prepare for the IAS Exam, it is hardly as easy as it seems in the beginning. You would come across a number of the complexities. Thus, you would need to seek guidance that is usually available at a competent IAS Coaching Institution only.

So, considering the practical aspects, it would be in the best interests of an IAS aspirant to get himself enrolled at an IAS coaching institution.

Question 4: How far does it pay to visit Delhi for the preparation of the IAS Exam?

Answer: Delhi is considered as the ‘Mecca’ for the IAS Coaching. There is no dearth of the highly competent IAS Coaching Institutions here. Thus, if you seek proper guidance and would like to get all the complexities for the preparation for the IAS Exam simplified, it is best to visit Delhi.

Question 5: How long does it take to prepare competently for the IAS Exam?

Answer:The question is highly subjective. How long does an IAS aspirant actually take to prepare for the Exam depends on his own caliber. Most of the IAS aspirants prepare for the CSE in one year. But it is advisable to begin early. Doing so leaves more of the time at your disposal. So, beginning to prepare in the Final Year of the graduation is advisable for it gives you almost 2 years to prepare for the Exam.

Question 6: Which are the Best IAS Coaching in Delhi with Hostel facility?

Answer: There is no dearth of the competent IAS Coaching Institutions in Delhi that also provide the Hostel facility. But the point to be noted is that apart from being economical and located nearer the coaching institution, it should also be safe and secure.

And Elite IAS Academy provides the students with safe and secure Hostel facility.

Question 7: Which of the areas in Delhi offer the best of the IAS Coaching institutions?

Answer: Most of the best IAS coaching institutes are based at Old Rajinder Nagar and Mukherjee Nagar. So these are the best places in Delhi for IAS preparation with good connectivity to metro and other facilities.

Elite IAS Academy is located both at Mukherjee Nagar and Old Rajinder Nagar.

Question 8: What is the duration of IAS Coaching in Delhi?

Answer: It varies from one IAS Coaching Institution to another. Usually, it is in between 10-12 months. The courses usually include General Studies for the Prelims, all the four General Studies Papers for the Mains, apart from the Essay Paper.

Apart from what has been specified above, the candidates can and should also prepare for the Optional subject Papers. Again, the duration for the course varies from one subject to another. Usually, the duration for an Optional subject say History runs for almost 5 months. The duration of the course basically depends on the syllabus prescribed by UPSC.

Elite IAS Academy offers Sociology (around 3 months) taught by none other than the Founder of the Academy and the reputed Academician, Mr. Bibhash Sharma.

Question 9: What is the best alternative if I simply cannot come to Delhi to prepare for the IAS Exam?

Answer:To be precise, it is online IAS coaching. You might have been living anywhere across India, you may prepare for the IAS Exam online without compromising with the quality of the coaching by any means.

Question 10: How can I prepare for the IAS Exam in a competent manner without joining an IAS coaching institution? 

Answer:You may prepare competently without getting yourself enrolled in an IAS coaching institution. But you would be required to make a lot of extra efforts. The point to be noted is that you have not been attending classes in a regular IAS coaching institution. Thus, you must simplify most of the complexities for the preparation on your own. As a result, you need to be more hardworking, dedicated and organized.

Question 11: How can I prepare for the IAS Exam in a competent manner without joining an IAS coaching institution?

Answer: All who aim at cracking the IAS Exam without joining an IAS coaching institution should take care of the following factors:

1. Keep yourself motivated
2. Research about the examination
3. Gather Study Material:
4. Past years’ question papers
5. Stay Up to date with current affairs
6. Solve the Test Series
8. Say a big NO to all the distractions
9. Seek guidance from the knowledgeable
10. Remember to relax
11. Revise
12. Be confident and believe in yourself

Question 12: How to Choose Right IAS Coaching for UPSC Exam Preparation?

Answer: Before taking decision to join any Best IAS coaching in India, you must do some research yourself. Google about the list of coaching, gather information, get in touch with respective institute via email or phone.

Put your queries to the representative of the UPSC coaching, if it satisfies you, join it. Some logical interaction with academic representative is essential because you are going to spend there around one year.

Question 13: Best alternative if, you can not come to Delhi for IAS exam preparation?

Answer: Due to some reason, you are unable to come to Delhi for IAS exam preparation then don’t Worry! In today’s ‘Digital India’ education has percolated to small towns and not limited to Metropolis, specially Delhi. You can join Online IAS Coaching, it is recorded videos of classroom lectures. You learn the same Civil Services preparation course as the students of classroom does (physical coaching).

Nowadays, thousands of students are enrolling per year to Online coaching for IAS preparations. They are having high success ratio too. They can use maximum time during office, home or college. We have witnessed a surge in enrollment of online coaching students from variety of field i.e. working professionals, college going students, educated house-wifes etc.

In brief, alternative is Online IAS course – without compromising quality teaching, because you have access to lectures of best teachers of Delhi.

Question 14: How to prepare for IAS without coaching?

Answer: You may prepare for the IAS Exam without joining a coaching institution. However, it implies that you will have to take care of all what is usually undertaken by the coaching institutions for the sake of others.

What extra effort(s) do you need to put in?

As already stated above, you would be required to put in some extra efforts in order to go ahead with your preparation for the IAS Exam in a successful manner. So you need to be a little more:

  • Hardworking
  • Dedicated, and
  • Organized

The point to be noted is that you would be required to work harder than others. And you simply can’t escape that! There is no shortcut to working hard!

What should you take care of?

All who aim at cracking the IAS Exam without joining an IAS coaching institution should take care of the following factors:

1. Keep yourself motivated:

Above all, why did you begin with the preparation for the IAS Exam in the first place itself? You aim at joining the Indian Civil Services. So, it’s good to keep yourself motivated. Whenever you feel perplexed by the complexities of the preparation for the IAS Exam, remind yourself that you must simplify the same for you have to join IAS.

2. Research about the examination:

Carefully read the Official Examination Notification. Doing so will give you a fair share of the idea concerning the Examination pattern, syllabus, and all other relevant examination details.

Note:- It’s advisable to make a note of:

  • Eligibility criteria including age and qualification etc.
  • Exam dates
  • Selection process
  • Examination pattern
  • Syllabus, etc.

3. Gather Study Material:

After you carefully go through the syllabus, you would be requiring the study material for the preparation. Though there is sufficient of the study material available online, it’s advisable to consult the government websites as they are authentic.

Some of the important government websites are listed below:

All the government websites provide the visitor with the annual reports. Besides, they provide the latest information as they are updated regularly.

Thus it’s advisable to acquire the information from the sources that are known for their authenticity. Besides, it will save you from getting confused as well.

Thus, it’s best to keep your concepts clear. Choose books and make a selective reading. Reading the NCERT books is a good idea to keep the concepts clear.

4. Past years’ question papers:

It’s advisable to solve at least 5-7 years past CSE papers. Apart from giving you a good practice, it will also familiarize you with the examination pattern.

5. Up to date with current affairs:

Make it a habit to read a newspaper regularly. Apart from gaining knowledge of the current affairs, it will also keep you updated with various developments at the national and international platforms.

6. Solve the Test Series:

 It’s not just studying hard with the best possible time management skills. You will need to put your knowledge to test. Thus, it’s best to opt for a competent online test series. Solve it repeatedly. If you do so in the same time frame as is allowed by UPSC for the Civil Services Exam, you will be better able to answer the question papers when it actually comes to facing the IAS Exam.

7. Avoid distractions:

Say a big NO to all the distractions. It should be noted that the UPSC syllabus for the CSE is too vast to be prepared easily. And there is no time for any kind of the distractions. So, it’s advisable that you do not waste even a minute of your time.

Make a time table and follow the same in order to keep all the distractions at bay. It will not only enhance your time management skills, but would also allow you to study better.

8. Seek guidance from the knowledgeable:

Well, you study the material and solve the test series online. You also solve the past years’ question papers. But you might be having quite a few queries and doubts. Seek the guidance from the knowledgeable to get your queries solved. You can talk to your peers for the same.

9. Remember to relax:

Do not forget that a sound mind always resides in a sound body. Thus, eat, sleep and relax well. Also, it’s your mind that should be relaxed so that you can focus well on the preparation for the Exam.

10. Revise:

Do not forget to make the revisions. Revise as frequently as you can. There is no point in studying much and forgetting it all when you actually face the IAS Exam.

To sum up, be confident and believe in yourself. An IAS aspirant who aims at preparing for and cracking the IAS Exam without getting himself enrolled at an IAS coaching institution must have oodles of confidence. Besides, the tips given above would help you strategize your preparation well for the IAS Exam.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: IAS Coaching in Delhi, UPSC 2020-21 Session

Elite IAS Academy is compelled to notify its prospective students that due to Corona Virus pandemic and related lockdown – We have postponed the new batches starting from April, May & June 2020 regular classroom sessions in Delhi (both Old Rajinder Nagar & Mukherjee Nagar centres). The physical classroom coaching consists of General Studies, Optional Subject and CSAT.

Full details of the regular classroom session 2020 will be announced on the Elite IAS Academy’s website, when Government of India & Delhi government permits for conducting of classes in Delhi.

Meanwhile, we are conducting section-wise online IAS classes, for all students already enrolled for our regular classroom courses or newly enrolled students for the physical classroom programme. Once the lockdown is over, we will inform the students about detailed class-schedule of the yearly session. They will be confirmed about their respective regular classroom Batch and day of commencement. Till that time, they will be receiving section-wise video lectures, study materials, sectional tests and mentor to dispel their academic confusion (via phone or email).

Due to coronavirus pandemic, 2020 session schedule has been changed for GS, CSAT and Optional Subjects. IAS coaching in Delhi centres will commence from July 2020, Admission is Open. We have small batches and Limited Seats – so admission will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

Note: Civil Services Prelims exam new date is 04 October, 2020 and Civil Services Mains examination will commence from 08 January, 2021. (Its duration will be of 5 days.)