UPSC Civil Services Prelims Test Series 2021

(Prelims, and Mains including the Essay Paper)

UPSC Civil Services Prelims Test Series 2020

First of all, why should you opt for a Test Series? You have prepared well completing the syllabus UPSC has prescribed for the Civil Services Exam in its entirety. You have studied the content almost religiously both online and offline. Besides, you have been reading the newspapers including The Hindu and The Indian Express. So, your preparation for the IAS Exam has been going great guns!

Then, why solve the Test Series at all?
It, of course, cannot be taken for granted that an IAS aspirant must clear all the three stages for the Civil Services Exam if he has to realize his ambition to join the Indian Administrative Services. Thus, the Test Series help you guide through the same as specified here:

1. Prelims Test Series

The first stage for the Civil Services Exam viz., the Prelims comprises 2 Papers:
(a) General Studies (200 Marks)
(b) CSAT (200 Marks)

The Prelims Test Series provided by Elite IAS Academy is designed in a flawlessly competent manner. The Test Series equips you well for qualifying the CSAT and the General Studies Paper.

The point to be noted is that though the Prelims is a qualifying Exam, it must not be taken lightly. It would only be in the best of the interests for any IAS aspirant to prepare thoroughly well for the Prelims.

Failure to qualify the Prelims would not allow you to proceed ahead with the Mains. And at Elite IAS Academy, we are thoroughly careful to provide you with highly competent Prelims Test Series so that you qualify the Prelims successfully.

2. Mains Test Series:

Unlike the Prelims, the Papers for the Mains are subjective in nature. The Prelims comprises Multiple Choice questions. But, preparing for the Mains requires you to study in detail.

Besides, your score in the Mains is going to count for the final results. And it can make or mar your rank. Besides, it is the rank that counts when it comes joining the Indian Administrative Services.

Elite IAS Academy provides the students with flawlessly designed Mains Test Series including the Essay Paper Test Series. The point to be noted is that a candidate needs to sharpen his answer writing skills if he aims at scoring well. And the Test Series provided by Elite IAS Academy aim at equipping the students with all the skills required to answer the Mains Papers well.

What Purpose Does the Test Series Serve?

Studying well, even in a flawless manner is not sufficient if you aim at cracking the Civil Services Exam at the very first attempt itself. You will have to monitor the progress of your preparation.

So, how would you do so? And what if you discover some of the drawbacks that need to be set right? Thus, you would need an effective technique to make an assessment of how far your Exam preparation has marched up to in a successful manner?

It’s here that the Test Series comes into the picture?

The Role Played by the Test Series

Solving the Test Series is simply indispensable. Whether online or otherwise, the Test Series provides multiple advantages to the candidates as listed below:

1. Enhanced Confidence

Attempting the Test Series in the same time frame and the Examination environment as provided by UPSC for the Civil Services Exam helps enhance the confidence of the candidates. Thus, they do not panic or get unnerved when it actually comes to facing the Civil Services Exam. And nobody can deny that facing any Exam with a confidently relaxed frame of mind does help to answer logically leaving a positive impact on your scoring potential.

2. Making a self assessment does count!

Solving the Test Series helps you make an assessment of your preparation for the Civil Services Exam. And, as a result, you can move on further, accordingly. As you solve the Test Series regularly, you would come across various drawbacks as well as strengths of the way you have been preparing for the IAS Exam. Thus, not only can you make an honest assessment of your preparation, but can also improve upon as suitably required. Needless to say, you would find facing the CSE much easier than what it would have been otherwise, had you not solved the Test Series.

Elite IAS Academy provides its students with flawlessly competent Mock Tests in order to equip them with all the skills required to face the Civil Services Exam successfully.

The Academy provides Prelims Test Series, apart from the Test Series for the Mains including the one for the Essays. Besides, the GS Mains Mock Tests are provided in both English and Hindi. And the Essay Test Series are offered both for the English and Hindi medium students.

Why Elite IAS Test Series  2020-21?


1.The Mock Tests may either be downloaded or answered online
2.Detailed analytical answers are provided
3.The Test Series are designed as per the UPSC requirements

Besides, the students are provided with highly competent content as suitably required to aid their preparation for the IAS Exam. Besides, all the modules for the IAS Prelims Test Series are highly flexible so that the students feel absolutely at ease solving them. Moreover, as the students come to us from all walks of life, the flexibility also helps them focus better on the preparation for the IAS Exam, thus enhancing the concentration for the same.

Why Elite IAS Academy?

Well, a number of IAS coaching institutions have almost mushroomed all over Delhi. But what distinguishes Elite IAS Academy from others is that it has maintained a fast pace of producing successful candidates clearing the Civil Services Exam year after year.

Kumar Anurag, Namita Sharma, Gundala Reddy R, Keshav Goel, Mona Roat, Akash Patel, Abhilash Baranwal, Ashutosh Dwivedi, Jyoti Sharma, Benon Ninan ………………..the list has always been increasing

Besides, the coaching provided at the Academy is highly qualitative for the Founder, Mr. Bibhash Sharma himself has been taking a keen interest teaching Sociology (one of the Optional Subject at Mains) for 20 years. Ila Tripathi – AIR 51, one of his students has been the highest scorer (301 Marks) in Sociology in 2016.

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