UPSC Civil Services Prelims Test Series 2020

Prelims Test Series 2020

If you are planning to write Tests conducted in Series, it means you have prepared well for the IAS. You have read newspapers like The Hindu and Indian Express almost religiously. You have gone through the online and offline content.

Now, this is where the online or offline test comes into the picture. Apart from raising your confidence level, a logically designed GS Prelims test series or mains test would help you if there is any scope for improvement left in your preparation for the exam. A carefully chosen online/offline prelims test series for IAS and taking it frequently would help to face the exam with greater ease.

At Elite IAS, we offer thoroughly extensively mock tests so that our students’ skills are sharpened considerably before they appear for the IAS exam. We provide Prelims Test Series and GS Mains. The GS Mains Mock Tests are available in English and Hindi medium. Besides, there is an Essay Tests, which is available both for the English as well as Hindi medium students.

Why ELITE IAS Test Series 2019-20

The IAS Test Series provided by us offers detailed analytical descriptions for the answers. The mock tests may be downloaded and/or taken online as well. The nature and type of questions are strict as per the UPSC. Value-added materials are provided as and when required in order to equip the students better to prepare for the IAS exam.

Besides, at Elite IAS, we are fully concerned that our students must be at absolute ease while they answer the paper during the exam. The flexibility of the IAS Prelims Test Series modules helps aspirants to accommodate with the social environment and focus on their preparation for the Civil Services Exam as there are students coming to us from all walks of life. Thus Prelims test series and IAS test series for mains play an important role in the final preparation of your IAS exam.

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