3 Years IAS Coaching for Undergraduates

3 Years IAS & UPSC Coaching for Undergraduates

Elite CUET

Course Details

  • 1st Year – NCERT Foundation Course   
  • 2nd Year – Full GS Course
  • 3rd Year – Revision + Test Series writing under the guidance of an expert (Teacher) for GS & Optional (Mains).
  • Interview Assistance Special programme for Personality Development & Personality Test (under the guidance of Present & Retired Civil Servants).

Course Duration:

Three (3) years.

Course Fee:

Rs. 2,21,000/

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Course Highlights:-

Many of you may have the desire of becoming an IAS officer in your first attempt, which would be at age 21 or 22. In order to help 12th pass students, Elite IAS has begun a three year foundation programme. Along with helping students earn their undergraduate degree, this course’s goal is to get them ready for the UPSC Civil Services Exam. Students in the Foundation Course earn both an academic degree and prepare for the Civil Services Exam over the course of three years.

Ist Year—Preparation of NCERT Foundation Course

For UPSC preparation pupils heading to an undergraduate college following high school, the GS integrated Prelims & Mains and CSAT syllabus is specifically created. Students who pass the UPSC exam in their first attempt should have in-depth knowledge, strong conceptual understanding, analytical capabilities, and GS writing abilities. For this, GS preparation needs to be improved. Consequently, there is no better place to start your GS preparation than with an NCERT-based syllabus. An in-depth understanding of the NCERT curriculum would not only lay a solid foundation for the UPSC but also benefit numerous other GS-based exams.

2nd Year – Gs Integrated Course & Current Affairs

Elite IAS will begin GS integrated Prelims & Mains Standard Class with Notes, Many Standard Text-books, and Other Important Resources such as Yojana, Kurukshetra, and Hindu News Paper after preparing for GS integrated Prelims & Mains from NCERT based syllabus in the First Year. The students’ ability to intellectually and analytically prepare for the UPSC Civil Services Exam would be enhanced during this session. The static portion of GS Pre & GS Mains as well as the dynamic portion are prepared in this second step in order to meet GS standard. This is accomplished by combining multiple General Studies subjects with the weekly Current Affairs. In addition, General Studies is revised throughout this second stage of the foundation course.

3rd Year – Gs Revision & All India Test Series

The students are required to thoroughly prepare the dynamic portion of GS, current affairs in accordance with the UPSC Exam, in this third and final phase, following the revision of NCERT-based GS and the completion of GS standard and optional subject. Elite IAS  offered 10 to 15 Pages of General Studies current affairs assignments each day to help students get ready for current events. On every Saturday, 4 hours of current affairs analysis classes are held concurrently for dynamic preparation. The Government of India’s Publication Division Magazines, Yojana and Kurukshetra in particular, analyse the GS Mains.

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