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About Us

Elite IAS Academy is one of the fastest-growing IAS coaching institutions and is regarded as the best IAS tutoring in Delhi with a fair fee structure. This UPSC Institute was founded in Delhi in 2012 by the seasoned Mr. Bibhash Sharma and the philanthropic Mr. Ravi Chamoli with the hope of guiding lakhs of IAS hopefuls down the right road. From 2014 to the present, Elite has produced an impressive number of successful IAS officers. All praise belongs to our team of professionals who are committed to offering UPSC courses that produce results.

The Central Universities and other reputable Institutes have provided the Institute with highly educated and experienced instructors for its teaching staff. In order to deliver high-quality instruction and guidance, each topic typically has a minimum of two teachers. Ten teachers are assisting the candidates in general studies. The Institute has a dedicated centre for correspondence education that uses the most up-to-date distance learning strategies to properly meet the demands of the applicant in order to develop the reading materials for the correspondence courses.

Why to choose Elite Ias

Due to the following factors, Elite IAS Institute surpasses other coaching facilities that are currently available:

Interactive learning programme: The center’s experts keep up with changes to the IAS examination’s format and accordingly construct the learning programme. This is carried out in order to direct candidates in accordance with the updated exam pattern without spending their time on additional useless topics.

Well-researched study material: The finest UPSC coaching centre in Delhi, Elite IAS Study Centre, provides its students with a successful method of learning the vital ideas. After conducting extensive research on the key ideas, the knowledgeable faculty has organised the IAS study material here.

Scheduled timetable: Out of the many disciplines on the syllabus, students are guided by two at a time. This is done to prevent the confusion and annoyance that the majority of students experience while receiving coaching. After finishing a subject or subjects, time is set aside for revision before moving on to another subject or subjects for study.


Small Batch Size:-To give the students a direct line to the instructors, even the batch sizes are kept modest. Because of this, Elite is regarded as the top IAS coaching programme in Delhi.

Timely completion of the syllabus:-The specialised faculty is renowned for their ability to complete the syllabus within the allotted period. This is done to provide the pupils a chance to dispel their doubts prior to the Exam.

Our Pride