sociology optional test series

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By Bibhash Sharma

(One-on-one multi-layer performance discussion on each Test Paper after Evaluation)

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10 Mock Tests: (6 Section wise & 4 Full Length Test) – (Admission Closed)

Fee: Rs.18500/- (Inclusive All Taxes)

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Sociology Test Series

Important Points:

  1. Candidates will be writing sociology test series papers online as well as offline.
  2. Module is flexible i.e. you can postpone the test but cannot prepone it.
  3. Functional Fixedness and Illusion of Transparency are the two major problems while writing an answer. You will be guided to avoid such pitfalls in this sociology test series.
  4. INTRODUCTION is one of the important parts of any answer, you will be trained to develop appropriate sociological introduction, highly preferred by evaluator. (be it starting with conceptual meaning or Author’s Book).
  5. Middle part of the answer, which is also known as ‘BODY writing’. It requires some ‘Micro skills,’ to deal it more effectively like linking phrases (used as SIGN-POSTS). This shows your ‘Original Thinking Capability’ to the examiner.
  6. CONCLUSION is another important part of your answer. Many candidates either miss it or gives least importance to it. This will affect your overall marks. So, in this sociology optional test series, you will be trained to satisfy the need of the answer via effective conclusion.
  7. Sociology test series copy(ies) will be evaluated within a span of two weeks
  8. Sociology optional test series answer-sheet will be check by our Expert i.e. Bibhash Sharma.
  9. Systematic guidance for the development of Sociological-answer writing skill.
  10. You can interact with Bibhash Sharma (Expert Support) via E-mail or telephonic discussion. Those located in Delhi can meet him personally at our center.
  11. Synopsis i.e. Model Answers will be provided for all 06 section-wise test series. Full test series (Papers) won’t have any model answers, we expect students to write with originality.
  12. You receive training for Answer formatting – Remember, topic(s) and content remains nearly the same but UPSC is interested in checking candidate’s ability to comprehend the question as per relevancy of keywords like evaluate, discuss, illustrate, explain etc., including sociological perspectives. Therefore, sociology test series & teacher’s (mentor’s) comments and feedback helps a lot getting the right direction and format for different types of questions.
  13. Questions for the Test Series will be designed in the pattern of UPSC.
  14. You will receive value added materials for Sociology.
  15. Flexible-module helps aspirant to adjust with day-to-day engagements and focus on the UPSC exam preparation
  16. All Test Papers should be written and submitted before 10 September 2024
  17. Any submissions made after September 10, 2024, will not be evaluated.
  18. Civil Services (Mains) Exam, 2024 will commence from 20 September, 2024

Note: Smart way of preparation is writing Sociology Test Series. It enhances your power to understand the subject-matter, and makes your answer-writing skill more effective. UPSC demands subject related terminologies & brevity in answers. You improve all these by regular answer writing practice.
Therefore, when you write sociology test series, it has dual benefits:
(i) Your answer writing skill improves
(ii) Expert’s suggestions for improvement helps you to get rid of various trivial or major mistakes.

Nowadays, writing sociology test series to understand standard of UPSC has become a trend. Students feel it better to EVALUATE THEMSELVES BEFORE UPSC EVALUATES THEM.

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FAQs About Sociology Test Series

Which is best sociology test series for UPSC?
Answer: It’s difficult to definitively state which sociology test series is “best” for UPSC preparation, as the effectiveness of a test series can vary from person to person depending on their learning style, prior knowledge, and other factors. However, here are some criteria you might consider when evaluating the quality of a sociology test series for UPSC:
Content Relevance: The test series should be aligned with the UPSC syllabus for sociology. And the questions should simulate the level of difficulty encountered in the actual UPSC exams.
Question Diversity: The sociology optional test series should include a wide variety of question types and topics to ensure comprehensive preparation.
Expert Guidance: Availability of experienced faculty for doubt-clearing or feedback can be invaluable.
Evaluation and Feedback: Detailed solutions and evaluations are critical for improvement. Individual feedback can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.
Convenience: Online test series for sociology vs offline can be a consideration, depending on your study preferences. Nowadays most of the coaching provide the facility of online or offline test series.
Reputation: Finally, consider the reputation of the organization offering the sociology test series UPSC. Get recommendations from seniors or peers who have used the test series.

Elite IAS sociology test series Fees is Rs.18,500/-. Remember, the price is just one factor; the overall value includes the quality of questions, the depth of analysis in solutions, the speed and quality of feedback, and access to expert guidance.

Answer: The decision on when to join a test series for Sociology in UPSC preparations can depend on various factors, including your comfort level with the subject, your overall preparation timeline, and the specific goals you have for the test series. Below are some considerations for each approach:
Joining a Test Series After Completing the Sociology Course:
1. Comprehensive Understanding: You will have a full understanding of the subject, which could make it easier to tackle a wide range of questions.
2. Focused Practice: You can concentrate entirely on practicing and improving your test-taking skills.
3. Confidence: Having covered the syllabus once, you might approach the test series with greater confidence.
1. Limited Feedback: You will not have the opportunity to use the feedback from the test series to improve your understanding of the course material as you go along.
2. Time Pressure: If you join late, you might face time constraints, potentially affecting the quality of your practice.
3. Complacency: There’s a risk of feeling overly confident after course completion, which might make you less receptive to learning from mistakes.
Joining a Test Series Right Now, during your Course:
1. Continuous Assessment: You can continuously assess your understanding of topics as you study them.
2. Immediate Feedback: Immediate feedback can help you target your weaknesses effectively while you are still going through the course.
3. Integration: Integrating test practice with learning can help reinforce memory and understanding.
4. Motivation: Scoring well in a test series can serve as a motivator, while poor scores can be a wake-up call.
Cons: 1. Potential Overwhelm: Balancing both coursework and test series could be overwhelming.
2. Incomplete Knowledge: Since you haven’t finished the course, you may encounter questions on topics you haven’t yet covered.
3. Divided Focus: You might find it challenging to give adequate attention to both your ongoing coursework and test preparation.
Hybrid Approach:
Some candidates choose a middle path where they start a test series after covering a significant portion of the syllabus but before completing the entire course. This allows for a balance between obtaining timely feedback and having a sufficient understanding of the subject matter to make the test series worthwhile.
To conclude, if you are confident in your ability to manage your time effectively, joining a test series earlier can give you an integrated learning experience that combines learning with real-world testing. If you prefer to master the content before attempting questions, then waiting until you complete the course might be a better option for you.
Ultimately, the decision should align with your learning style, comfort level with the subject matter, and overall study plan.

Yes, many online platforms and coaching institutes offer online test series for Sociology optional for the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Elite IAS Academy is one of the pioneer institute to start online test series for sociology under guidance of Bibhash Sharma. Online test series are particularly useful if you don’t have access to classroom-based coaching or prefer the flexibility of studying from home.

Choosing the “best” institute for Sociology optional in UPSC preparation is subjective and largely depends on your learning style, location, and other preferences. However, there are several reputed coaching institutes known for their Sociology optional courses, including Elite IAS Academy. Each has its own strengths and unique offerings.
Points to Consider to make Your Decision:
Faculty: The expertise and teaching style of the faculty are crucial. Many candidates choose an institute based on the faculty.
Study Material: Good study material can make a significant difference in your preparation.
Test Series: Look for institutes that offer comprehensive test series for Sociology to help you practice and refine your strategy.
Alumni Reviews: Reviews from previous students can provide valuable insights into the quality of teaching and material.
Location and Online Options: Depending on where you live, you might also want to consider the location of the institute. Many of these institutes offer online courses, which could be a convenient option.
Remember, the best institute for someone else may not be the best for you. Try to align your choice with your individual needs and circumstances for maximum effectiveness.

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