(Batch Start: 12 June)

By Bibhash Sharma

10 Mock Tests: (6 Section wise & 4 Full Length Test) – (Admission Open)
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Sociology Test Series

Important Points:

  1. Candidates will be writing sociology test series papers online as well as offline.
  2. Module is flexible i.e. you can postpone the test but cannot prepone it.
  3. Functional Fixedness and Illusion of Transparency are the two major problems while writing an answer. You will be guided to avoid such pitfalls in this sociology test series.
  4. INTRODUCTION is one of the important parts of any answer, you will be trained to develop appropriate sociological introduction, highly preferred by evaluator. (be it starting with conceptual meaning or Author’s Book).
  5. Middle part of the answer, which is also known as ‘BODY writing’. It requires some ‘Micro skills,’ to deal it more effectively like linking phrases (used as SIGN-POSTS). This shows your ‘Original Thinking Capability’ to the examiner.
  6. CONCLUSION is another important part of your answer. Many candidates either miss it or gives least importance to it. This will affect your overall marks. So, in this sociology optional test series, you will be trained to satisfy the need of the answer via effective conclusion.
  7. Sociology test series copy(ies) will be evaluated within a span of two weeks
  8. Sociology optional test series answer-sheet will be check by our Expert i.e. Bibhash Sharma.
  9. Systematic guidance for the development of Sociological-answer writing skill.
  10. You can interact with Bibhash Sir (Expert Support) via E-mail or telephonic discussion. Those located in Delhi can meet him personally at our center.
  11. Synopsis i.e. Model Answers will be provided for all 06 section-wise test series. Full test series (Papers) won’t have any model answers, we expect students to write with originality.
  12. You receive training for Answer formatting – Remember, topic(s) and content remains nearly the same but UPSC is interested in checking candidate’s ability to comprehend the question as per relevancy of keywords like evaluate, discuss, illustrate, explain etc., including sociological perspectives. Therefore, sociology test series & teacher’s (mentor’s) comments and feedback helps a lot getting the right direction and format for different types of questions.
  13. Questions for the Test Series will be designed in the pattern of UPSC.
  14. You will receive value added materials for Sociology.
  15. Flexible-module helps aspirant to adjust with day-to-day engagements and focus on the UPSC exam preparation

Note: Smart way of preparation is writing Sociology Test Series. It enhances your power to understand the subject-matter, and makes your answer-writing skill more effective. UPSC demands subject related terminologies & brevity in answers. You improve all these by regular answer writing practice.
Therefore, when you write sociology test series, it has dual benefits:
(i) Your answer writing skill improves
(ii) Expert’s suggestions for improvement helps you to get rid of various trivial or major mistakes.

Nowadays, writing sociology test series to understand standard of UPSC has become a trend. Students feel it better to EVALUATE THEMSELVES BEFORE UPSC EVALUATES THEM.

Our portal is compatible for sociology optional online test series.

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