upgraded foundation course for upsc

Upgraded Foundation Course for UPSC & IAS Exam Preparation

Upgraded Foundation Course is a meticulously designed course for Civil Services aspirants. It takes care of every aspect, necessary for IAS preparation. Starting from scratch and completing the course at the highest level.

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12-15 Months

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Course Features :-

This is the most comprehensive and holistic course. It is a perfect course for students who wish to make a career in Civil Services Examination. The course has been designed scientifically to cover each aspect of IAS exam preparation. It is a rigorous training programme – beginning from a lower level of preparation and finally ending at top-notch finishing touch.

  1. Complete Syllabus Coverage:- We start with class lectures to clarify various subject/topic related concepts – to develop an understanding of the subject matter(s).
  2. Class Discussion:- Next, the discussion in the class helps dispel all sort of confusion.
  3. Regular Test:- Class test is conducted every Sunday. This provides the student, opportunity to develop writing skills. Remember, writing in UPSC exam is more ‘an art’ than ‘simple intelligence’.
  4. Performance Evaluations:- During class tests, teachers get first-hand information about students’ strength and more importantly their ‘weakness’. Teacher’s feedback and analysis help the student overcome those shortcomings.
  5. Class Test is a regular and most important feature of our training.
  6. All India Test Series :- After completion of the ‘regular course’ – we expose our students to ‘Advance level’. This is via our ‘All India Test Series’. Here, it should be noted that ‘class test’ enables students to write answers properly, paying attention to keywords like Explain, Discuss, Critical analysis etc. Structuring your answer format as per the demand of the question. But ‘All India Test Series’ is a simulation of the actual UPSC exam. Here you learn the art of relating your answer with different aspects/perspectives. (The same level cannot be attended during ‘Class Test’ because you are not aware about various topics sprinkled in the UPSC syllabus – but once regular classes are over – you will develop insight about a variety of areas.)

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Upgraded Foundation Course

General Studies + Optional.

upsc upgraded foundation course

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