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GS Mains Test Series

   GS (Mains) Test Series – 2019

(18 Mock Tests): 30th September, 2018 – (New Batch for 2019 : Admission Open)
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General Studies (Mains) Test Series – Highlights:
  • Flexible module for candidates joining classroom or online test.
  • Evaluation will be done in two week’s time.
  • Answer sheets will be evaluated by experts only.
  • Expert Support: Telephonic Discussion/E-mail Interaction.
  • Model hint answer will be provided for each test paper.
  • Copy evaluation and feedback system is designed to provide relevant insights and feedback to each candidate as per his/her performance.
  • Answer format training – Content of the topic remains almost the same but UPSC wants their candidate to format their answers according to the demand of the keyword(s). Example: Discuss, explain, illustrate, evaluate etc. With the feedback, comment and notes for improvement, teacher will guide you to write answer in an appropriate format.
  • Nature of questions will be as per UPSC pattern.
  • Will Provide Monthly Current Affairs + Contemporary Issues + Supplementary Material.
  • Each Test Paper will contain some relevant Contemporary issues – so that students can upgrade their alertness of mind.
  • Flexi-module helps aspirants to accomodate with social environment and focus on their preparation for Civil Services Exam. Such as working professional, college students, coaching attending students etc.

Note: Writing Test Series makes you a disciplined smart learner i.e. studying a particular section without writing practice will keep your understanding efficiency incomplete. UPSC appreciates your knowledge with brevity; and this art could be learnt only by repeated answer writing traning. So when you read something and simultaneously appear in the test, it has dual effect (i) you improve your answer writing skill (ii) receive suggestions for improvement from experts. (Both are necessary to fetch better marks in the real mains exam of UPSC.)
Nowadays, writing test series is almost essential and it would be rational decision to EVALUATE YOURSELF BEFORE THE UPSC EVALUATES YOU.

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