Assam Public Service Commission is the full form of ASPC. Well, it’s a state-level organization that works as a recruitment body. The goal of ASPC is to conduct the examination to get promising candidates.

If you want to know more about Assam Public Service Commission, we will guide you. Hence, it’s essential when you want to take ASPC exams. In the following, we are sharing the basics, eligibility, and the process of Assam Public Service Commission exams. These points can help you a lot. 

About ASPC

As we noted above, ASPC conducts several state-level civil service examinations. This requirement agency was founded on 1st April 1937. The headquarters of the Assam Public Service Commission is located in Guwahati. The current chairman of ASPC is Shri Rajiv Kumar Bora, a retired IAS officer.

In simple words, ASPC is an agency that recruits government organizations and civil service employees. That’s why most job roles are related to the government and administrative sectors. Besides these roles, there are various job posts available after clearing the Assam Public Service Commission examination.

As ASPC offers different types of jobs to candidates, the salary depends on the post. However, the basic salary range of an Assam Public Service Commission employee is 22000 to 97000 per month. Well, the salary structure also varies depending on your experience. That means it will increase as you get more experience in your job post.

Interesting Facts:
The UPSC and ASPC both serve crucial roles in India’s administrative framework, conducting exams for civil service positions. Aspirants often seek the best UPSC coaching in Delhi, which equips them not just for UPSC’s rigorous national-level exams but also aids in understanding the structure and pattern of state commissions like ASPC, underscoring the interconnectedness of India’s diverse yet unified bureaucratic recruitment system.


Now, you know the basics of the Assam Public Service Commission. If you want to take an exam, you have to know about the eligibility as well. You see, the eligibility for the ASPC exam depends on the type of job.

However, all candidates need some common eligibility to take the ASPC exam. In the following, we are sharing these common eligibilities that each Assam Public Service Commission should pass:

  • The minimum age of an ASPC candidate is 21 while the maximum age is 40. However, there is age relaxation that depends on the type of job role.
  • If you want to apply for the exploration job role, you need a postgraduate degree in some selected subjects including history, anthropology, archeology, or Sanskrit
  • For those candidates who want the job post of assistant research officer, they need a Master’s degree in some selected subjects such as economics, mathematics, business management, sociology, or statistics. Make sure the post-graduation degree is from a reputed university.


This recruitment agency completes the procedure in three steps. When the candidate completes these three steps, they are eligible for taking the job post.

  • Preliminary Examination

The first step of the ASPC exam is preliminary. This exam has two papers with multiple-choice questions. You will get two hours to complete the exam. If you pass the preliminary test, you will qualify for the next one.

  • Main Examination

The main exam is the most crucial one. You have to complete three papers for this exam. Well, you are getting 3 hours for each one. The questions will be essay type.

  • Interview

Last but not least, the interview is another crucial part of this process. This interview has 200 marks. As per your interview, you will be selected for a job post.


Finally, you know about the Assam Public Service Commission. Knowing about ASPC is essential, especially when you are preparing for the first time. Make sure you are reading about the eligibility and process. If you want to clear the ASPC exam, you can contact a reputed coaching center. Plus, you can also get some resources online.


Q: What qualification is required for the APSC exam?

To take an APSC examination, you need to clear the minimum requirement. In this case, you need a Bachelor’s degree from a reputed university. A postgraduate degree holder in soil science can get preference.

Q: What are the jobs under APSC?

Well, there are various job roles available under APSC. Some popular jobs under the Assam Public Service Commission are junior engineer, assistant engineer, and assistant civil engineer.

Q: How can I prepare for APSC?

To prepare for APSC examinations, you have to be careful from the beginning. In this case, you have to get the best study materials and other things. You can also join a civil service academy.