CBSE Full Form: CBSE, or the Central Board of Secondary Education, is one of the primary education boards in India. They are one of the very few government approved education boards in the country. They are also one of the most sought after boards that the parents want to put their child into.

The number of CBSE schools in India is magnanimous, and spread across the width and depth of the country. It is thus obvious that besides housing a large population of students till the higher secondary level, the CBSE schools also provide employment to a great number of teachers and non-teaching employees in India.

Why CBSE schools stand out in competition?

The CBSE schools are spread across the country. Thus, they not only have students but also the teachers across all communities, races and parts of India. Such a multi-cultural mix is very rare in any other private school which is generally located in one specific location. Also, there are private run chains of schools with locations across the country but they are negligible in number and in the population of students and teachers across CBSE schools.

It is therefore pertinent to mention that CBSE schools offer a very high degree of multi-cultural exposure to the students. Also, this board has been operational since very long, and as a result, has witnessed many experienced educationists at the topmost level. The rare amalgamation of such rich experiences has transpired over time down the line to enrich the knowledge bank of the board. Thus, its curricula are modified in such ways to match the latest needs of the industry.

The students of CBSE after completing higher secondary level can have a variety of career options. Some of them may opt for medical studies while others for law and fashion education. Engineering has always been a favorite option although the courses to choose from have altered.

Today, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Genetic Engineering and the likes have taken the front seats. Accordingly, CBSE has also altered its courses to equip the students for these courses. The motto of CBSE has never been to aim at cracking the entrance tests but to provide the basic level of education with the help of which the students can cope up with the newer and ever changing branches of studies.

How CBSE stands against ICSE board?

There is a very common competition between CBSE and ICSE students, often raising the question as to who is superior. Both of these are run by the central government, and the basic vision of both is to develop a good human being out of an individual. Besides, the student is also well equipped with all the necessary tools of learning required to successfully pursue a professional course. The ultimate goal for both boards is to make an individual ready for employment. However, the basic values have also remained intact.

Although this competition seems healthy, it is meaningless to a large extent at the same time. Both being run under the aegis of the same ministry are bound to have more of similarities than differences. The competition, however, has only helped in both the boards improving in comparison to each other, keeping in mind the changing professional scenario where different new fields are being introduced besides the traditional ones.

How to get job in CBSE schools?

The best part about CBSE boards is that not only government run schools but private ones can also follow this board. Thus, there are as many private schools in the country as there are government CBSE ones. An aspiring teacher therefore can look at normal job websites in order to pick up an opportunity for teaching in her/his subject.

Surely, there are many opportunities across the country, and someone willing to change location can have ample chances of gaining teaching experiences of some of the top notch CBSE schools of the country. The same applies for the non-teaching posts as well, since a lot of support staff and managerial level jobs are required in order to run the schools successfully.

For people who cannot change location also, there is hardly a dearth of CBSE school jobs. Of course, if someone is specifically looking at government CBSE school jobs, s/he may find lesser opportunities. For such jobs, one has to wait for the government advertisements that may float once or twice a year. While earlier, there were only a few specific magazines and newspapers publishing these jobs, today people can be aware of them over Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

Are CBSE schools good paymasters?

For government CBSE schools, the Central Pay Commission is followed. Presently, the 7th CPC is being followed in all CBSE schools. With an annual increment assured, along with increase in dearness allowance twice a year, these jobs are satisfying in terms of salary once a teacher (or non-teaching staff) reaches the middle level.

For private schools, the salaries may vary a lot. CBSE does not have a direct control on the salary structure of the private schools affiliated to it, although it recommends the 7th CPC.Some of the private CBSE schools are extremely good paymasters, especially in and around the metro cities. In tier II & III cities too, there are CBSE schools that are private run with good salary structure. However, not all the private ones will offer a good pay scale.

How to prepare for CBSE school job interviews?

CBSE follows a general curriculum that is well known across India, and many of the state run education boards also follow similar ones. Thus, anyone who has done schooling from any state board can easily qualify for CBSE school jobs. One just have to keep the basics right, and of course, some bit of expertise knowledge in the field of specialization will help. For government CBSE schools, one must keep in touch with the general knowledge on the things happening around in the world, besides keeping a good grip on basic mathematics and logical interpretation.

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