Public Administration Coaching for UPSC Exam Preparation


Public Administration Classroom Course Highlights:

Dedicated to Public Administration:
Mr. Gautam Kumar is famous for his scientific approach of teaching of Public
Admin. He is popular for explaining the subject-matter in lucid way but
maintaining the effectiveness of the content. His Public Administration classes
is totally focused to UPSC syllabus with full of case studies and current

Classroom Communication: Teacher explains
the subject-matter in the classroom to form a larger view about it, i.e. he
discusses the topic in length to form a clear perception about the topic and
learn the art of putting relevant current developments in it.

 The classroom is participatory in nature, i.e.
students are motivated to raise question related to topics discussed in the
class. This helps them to immediately get solutions to the confusion created in
the mind.

Study Materials: This is combination of notes, handouts and
classroom notes. It is so much comprehensive that it fulfils all needs related
to UPSC preparation.

Answer Writing: Development of answer-writing skills is the most
important part of coaching, this instils foundation of preparation. Here, the
role of teacher becomes prominent, he trains the student to format their answer
in better bureaucratic pattern which is appreciated by UPSC.

 In a regular interval (i.e. Sunday) unit/chapter
test is conducted to assess the development of writing skills among students.

Course Duration: 4.5 months.

: Mr. Gautam Kumar has more than 7 years of
teaching experience and he himself has faced Civil Services exam’s Interview
several times. In other words, candidate will learn the intricacies of Public
Administration under one of the most knowledgeable and experienced teachers.

Study Support: Formally 1-year study support is provided to
the student even after the completion of the course, but informally the study
or guidance support available for ever. All teacher loves to guide a genuinely
interested student and so time barrier cannot be put between student &
teacher relationship. Candidate can contact our staff for an appointment via email or phone.

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