How IAS Coaching Can be a Big Source of Motivation for You During UPSC Preparation?

We often forget to give credit to the most essential things in our lives, for example, air. Do we ever care about air or feel gratitude for its existence? No. The point is, there are a lot of things which play a background role in a happy and successful life of a person. They care so silently that we even forget their existence. Such is the role of IAS coaching in the lives of IAS toppers and aspirants.

As soon as the IAS aspirant clears UPSC and achieves the goal, IAS coaching, whose efforts were equally important in the candidate’s success, takes a back-step. But, just like air, IAS coaching too never gets disappointed or crave for attention. There are thousands of IAS coaching centers in India, all of them try their best to help and guide their students to clear the UPSC without any selfish desire.

Elite IAS Academy is one such IAS coaching center in Delhi which has to maintain the excellent quality education and consistent result in the UPSC exam for a decade now.

How IAS Coaching Centers keep Their Students motivated?

The introduction class:

From the very first day of an IAS coaching class, students are motivated and encouraged to pursue their dreams. An introductory class is important for both teacher and student. So that they know about each other quite well and understand how much clearing IAS exam means to them.

In the first two-three classes students answer questions such as tell me about yourself, why you want to become an IAS officer, what are your area of interests, tell about your hobbies, etc. So, this helps students to get over their hesitations and fears and talk about themselves.

Workshops and guest lectures:

IAS coaching centers always arrange workshops and invite guests, which helps students to interact with IAS toppers and know about their journey.

Workshops are the most effective and practical way of education. Here, students learn through activities and games. They know the tricks to keep themselves motivated during preparation and how to gracefully accept both success and failure.

IAS toppers are invited as a guest to share their stories and struggle during the years of preparation. Guest lectures happen at least once in every month. Students are informed about the workshops and guest lectures prior via mail and SMS.

Videos and success stories

The study material of the IAS coaching centers not only includes notes and test samples but also includes video clips, which are specially included to keep away blues form the lives of students.

Preparing for the UPSC exam can become frustrating and boring at one time. So, in such a situation, students need a word of encouragement from someone who has succeeded in his/her life. The video clips are the collection of best motivational speeches by IAS toppers and their biographies.

Doubt classes:

Apart from speeches and motivational lectures, IAS coaching makes sure that each of its students understands whatever is taught during the classroom sessions. An excellent education is a priority of Elite IAS Academy.

Teaching faculty ensures that students can understand the concept and asking questions and doubts to the teachers without any hesitation.

After the end of each chapter, teachers conduct doubt classes that help students to ask any questions related to the topic. Clearing the doubts of students helps them in the better understating of the concept and feel confident about their preparation.

Regular tests:

Timely Mock tests are important for the students to challenge their intellect and preparation. They must get exposure to a variety of questions. This helps them to boost their morale and confidence.

IAS coaching provides unlimited offline and online test series samples to its students for regular practice. Even after the student has completed the coaching classes, they have access to unlimited test series and samples of the IAS coaching for as long as they want. Check out the Online IAS Coaching Videos

It is necessary to do the practice of all types of questions and have exposure before sitting for the UPSC exam. Candidates should be prepared for all types of challenging questions before the UPSC exam.

Progress report

It is necessary to keep a check on the progress of the student. The results of classroom tests will show the progress of the student’s preparation for the UPSC exam.

IAS coaching helps its students to celebrate even the little progress. It also encourages students to improve the result and gives regular feedback.

The results of every classroom test come with valuable feedback. Teachers help students to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

The progress report is one of the ways through which IAS coaching has been motivating and encouraging aspirants from decades. Although, it’s an old method it is still effective. Students do well in a competitive environment because, firstly, they believe in their preparation, and secondly, they want to be better than everybody else.


IAS coaching helps students to know their worth and utilize their knowledge for suitable jobs. It guides the student throughout the recruitment process of the UPSC. From the Prelims to Personal Interview, IAS coaching never stops supporting its students and provides them all possible facilities to help them to clear the UPSC exam.

We care for your dreams as much you do. Success comes when teachers and students both involve themselves equally for any examination. Here, in Elite IAS coaching we believe in a collective effort. We become a successful IAS coaching center only when our students do well in the UPSC exam and clear it. And we are happy to say that we are one of the most consistent IAS coaching’s in India in terms number of students clearing the UPSC exam every year.

IAS coaching centers play a vital role in the aspirant’s life as they provide the right guidance and direction to the students. IAS coaching shapes and polishes the personalities of students so that they achieve their desired goals in their lives.

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