How Online IAS Coaching Institutions Have Been Making Use Of The Videos

Online IAS coaching institutions have been making an effective use of the videos in a highly effective manner to make it easier for the IAS aspirants to prepare for the Civil Services Exam. The Civil Servants in the Indian democracy have to put in tremendous hard work with great passion to work towards the nation’s progress at various platforms including political, economic, social, socio-economical, socio-political etc.

Besides, it’s no joke to be selected as a Civil Servant by the UPSC in the first place itself. The Civil Services Exam as conducted by UPSC is the most challenging of all the Examinations you might ever think of appearing for. More than 10 Lakhs of the students apply for the CSE every year. However, only a few get selected by the time, the third and the last stage of the Exam, i.e., the Interview is over.

How does the use of the videos help take the stress off the mind of the IAS aspirants?

Most of the IAS aspirants feel somewhat unusually stressed at times participating in the entire process of the IAS Exam from the Prelims till the Interview. However, as per the human psyche, it’s widely recognized that the use of the visuals makes it easier to learn and retain the relevant details in the memory for longer than usual. And that’s where the role played by the online IAS coaching institutions gains more of the importance as they make a major use of the videos to coach the IAS aspirants.

Advantages of using videos by the online IAS coaching institutions

Most of the online IAS coaching institutions make use of the videos to provide its students with the following advantages:

The proliferation of online content 

The web offers enough content on the Internet, that one may say, is more than sufficient to prepare for the IAS Exam. Besides, the content on the Internet may expand as well. You would come across a number of videos based on/inter-connected with the preparation for the IAS Exam on YouTube alone.

Besides, it’s a huge advantage to get sufficient of the reading material on the Internet including all the relevant details and information without incurring any additional cost. However, the proliferation of the content is advisable.

Interactive and personalized learning

It’s a great advantage for the candidates as the videos used by the online IAS coaching institutions allow them to prepare not only at their own leisure, but also the pace they are comfortable with. It’s noteworthy that videos carrying the coaching sessions available at the Internet, also offer brilliant analytics for the learning pattern for every student.

Audience expansion

Almost every year witnesses a tremendous increase in the number of the IAS aspirants. Thus, most of the traditional classroom IAS coaching institutions simply do not find it feasible to form the batches with high strengths, housing them all in spacious classrooms.

With a soaring expansion in the size of the audience, the video coaching sessions as opted by the online IAS coaching institutions appear to be more convenient an option to provide competent coaching to all the candidates. Besides, by means of the recorded coaching sessions in the videos, the online coaching institutions may update and use them more than once to enhance the quality of the coaching to a greater effect.

  • Content Availability – The coaching sessions are available on the videos 24*7 by means of the web portals for the sake of the students. Thus, they can learn depending upon their own convenience. On the other hand, learning may and does get hectic in the regular classroom coaching sessions as the students have to take down the notes.

What are the additional features provided by the online IAS coaching classes?

The online IAS coaching institutions usually have several additional features that add to the learning experience of the students in several ways. It includes:

  • Self-paced learning – The videos, apart from other relevant content available online helps the students to learn how and when they feel like. Thus, the self-paced learning puts many of the students at ease who find it somewhat difficult to study when they do not feel like doing so.  
  • Live streaming –  There might be many a students who would like to ask questions, getting their queries solved, but cannot do so because they can’t be there physically in the classroom. Thus, the option of live streaming comes as a boon to them.
  • Feedbacks and tests – The online IAS coaching institutions provide the students with the benefit of giving the remote feedback concerning the tests and the exams conducted by the online coaching institutions.
  • Live QA forum – An online forum, whenever integrated with the online IAS coaching institutions, allows the students to interact with their teachers and the peers. Thus, the students may get the support from these quarters when they need it the most.

What subjects are being taught online?

Online IAS coaching institutions have been teaching various subjects and Papers successfully including:

  • Optional Subjects
  • Economics,
  • Geography,
  • Psychology,
  • Sociology,
  • Philosophy,
  • The GS and CSAT Papers for the Prelims
  •  All the Papers for the Mains (the usually taught Optional Subjects have already been specified above)

Apart from all that is inter-related for clearing the exam and joining IAS, IRS, IPS, CDS, IES, etc.

Is online a preferred method of learning for students in India?

During the recent times, online mode of preparing for the IAS Exam has been gaining an edge over the traditional offline classroom coaching. The candidates opt for the online IAS coaching because of various reasons. Most of the candidates with the full time jobs are not able to resign from their jobs simply to attend the coaching classes on the regular basis. Besides, there are housewives and those who do not find it viable to leave their hometowns and come to Delhi to attend classes in a regular coaching institution. And the online IAS coaching institutions help all to prepare for the IAS Exam.

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