How to Solve Common Struggles During IAS Preparation

IAS Preparation: The formal review of UPSC civil service is scheduled to take effect on 31 May and the lakhs of civil applicants train for this on an annual basis. We know that every year students face the same issues as one of the leading ias training institutes in India. There are recurrent issues with the planning of the IAS test. We answer a variety of issues in this post for which the majority of UPSC candidates aspire and propose simple solutions.

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IAS Preparation: The Coaching Problem

Aspirants to the IAS first have a difficulty of deciding to learn their own way or a coaching organization. Many students expend valuable time determine between the two choices and then lose a few weeks to train them.

The alternative is to visit a few ias coaching institutions in demo classes and then to equate it with self-preparation. Joining an institute is not the intelligent alternative because any other civil applicant does it, particularly if you can plan better yourself.

The difficulty here is not to take much time on the choice, since it depends on how much you grasp the program and the more you get to learn it the most probable you will. The issue is to make this determination as soon as possible.

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The Time Problem

IAS Preparation: Students do not realize how much time the program can be invested. Most people believe that you ought to get up at four o’clock in the morning to finish the CSE and start training at five o’clock in 16 hours.

When you are more active in the morning, we suggest that you get up early to deal with the heavy subjects. In the other side, it is advisable to use some breaks and travel time to study for the IAS exams while you are employed professionally.

Install a time schedule to fits the style of research and conditions to cover the whole syllabus instead of simply doing as everybody else does.

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The Syllabus Problem

As is established, UPSC has built a detailed curriculum for the IAS test. This is so many prospective candidates believe that even after a year the entire issue cannot be studied. That’s a legend. As long as you are learning, it is really possible to plan the whole program.

Prepare the first and most commonly requested sub-sections. Often, don’t forget to research what is going on in India and around the globe, as there are several queries on current affairs.

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The Optional Problem

There are 500 marks in the optional subject. This is a big aspect of the overall scoring and will greatly increase yours. This is why the optional should play a key role in the IAS test. Many aspirants are also uncertain about the optional topic to choose.


There is no single optional or successful topic since many IAS candidates clear the test every year with many optional subject choices. Check whether there is sufficient study material available and if you have taken part in the coaching, you teach it. Select your optional subject on the basis of the responses and clear the examination with flying colors.

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