A Brief Overview about IAAS full form, Eligibility and Career Option

IAAS full form: Indian Audit and Accounts Service is a civil service group categorized as Group A of the Indian Government it is a service department that comes under the Central Government, Comptroller, and Auditor General of India. IAAS full form is explained in detail below.

The main responsibility of IAAS is to conduct auditing of the accounts related to the Union and State Government along with Public sector organizations. This will help in maintaining the overall accounts of the Indian Government. 

It is a very important role that is kept confidential to the politicians and media to avoid any discrepancies. 

The candidates who are selected for the department of IAAS are given intense training at the National Academy of Audit and Accounts. This academy is located in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. 


Indian Audit and Accounts Service is known to be private and not public; there are a few advantages of IAAS which we will discuss below:

  • People who prefer staying low profile at work can opt for this field, as there is very little involvement of media and Politics. 
  • IAAS is an excellent department for those candidates who are very much interested in Accounting.
  • There is an option to explore as the postings are given even in overseas regions.
  • IAAS has more job satisfaction when compared to other fields of All India Civil Services.
  • When coming to job postings within the country, all postings are allotted in metro cities and state capitals only.

IAAS stands for Indian Audit and Accounts Service, the training of the same is given over a while to ensure that the officers are ready to take up their roles and responsibilities with perfection.


The selected officers are trained for a time of 1-2 years at the National Academy of Audit and Accounts. During this training period, the officers are given practical as well as theoretical knowledge about the subject involving government and commercial accounting and auditing sectors.

For the IAAS officer to get a practical approach, they are posted in the government organizations like the Reserve Bank of India, Bureau of Parliamentary Studies, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, and pay visits to the premier institutes all across India.


  • The IAAS officers will directly report to the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India.
  • IAAS officers are given opportunities to serve the country as well as on the deputation of foreign countries. 
  • These officers are allowed to get posted in Washington, London, and Kuala Lumpur.
  • IAAS officer’s work is considered of extreme importance as is even presented in the Parliament. 

Eligibility criteria:

To apply for jobs in the IAAS department the candidate must be eligible for a few criteria’s such as he must be a citizen of India.

The Subject of Nepal and Bhutan can also apply for the posts of IAS and other departments. Educational qualification requires that he must be a graduate from a known university recognized by the government of India. Candidates with a professional background can also apply for the job. 

The minimum age requirement for the qualification of an IAAS officer is 21 years and the maximum age requirement is 30 years. 

Indian Audit and accounts service salary depends on the post allotted to the candidate. 

Roles and Duties:

  • The responsibility of IAAS officers is very much respected and it demands responsibility and reverence. 
  • The appointed officer is required to be fit mentally as well as physically and the nature of the work should not affect him in any way.
  • IAAS officer is responsible for auditing accounts of both Union and State governments.
  • The officer must be engaged in maintaining all the accounts about the Indian government.
  • The role of the IAAS officer is very similar to that of the National Audit Officer of the UK.

Postings that come under IAAS:

IAAS full form: After the selection of the candidate and thorough training, these officers are posted as Deputy Director or Deputy Accountant General. To know, the highest post that is considered for promotion is Deputy CAG of India. The Deputy CAG of India is similar to the Secretary to the Government of India. 

The Ranking order in the IAAS field is as follows:

1. Deputy Accountant General (DAG)/Deputy Director (DD)

2. Senior DAG/Director

3. Accountant General (AG)/Principal Director (PD)

4. Principal Accountant General (PAG)/Director General (DG)

5. Additional Deputy CAG with Seven Posts

6. Deputy CAG with Six posts


IAAS is known to carry out main objectives with perfection such as:

  • Accounting and auditing of Central Governments
  • Accounting and auditing of State Governments
  • Public Sector Undertakings (PSU’s)
  • They have main offices in three different countries– the U.S.A., the United Kingdom, and Malaysia.
  • The main objective of maintaining a presence in overseas locations is to implement an audition of Global Multilateral Organizations.