Tips to get your preparation for IAS started & Debunking some of the myths about UPSC IAS preparation

1)Is IAS the toughest exam in India?

IAS MYTHS: No, it’s not the toughest exam and thinking that is one is the biggest myths about UPSC. It’s just liked any other exam in your life. Even if you fail in it, that won’t be the end of the world. Take it as a part of your life it is not “the life” try and give your best efforts. ultimately you will succeed in the exam and as well as in your life.

2) IAS MYTHS- As they say it’s not a bed of roses, is it?

Honestly, nothing in life is a bed of roses and no one is faint-hearted, confidence comes from hard work and experience, so go on try your best, we know you can do it.

3)Toppers in an interview talk about such extreme preparation some even say they studied for 20 hours, is it needed?

Honestly, it’s not even possible to study that much consistently until and unless someone has some serious disorders or insomnia, it’s just a part of longs lists of IAS myths. It’s important that your mind and body are properly relaxed for IAS preparation so, take at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep, and make sure when you study you focus properly rather than just counting hours and investing time.

4)You want me to study fourteen hours, are you serious?

Yes, I am. Previously if you would have been working in a company you would at least have been devoting 10 to 11 hours. All we want is for you to succeed if you will sleep for 6 to 7 hours you will still be left with plenty of free time even after devoting 14 hours. You don’t have to sit straight for fourteen hours you can divide and utilize your time accordingly.

5) Am I out of the race as my command on English language is not great?

No, you still have excellent chance of cracking this exam. Since you have identified the issue, you can also find a solution to overcome it. Now you know what you need to focus on, knowing your weakness is also a sign of strength. All you must do is work on your English regularly read, newspaper(editorial), watch English shows, movies, do exercises on reading and comprehension and even work on your grammar through books and mock tests.

6)I can’t go to Delhi for my preparation, is it going to affect extremely on my results, as they say, it’s the best place to go for exam preparation for the IAS aspirants?

They say quite a lot of things and it’s not important that you believe in all of them. Preparing for IAS is a task that only accounts for the efforts that the individual puts in- the only thing that will make an impact on your results is how much devoted you were in the self-study. Not that did you visit or stay in the holy shrine. Just believe in yourself more than anyone else and don’t pay attention to all these capitalist and marketing rumors that are getting spread around you. 

7) Can I prepare from the comfort of my office or home and will it work?

Yeah, for sure you can. Nowadays you can online books and study well from the comforts of your office or home. If you want to be a topper you don’t need coaching all you need is a plan and its execution. Utilize your time study with great focus so, that the time you put into your studies is giving you positive results. Just keep on devoting your time and efforts consistently give a mock test and analyze the results than strategies for future preparation. You can do it with hard work dedication and a little bit of luck.

8) So, luck and destiny are important to clear the IAS exam?

It’s not a lucky draw or lottery that takes no preparation from you and when you will go to give the exam there will be a lucky draw and you may or may not be selected that’s not the process, right? So, luck may play 1% role but 99% is your hard work, your dedication to the efforts that you put in. it’s just one of the IAS MYTHS or myths about UPSC.

9) I failed in my prelims and it was my final attempt, now all I can think of is killing myself, tell me what should I do?

You want to kill yourself because you failed an exam? What you should it become rational think about all the people who gave the exam and couldn’t make should they all kill themselves. People in this world do not have access to clean water or even food twice a day and those are the reasons you can die for but because you couldn’t clear an exam you are privileged. Think about what you can do how can you make your life better there is so much that you can do we only get to live once don’t waste it.

10) Approximately 7 to 8 lakh people give the exam and the selection rate is meagre, am I screwed?

Yes, lakhs of people give the exam, but the actual fight is just between a few thousand only because a lot of the people just fill the form, they don’t study for it, or put the time and efforts that it requires. Don’t think so much, start and it will all come together. Make a plan work on it, spend your time wisely, understand your weak points and work on them give mock tests and analyze the results and voila you will be among the few the thousands who get selected. 

11) They say there is corruption when recruiting, so what’s the use of so much hard work?

The allegation that you are so worried about has no shred of truth in it. The whole recruitment process of civil services is opaque and there is no doubt about it. When the recruitment is happening only those candidates are selected who deserve it and have cleared all the rounds of the process with flying colors. So, you don’t have to worry about the false allegations.

12) Sometimes people laugh at me and even make fun of me when I tell them that I am preparing for this prestigious exam? Instead, they wish me to say that I am preparing for Civil Services. Please tell me the difference between the two.

Whenever a person say he or she is preparing for civil services it just means he or she is not necessarily sure which service they want to pursue even under civil services as there are many, while on the other hand if you say you are preparing for IAS/ IPS/IFS it just means you have a very clear vision of what you want to be. So, say whatever you want to, but know what you mean.

13) There are so many books that I need to refer to, and when I am making notes it just gets so, difficult to summarise all of them, I am getting headaches- what should I do?

One thing that highly needs to be considered while preparing for IAS is how well you are using your time, if you will try to read so many books for just one topic you will lose it all, and you will not know what to focus on. Just take one topic to refer to not more than 2 to 3 books and summarise accordingly always know that joseph hall said- “perfect is the child of time”. Invest it wisely and you will get good results otherwise you will just get lost between so many explanations.

14) Is IAS the best job available on this planet?

Yes and no, it’s subjectiveif you love whatever you are doing it is the best job on earth for you. Although you can ask some of them and I don’t think many will agree it’s just a highly popular IAS myths though it’s amazing job without a doubt. Though sometimes I wonder being the president of the USA is the best job on earth but it’s all subjective.

15) We can say it’s the best job in India at least.

Again, it’s subjective, though being an IAS is truly gratifying, if you want to leave a positive impact on the lives of thousands of poor then you will get the 100% fulfillment in it. When it comes to influencing thousands of poor lives there are always going to be consequences related to political situations in our country that you really must aware of.

16) I have always seen people saying that the syllabus of this exam is humongous like an ocean and still questions are asked outside from it, is it?

No, that not true. UPSC is not a small body that does not follow its own syllabus. It always adheres to all the rules it sets up along with the syllabus that is provided on its official website. Whatever the question comes they are always related to the syllabus in one or the other sometime the information can indirectly relate a sometimes it’s from the deep mines of knowledge that is still part of the syllabus. For example, if there is a question “opportunity on mars” so one does not have start creating information on its own when he doesn’t even know about the topic as- Opportunity is the name of a Robot that was sent to Mars in 2003. Awareness of ‘Robotics ‘and ‘Space ‘is part of the UPSC syllabus (Paper-IV).

17) I just always keep on buying the study material and magazines books that I don’t even need or read necessarily, is there a way I can stop?

IAS MYTHS- You are buying all those magazines and books because you want the satisfaction that you have the resources and you are making the right choice as buying books is a kind of investment but not when you don’t even read it. So, try to limit yourself or set boundaries that you won’t buy the next until you finish the last one or absolutely need the other.