IDAS Full Form, Recruitment Process, Functions, Eligibility & More

IDAS full form is Indian Defence Accounts Service, it is considered as Group A of Civil Service of Indian Government. It was established to provide financial advice and clues to Defence Services and other organizations. Some of the other organizations include Military Engineering Services, Border Roads organizations, Indian Army Forces, Defence Research and Development, etc.


Officers of IDAS are recruited through Civil Service Examination conducted by UPSC every year. The cadre which controls the authority of IDAS is the Defence Ministry. The Defence Accounts Department is known to have looked upon the Pay and Accounts of the Indian Military for more than 200 years.

The candidates who aspire to join IDAS need to pass the Civil Service exam, which is conducted in three stages namely the Preliminary, Mains, and Interview process. Once the candidate clears all three phases he will be eligible to join IDAS.


The candidates who are selected by the UPSC are now given elaborated training at various centers across India. Initially, they are provided with foundation training alongside the All India Services at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration located in Mussourie. The period for this training will last for 4-6 months. 

Once the foundation training is completed the next phase of training will start i.e. Induction training. This training is provided at CENTERED, located in New Delhi. After this special session of training is given at the Professional Training Course in Financial Management, Faridabad. 

The last phase is the Departmental training at the National Academy of Defence Financial Management Institute situated in Pune. The whole training period is for about 2 years, once the candidate passes the Departmental examination he is confirmed as the junior IDAS officer on a particular time scale grade. 

Qualification and Eligibility criteria:

  • A candidate aspiring to become an IDAS officer must hold a graduation degree from a recognized university. 
  • Any aspirant who is currently practicing a professional job can also apply for the examination.
  • For continuing he must submit some relevant forms and take coaching accordingly. 
  • The age limit set for applying for the civil service exam is a minimum of 22 years and a maximum of 33 years.
  • However, for scheduled classes and tribes there are some relaxations with the age. 
  • The candidates are given a total of 9 attempts to clear the UPSC exam.

The syllabus is known to be very vast covering all the major and minor subjects of the Indian education system. The candidate must take coaching from top institutes to clear the Civil Service exam and qualify for the IDAS exam. 

There are a few steps on which the candidate will be judged upon. He must be very good at accounting and management. Those aspirants who excel in communication skills will have the added advantage to clear the interview process with ease. 


The main role of the Indian Defence Accounts Service is to give financial advice, payment advice, and many other involvements in other organizations.

  • The officers are posted in government organizations and ministries with special powers and benefits.
  • In some cases, the officers are also sent to other countries on peace maintenance missions. 
  • The departments which are directly involved with IDAS are Navy forces, Canteen stores department, Ordnance Factories, etc.

IDAS officer salary is very attractive at every scale and position. The salary for every phase is decided and revised according to the experience of the officer and promotion. There will be a yearly increment to the basic salary of the IDAS officers. The increment percentage will also depend on the performance of the officer. There are many posts and positions at every level, and the officers will be selected for promotion by their senior leaders. 

Career Path:

IDAS: After the training phases, the candidates are posted as Assistant Controlling Officers of Defence Accounts. The places where the candidates are posted include municipal towns with cantonments.

Once the government recognizes their duty and hard work they will be given a promotion at different levels. The first level of promotion will be the Deputy Controlling Officer of Defence Accounts.

The posting for this level is done mostly in the State Capital Cities only. The most senior level of promotion will be at the Command Headquarters. 

IDAS full form as mentioned above is Indian Defence Accounts Service, it is considered the major department in terms of relying on advice from an expert officer. Seeing the post requirements and responsibilities Indian government has given them special powers to deal with the ministers and organizations.

They will be a point of contact when there is auditing and investigation conducted for Defence Accounts. 

The benefits of residence, service help, bills, and much more will be taken care for the officer of the IDAS department. Considering these benefits the officer must prove him worthy of the title and powers.