Indian Economy Syllabus for UPSC: Indian Economy prospectus for UPSC prelims/UPSC Economics schedule for prelims/prospectus of Economics for UPSC prelims:

Monetary and Social Development: practical turn of events, neediness, incorporation, socioeconomics, social area drives, and so on.

Here, you should cover points, for example, monetary development and improvement, finance, banking, spending plan, equilibrium of installments, neediness and related issues, populace sythesis and related attributes, social area drives connected with schooling, wellbeing and disinfection, and worldwide monetary foundations.

Important area to focus in the UPSC economy syllabus:

PSC Economy Syllabus

Economic growth and development

Basic concept and definition of economy and economics, uses and transfer of resources, distributive effects, macro and micro economic policy, micro-macro balance, distributive impact of economic policies, development versus growth, determinant of growth and development, concepts such as HPI/MPI, HDI, PQLI, GEM, GDI/GII, TAI, Green index, sustainable development, India’s ranking in the various indices.


Definitions, causes, distribution-deprivation, income versus calories, measurement of poverty, status of poverty, eradication programmes, poverty and resource policy, tribal rights and issues, livelihood mission.


Definition, relevance, types, financial inclusion, recent initiatives.

Fiscal policy 

Definition, component, receipts, revenue and capital account, tax revenue, expenditure, budget.


Census data, populations by gender, by state, by age group, socio-economic status, caste, religion, literacy levels, etc. Trends in human development interstate comparison, etc.

Social issues

  • Financing health policy, education policy, sanitation, drinking water, social security, infrastructure policy, international trade issues, regional cooperation.
  • MNERGS, MSMEs, Make in India, industrial corridors, NITI Aayog, black money, international treaties and organisations, India’s policies with neighbours.

Book List for Indian Economy

  • Indian Economic Development XI Standard NCERT 
  • Indian Economy by Sanjiv Verma 
  • Introductory Macroeconomics XII Standard NCERT (Ignore all diagrams & mathematical formulas) 
  • The Hindu or Indian Express Newspaper
  • Economics Dictionary published by Collins & Penguin 
  • Economic Survey 2021 – 22 Highlights