Among the most prestigious jobs in India is serving in the Indian Police Service. Many aspirants take the UPSC exam to become an IPS officer. If you have the same goal, you have to know the basic details of the Indian Police Service.

In this case, we can help you out. That’s why we are sharing all the details regarding the Indian Police Service in this blog. Moreover, you will also know about an IPS officer’s job role and facilities. Let’s find out.

About IPS

Before you know about the eligibility and other important things about IPS, you have to know the basic details. As a class one job, the Indian Police Service is a dream job for many aspirants. You can become an IPS officer after passing the UPSC examination.

On the other hand, a candidate needs physical fitness to get the job role. The Indian Police Service was known as the Imperial Police Service during the British period. It was founded in 1905. However, there were a lot of changes after independence.


As we noted above, you have to clear the UPSC exam to become an Indian Police Service officer. The candidate must be an Indian citizen. The lowest age limit is 21 and the highest is 32. Also, the candidate requires a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. Besides the basic eligibility, physical fitness is very important to become an IPS officer.

IPS Process

A candidate has to clear the UPSC examination to get the job role of an Indian Police Service officer. UPSC completes this process in three steps; preliminary, main, and interview. In addition, IPS candidates have to do a physical fitness test before joining.

The preliminary exam includes two papers; General Studies I, General Studies II. However, the score will not be added to the main exam. A candidate can answer the questions either in Hindi or English. There’s also a negative marking of ⅓ of each incorrect question.

The main exam includes two language papers and four general studies papers. On the other hand, a candidate has to choose two optional papers as well. Lastly, the candidate has to pass a personality test of 275 marks.

Role and Responsibilities

Now, you know about the eligibility and the process of becoming an IPS officer. Well, being an Indian Police Service officer is not a cup of tea. There are various responsibilities of an IPS officer. In the following, we are sharing some essential roles and responsibilities of Indian Police Service officials:

  • An officer has to command the Central Armed Force.
  • Maintaining crime prevention, order, investigation, and public peace.
  • An IPS officer will also take care of VIP security, border policing, railway policing, drug trafficing, counter-terrorism, and disaster management.
  • In some cases, Indian Police Service officials are protecting the economic law.


Besides responsibilities, IPS officers also get some facilities. As it’s a level one job role, you can get several facilities such as transport, residence, bills, trips, and pension.


Finally, you know all the details of the Indian Police Service. To take the UPSC examination, you have to check eligibility. If you want to become an IPS officer, you have to complete the process. For more information, you can contact a reputed UPSC coaching center. Hence, you can also visit the official website of UPSC.


Q: What is the qualification for IPS?

An IPS candidate needs a bachelor’s degree from a reputed university. Plus, physical fitness is also essential to get this job role.

Q: What are the subjects for IPS?

There are various subjects for IPS including Ethics and Human Rights, Internal Security, Information & Communication Technology, and more.

Q: Do IPS need height?

Yes, height is essential to get the IPS job role. A male candidate needs 165 cm height while a female candidate needs 150 cm height.