ISRO Full Form: ISRO stands for Indian Space Research Organization, it is also known as Bharatiya Antriksha Anushandhan Sansthan. ISRO is an organization that invents and provides top-quality technological facilities for India aiming for better growth and development. 

ISRO is an organization established by the Indian Government for providing space-related initiatives and activities for India. It will take care of all the space security and information dealing with internal and external space. 

Because of the efforts of ISRO, India is now one of the 6th countries in the whole world that are able to manufacture top class satellites and other space equipment. These are all capable of installing all the equipment in the space itself.


The headquarters of ISRO is located in Bangalore but it has a total of 6 major centres all across India. It was established in the year 1962 by Jawaharlal Nehru under the Atomic Energy Department also known as DAE. The Indian government established a Space Commission and Space Department (DOS) in the year 1972 and tagged ISRO under the DOS. ISRO is now regulated by DOS and all the activities are done by ISRO are reported to the Prime Minister of India. 

In the year 2019, ISRO launched Chandrayaan-2 and the mission was successful giving all the credits to all the scientists of ISRO. The success of Chandrayaan-2 made ISRO one of the largest internal space agencies in the world.

There is a surprising fact about ISRO, to date, ISRO has sent more than 370 satellites into space. Out of these 370 satellites, 101 are for India and the rest 269 satellites are for overseas. 

ISRO Satellite Programs:

Below are some of the famous space programs of ISRO:

1. INSAT Series

2. IRS Series

3. Radar Imaging Satellite

4. South Asia Satellite

5. Gagan Satellite Navigation System

6. IRNSS Satellite Navigation System

7. ISRO’s successful space programs

Failed ISRO Space Programs:

Along with the huge success of ISRO, it has faced some failures too. We will discuss the space programs that have failed for ISRO:

· Rohini technology payload was launched on 10 August 1979 but failed totally.

· The INSAT 1A was launched in 1982 and lost contact with Earth in 1983.

· ASLV was not successful.

· Mangalyaan 2 failed due to some technical glitches just in the last stage. 

ISRO is considered as one of the leading and successful space research centres, it makes various types of advanced satellites for India that self installs in the space after reaching the desired spot. Some of the different satellites created by ISRO are:

· Weather forecast satellite

· Telemedicine satellite 

· Broadcast communication satellite

· Communication satellite 

· Geographic information satellite

All the scientists and physicists of ISRO work very hard to represent India and help India stay always ahead of other countries in terms of communication and technology. 

Through ISRO, India has advanced in its defence technology and become totally independent.

Interesting facts about ISRO: ISRO Full Form

· The whole credit of the formation of ISRO goes to the scientist Vikram Sarabhai, he was the brain behind ISRO’s inception in the year 1969.

· The first satellite built by India was named Aryabhata in the year 1975. As Aryabhata did not have its own launch pad, the Soviet Union helped in its installation. 

· This first satellite mission was completely designed in India which gave a lot of hope for future advancements.

· In the year 2008, the first lunar mission was planned named Chandrayaan-1. This lunar mission was launched by the PSLV.

· In 2014, ISRO launched India’s first interplanetary mission and that was to the planet Mars.

· India became the first country in the whole world that launched its spacecraft in the Mar’s orbit in its first attempt. 

· In the year 1980, the satellite named Rohini was launched into space by an Indian made launch vehicle. Never of this kind has ever happened and the credit goes to ISRO. 

What are the operation centres of ISRO?

As mentioned above ISRO has many branches spread all across the country. 

· The Ahmadabad Space Applications Centre builds all the sensors and payloads.

· At Bangalore’s U R Rao Satellite centre, all the satellites are designed, produced and tested with installation. 

· All the Launch vehicles are made in the Thiruvananthapuram Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre.

· The Launch testing is done at Satish Dhawan Space Centre.

FAQs: ISRO Full Form

Q1. Where is the main office of ISRO located?

A1. The main headquarter of ISRO is located in Bangalore, however, there are many sub-branches of ISRO that are spread all across the country with the only purpose of doing research work related to space, satellites and space equipment. 

Q2. Are NASA and ISRO the same?

A2. NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration, it is a space administration agency whereas ISRO is the Indian Space Research Organisation that mainly deals with space research work.