Preparation Strategies Adopted for Economics Optional

Economics Optional: Economics is believed to be a very interesting optional subject in UPSC, many candidates choose economics as their optional subject mainly because of its popularity. The toppers of the UPSC exams have personally suggested that out of all the other optional economics is the scoring subject. 

The topics of economics optional are technical but at the same, they are equally relevant in current scenarios. If you pay attention to the current affairs then solving papers might be helpful, as most of the questions asked in the UPSC exam are based on current topics. 

However, studying and preparing for economics is not easy, you must follow strategies in order to cover all the topics on time. We will discuss the key points to consider and a few basic strategies to follow while preparing for economics optional below:

  • Solving previous year’s question papers will give you an idea about the pattern of questions being asked. This will also enhance your writing skills and time management skills. Once you excel in answering these papers you will have the confidence to solve the final exam.
  • You can take assistance from seniors who have already cracked the UPSC exam or even those who have attempted the exam last year. They can best explain to you about the exam pattern. Constant writing will help you in improving your writing style. 
  • Don’t ignore the diagrams and flowcharts related to the topic, these will work as a cherry on the cake. Always give examples and references where ever needed. 
  • Try to plan out a simple timetable covering all the topics, this way you can reserve a particular time period for a particular subject. Completing the whole syllabus requires constant monitoring and dedication. 
  • When you refer to notes and study material for economics optional, make sure to write down your own notes for better understanding and preparation. While noting down the notes don’t make lengthy topics instead make short and point to point material. This will help in quick revision during the time of final exams. If you learn the notes through headings and side heading then it will be easy to remember the concepts and meanings. One more advantage of writing down the notes is it will help you in improving your literacy skills and communication skills. 
  • Consider reading newspapers, magazines and articles on regular basis. These will help you in relating theoretical knowledge to practical situations and current affairs.
  • When it comes to studying material, try to refer to the authors that are famous with the latest publications. This will have all the updated concepts and topics of economics. Referring to the best authors will help you in better understanding the new key terms and definitions related to the topic.
  • While attempting the answers in economics it is always better to use quotes and names of famous economists to add weight age to your answers. Try not to add unnecessary data to your answers, keep them concise and point to point. Your answers must be easily understood by the examiner and he should not feel that your answers are confusing.
  • When the topics have diagrams and charts, try to focus more on them. This will give your answer sheet a different look and a practical view too. You must be perfect in all the charts and figures, just drawing them will not be sufficient. You have to explain them in detail with relevant examples. 
  • Dedicate specific time periods for doing proper revision, when it comes to economics you have to be thorough with what you read and learn. Without proper revision, you cannot remember the concepts and topics. Hence it is suggested that you make short and crisp notes with proper charts and diagrams. 
  • When prepared with thorough interest, economics is the most scoring subject. For gaining extra knowledge you can also rely on internet sources and interviews given by famous economists. They have a standard way of answering and explaining the syllabus. 
  • In order to keep your motivation level high, consider taking coaching from top institutes. There the mentors and colleagues will help you stay firm on your path. There will be a competitive spirit when you study in a group, the teachers will guide you at every point making learning easy. 

However, people also consider taking economics as the study material is readily available in the market. This particular subject is rational and logical hence making it easy to understand. There is one drawback for economics that if you are not from the same background then you might have to do a little more homework of studying the basics of economics. Without this, you will never understand the advanced concepts. Hence it is necessary that you do a proper investigation about all the subjects before you make your final choice. 

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