Strategies to Crack the UPSC IAS Prelims Exam in the First Attempt Itself

So, you aim at cracking the IAS Exam in the first attempt itself. Besides, you must score higher than your competitors if you aim at joining IAS. However, a huge number of the IAS aspirants often make the mistake of preparing for the Mains so much so that they simply ignore the significance of the Prelims in the process.

They should realize well within time that it’s highly essential to prepare for the Prelims so that their efforts to be an IAS do not go down the drain! In case, you fail to qualify the Prelims, there would be no Mains and no IAS for you!

Here are some tips on cracking the UPSC IAS Prelims in the first attempt itself:

(1)Understand and Study the UPSC syllabus well

UPSC Syllabus
UPSC Syllabus

It’s advisable to understand and study the UPSC syllabus well before you proceed further with the preparation of the Prelims. It should always be kept in the mind that the Mains Papers are subjective and hence, require a detailed study. However, though the Prelims is just the qualifying Exams and comprises the objective questions only, the focus on the preparation does require a thorough understanding of the syllabus. If you aim at cracking the Prelims at the first attempt itself, make all the basics clear and do not forget to read the NCERT books, apart from other study material.

(2)Current Affairs

Here, an IAS Academy can come to your rescue! Current affairs, as the very phrase suggests, is what that goes around currently. But, all that goes around currently is not relevant enough to be considered for the preparation of the Prelims.
However, the faculty at an IAS Academy can help you to find the relevant areas in the current affairs to focus on.

Regularly reading the newspapers including The Hindu and The Indian Express might also help. And almost all would agree that no IAS aspirant may even think of preparing for the Civil Services Exam without preparing for the current affairs.

(3)Strategize well to prepare well

Though you might not admit to yourself, it holds true that if you fail to strategize well, you are only moving ahead towards the road to failure. So, it’s best to chart out your strategy for the preparation of the IAS Prelims in a manner so that you may allow yourself to focus well on the preparation without any kind of disturbance. Time management keeping a provision for the revisions, of course, pays well.

(4)Test Series

It’s here, once again, that an IAS institute in Delhi comes into the picture. Though you answer the Test Series online, doing so regularly at a coaching institution is definitely going to aid your preparation for the IAS Prelims in a number of ways that you might not have anticipated earlier. Apart from discussing your weak points with the faculty, you will also get to know the solutions to be implemented in order to transform your weaknesses into strengths.

(5)Persist to achieve your aim

More than the intellect, it’s the desire to succeed that counts. One of the oldest and among the most truthful of the sayings goes, “Where there is will, there is a way.” So, never give up. Rather focus on your aim to the extent that every failure of yours only serves to motivate you well to move nearer the success.

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