UPSC Books for Geography Optional Booklist for UPSC Mains

Books for Geography Optional: In the UPSC Mains test, Geography Optional is the most popular and chosen optional subject. The UPSC IAS Exam’s Geography Optional is extremely important in both the Prelims and Mains examinations. This is the most scoring option that also assists in general studies papers if the approach to the subject is correct. Many applicants who chose Geography as their Optional Subject in the UPSC Mains examination were successful.

Out of all the optional syllabi for the IAS mains exam, Geography Optional has the shortest curriculum. In two months, the entire course can be completed. In addition, the syllabus is well-defined and concise. The arithmetic curriculum is virtually totally stagnant.

Paper 1

  1. A Geography by Population – R.C. Chandna
  2. Agricultural Geography – Majid Husain
  3. Climatology – D.S.Lal
  4. Economic and Social Geography – Made Simple – R.Knowles & J.Wareing
  5. Economic Geography- Hartshorn & Truman A
  6. Environmental Awareness – R.C.Chandna
  7. Environmental Geography – Savindra Singh
  8. Environmental Geography – H M Saxena
  9. General Climatology – Critchfield
  10. Geomorphology – Savindra Singh
  11. Human Geography -Majid Husain
  12. Oceanography- Sharma & Vatal, NCERT
  13. Evolution of Geographic Thought-Majid Husain
  14. Physical Geography – Made Simple – Richard H Bryant
  15. Physical Geography – Savindra Singh
  16. Introducing Physical Geography – Alan Strahler
  17. Physical Geography in Diagrams -Bunnett
  18. Political Geography -R.D.Dixit
  19. Principles of Geomorphology-W.D. Thornbury
  20. Regional Planning in India – Chand & Puri
  21. Urbanization & Urban Systems in India- R. Ramachandran

Paper 2

  1. A Geography of India -Gopal Singh
  2. Agriculture Geography – Majid Husain
  3. Certificate Physical and Human Geography – Goh Cheng Leong
  4. Economic and Commercial Geography of India – C.B. Mamoria
  5. Economic and Commercial Geography of India – Sharma & Coutinho
  6. Economical and Commercial Geography of India – C.B. Mamoria
  7. Environmental Awareness – R.C.Chandna
  8. Environmental Geography – Savinder Singh
  9. Environmental Geography – Saxena
  10. Geography of India – Majid Husain
  11. Geography of Population- R.C.Chandna
  12. Hindu’s Survey on Agriculture
  13. Human Geography – Majid Husain
  14. India Disasters Report
  15. Oxford School Atlas – Oxford
  16. Modern Political Geography of India – B.L. Sukhwal
  17. Regional Planning in India – Chand and Puri
  18. Urbanization and Urban Systems in India – R. Ramachandran
  19. Environmental Geography – Saxena