Appearing for the UPSC exam after finishing education sounds excellent, but cracking the exam is one of the hardest hurdles. The syllabus of the UPSC exam can be very hard to handle if not approached with smart strategies. Being studious is not the only thing that can bring assured success in the UPSC exam. Besides hard work, preparing in some smart ways is also equally important for cracking the UPSC exam. In this article, we will discuss the effective strategies that can help you crack UPSC easily with UPSC preparation 2020.

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What are the smart ways that you must follow for UPSC Exam Preparation 2020? 

  1. Divide the syllabus into multiple segments to have a better grasp of the syllabus. The entire syllabus of the UPSC exam consists of a huge number of topics and chapters. That’s why splitting the syllabus will be favorable for you to prepare in a better way. Reading segment by segment while preparing for the exam is always better than reading abruptly.
  2. During preparation, reading a single subject continuously for several days can be irritating and monotonous. Instead of that, you can read multiple subjects alternatively. In that way, you can prepare all the subjects simultaneously and consistently.
  3. It would help if you prepared your own notes during the preparation of the UPSC exam. In those notes, you are supposed to summarize and simplify the topics. You can collect information from different sources on particular topics and create specific notes for better preparation. That’s an important factor that can increase the chances of cracking the UPSC exam indeed.
  4. You should attempt to learn in different ways for better preparation. First of all, you must select the right books that contain the required information. Anyway, you must not rely on books completely. Besides going through the important books, you must use the web to look for the required information. Live lectures on different educational apps; websites can be helpful for you as well. You will get many educational videos on YouTube also, and checking out those can be beneficial.
  5. As the UPSC’s vast syllabus includes a lot of chapters, you must revise the topics and chapters regularly. Otherwise, you might find it hard to remember everything you read. Therefore, you need to revise the chapters at a regular interval.
  6. The time duration of each paper of the UPSC exam is two hours. That’s why you must practice completing the answer scripts within short periods. With consistent practice, you will eventually answer all the questions properly within a limited time.
  7. Mock tests are great for preparing for the UPSC exam. It would be favorable for you to attend as many mock tests as you can before giving the final exam. You clarify your ideas and concepts about the UPSC exams by giving multiple mock tests. Moreover, you also get a clearer idea about the UPSC exam question papers by giving mock tests.

These are the smart and efficient tips that can help crack the UPSC exam 2020. You must adopt these smart ways to crack the exam comfortably.

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