The Central Public Works Department is an agency of the Indian Government. CPWD functions as the centralized agency that takes charge of all forms of public service operations or development work in India.

CPWD is an Indian government entity responsible for creating and maintaining public services, including bridges, public government construction, public transportations, highways,  drinking water sources, and many other national levels.

To put it another way, the Central public works department is the government department that deals with the development and management of public infrastructures such as government buildings, water systems, bridges, roads, etc.

The work and projects of the Indian Government like safety, facilities on roads and highways, maintenance, and restructuring of government buildings are managed by CPWD that were earlier undertaken by the military of India. In the 19th century, the responsibility for public works was assigned to the special branch of the Indian Civil Service.

The CPWD is a Central agency, works for the central Government, whereas PWD is also a public works department in various states that works for distinct state governments.

History of CPWD

It was in July 1854 that the Central Public Works Department came into being and was founded by Lord Dalhousie to execute public works. CPWD or The Central Public Works Department has served the country for the previous 164 years. It has specialized in several subjects such as building construction, architecture, engineering project. The CPWD is headed by The DG (DG), who is also the Principal Technical and Advisor to the Government of India.

CPWD responsibilities

There are various roles of the Central public works department or CPWD such as —

• CPWD is responsible for conducting construction if any harm happens to any government infrastructure such as schools, highways, hospitals, etc.

• The Central Public works department must provide clean drinking water for their municipality and fix the broken water pipeline.

• The Central Public works development typically has the same obligations in India like designing and building all the government public projects, security of roads and highways, building and development of highways, maintaining and upgrading government structures, etc.

CPWD work categories

The duties and responsibilities of the Central Public works department is generally separated into four categories such as –

• Construction and maintenance of any Government building

• Construction, Development, the safety of roads, motorways, and flyovers, etc.

• Construction and maintenance of Bridge etc.

• Drinking-Water System.

Who Is Eligible to Become a CPWD. Independent Contractor?

To become a contractor in the CPWD, you must be an Indian Individual/Sole Proprietorship Firm/Partnership Firm/Limited Liability Partnership/Public Limited Company/Private Limited Company. If the eligibility requirements and other circumstances are met, these rules apply. During their enlistment, enlisted contractors must adhere to all of the rules set forth herein and those that may be added or altered from time to time.

The CPWD. Contractor Registration Process:

  • Open the official CPWD. Enlistment website at to begin the online process.
  • Download the Annexure -I and Annexure-II forms from the download link, fill them out completely, and double-check them before submitting your application online.
  • For this online application, Annexure-I and Annexure-II can be entered online.
  • The system will accept only JPG/JPEG images of the Partners / Directors. The size of each image should not exceed 80 KB (KB).
  • The system will only accept supporting papers in PDF format (such as Annexure-III and Annexure-IV) when it comes to supporting papers. It is recommended that the size of each PDF file not exceed 5 MegaBytes (MB).
  • Recheck your entries by pressing “Draft” in Annexe II once you’ve filled out Annexe I and Annexe II. The system will generate a DRAFT report for your review. This system automatically generates a unique application number. You’ll need your Application Number and Password to make changes to your online application and print it out.
  • To keep your password and Application Number safe, you can choose to keep them private. Your Application Number must be included in any subsequent correspondence with the Central Public Works Department.
  • To complete your application, click on the FINAL button after reviewing the Draft.
  • Use the MODIFICATION option in the Main Menu to amend your application before submitting it as FINAL in Annexures I and II if necessary.
  • No additional revisions are allowed once the application has been submitted as FINAL.
  • The application will only be handled once it has been marked as FINAL by the applicant.


What is the full form of CPWD?

Ans. Central Public Works Department.

When was CPWD formed?

Ans. July 1854

Where is the HQ of CPWD?

Ans. New Delhi