Are you Aiming to Clear IAS Prelims by Studying 100 Days?

If yes, then you are preparing using the correct resources!

There must be couple of questions that must be running in your mind: How should you prepare for UPSC prelims in 100 days? How should you strategize? What are the books you should read to get the maximum advantage? How should you practice with the mock exams? How can you prioritize your time?

To answer the curiosity in you, we have complied the EliteIAS 100-Days Action Plan to Clear IAS Prelims.

The Core Part of Your Strategy should be T-T-T (3T)

We advise you to follow the ‘T-T-T ‘ie. ‘Test-series’, ‘Techniques’, and ‘Text-books’ as the basis of your preparation strategy in the next 100 days.

(1) Elite IAS Prelims Online MockTest Series

Enroll in Elite IAS Prelims Online Mock Test Series. This is the flagship service provided by EliteIAS and is affordable for the interested candidates. It is a time-tested program which has helped thousands of aspirants to clear prelims over the past few years.

We would recommend all serious aspirants to join our mock test program and test your skills so that you prepare yourself well for the exam. Our exam strategies are integrated with our mock exams.

(2) Techniques

Techniques and your skills while giving the exam are as important as your knowledge to clear UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE). EliteIAS has developed various techniques to clear IAS exam with ease. You can them out on our website. Read the techniques in detail in order to gain expertise in those.

(3) Textbooks

Due to the limited time, we suggest you to read the books given below:

  • Modern Indian History – Sonali Bansal
  • Indian Art and Culture – Nitin Singhania
  • Indian Polity – Laxmikanth
  • Important Judgment that transformed India – Alex Andrews George
  • Indian Economy Key Concepts – Shankarganesh
  • Environment – Shankar IAS Academy
  • Geography – NCERTs
  • Oxford Atlas
  • Science and Technology – Ravi P Agrahari
  • EliteIAS Current Affairs Compilations
  • India Yearbook by McGraw-Hill

Tip:  If you running short of time in learning from the books and it is taking too much effort, you can focus on giving EliteIAS Online Mocks. For example, if you wish to revise NCERT History, take EliteIAS Mock Exam to test your skills in NCERT History. By adopting this approach, you can get to solve around 100 most possible questions from NCERT History in just 2 hours!

Elite IAS Action Plan for Prelims: Day 1 – Day 30

Stick to your plan

Make a timetable, which suits your requirement. We suggest a plan which has 9-hours devoted to studies every day.  If you dedicatedly study for 9 hours, make sure that you give 1 hours to every subject for revision. Once you are through the subjects, you can dedicatedly give 2 hours to clear the exam.

Make sure you revise daily

Make sure notes and mind maps, if you come across a difficult concept. Make sure that you revise what you have reach the previous day every 15 minutes before you start for the next day.

Keep the weekends for revision of textbooks and revision of mock exams.

Take 1 Elite IAS online mock exam each day

Taking one 1 mock exam each day means that you will cover all 40 mock exams in 40 days!

And you have enough time, you can also take 2 mock exams /day and that will help you cover 40 mock exams in 20 days! With this, you will be able to learn 4000+ questions and 4000+ important concepts and that would make a big difference.

Note: If you ask us, the highest priority item for any aspirant is to practice EliteIAS mock exams in a timed environment with negative marking. We don’t encourage learning MCQs from photocopies or pdfs, because this would not help to avoid mistakes you are likely to make in the exam hall.

Attempt previous year UPSC question papers within the given time limit. Another important thing is to practice the UPSC previous year question papers. Revise them several times so that you are aware of the kind of questions that are asked in the exam. On EliteIAS Mock Exam platform, we have added the provision to re-take previous year UPSC questions (last 9 years). When you submit the exam, you will get the marks according to the UPSC guidelines.

You can also always follow the 4-round elimination strategy. This will help you an idea to attempt the questions for which you are not 100% sure and also analyse the risk-benefits of attempting questions you are not 100% sure.

Install Elite IAS app

Install EliteI AS app, to make it easy for you to revise your subjects while travelling.

For the last months, we put maximum efforts to fix all the compatibility issues related to the devices faced with the previous version of our app. Our new version is highly functional and useful. Install the EliteIAS Test Prep app now from on Google Play Store.

Do let us know your ratings and feedback. We need your support to come out strongly.


By the end of the 30th day, you will get an understanding of the above-mentioned textbooks. Moreover, you will rather have a good understanding of the basic concepts of every subject. You will need to schedule your priorities in order learn more in less time.

Elite IAS Action Plan for Prelims: Day 31 – Day 60

When you have the last 70 days remaining.

EliteIAS Online Notes and Study-Materials

Go through all the simple, free, and easy-to-learn online notes available in

Also, check the downloads section and our store for any newly released study materials and go through the EliteIAS Daily MCQs (Most Probable Questions) from the exam point of view.

Revise the practice the Most Probable Questions that we will email you for free.

EliteIAS will also release the compilation of Most Probable Questions (Daily MCQs) that will be uploaded to EliteIAS store and provided FREE to premium users of EliteIAS Prelims Test Series.

Elite IAS Current Affairs Capsules (CCC) – Monthly MCQs

Revise the EliteIAS Current affairs monthly Capsule available in the EliteIAS store.

Although there might be some overlap, the questions that are available in the CCC and questions in the Daily MCQ compilation would be completely different. You will be able to cover both in-depth.


Avoid spending too much time any other resources other than what we discussed above, as you might confused and will start forgetting the things that you have already prepared.

Also, don’t spend more than 1 hour on news reading.

Elite IAS Action Plan for Prelims: Day 61 – Day 90

At the final lap will be approaching, do the following:

Buy the book ‘General Knowlege by Manohar Pandey‘ and revise it thoroughly.

Though this book is titled General Knowledge, it contains all the basic information related to the important subjects like polity, geography, science, history etc. This helps in quick revision.

For the people from non-Science background, they can check out the Science section of this book. It will surely help in giving you a quick understanding of what is needed in the exam perspective.

Keep analysing your progress and mistakes

Keep improving with each mock test.

Revise our NCERT based mock exams again. Whenever you need to a reference, you can go back and read the corresponding portion that is provided in the NCERT books.

Rather than focusing on just giving the mock exams, make sure that you spend sufficient time on analysing the results, learning, and checking your performance reports.

Elite IAS Action Plan for Prelims: Day 91 – Day 100

In the final 10 days, you should be doing the following:

Revise Mock Exams, UPSC Question Papers, and your notes

Finish and revise all Clear Prelims Online Mock Exams in your account.

Attempt and revise previous year UPSC questions.

Revise the notes that you already made for Prelims.

Avoid going behind new materials or mock questions, and focus on the recommended items that we discussed above.

Focus on the core areas so that you can answer the maximum questions. (For example, Executive/Legislature/Judiciary in case of Indian Polity, Maps in the case of Geography etc.)

8-8-8 schedule

Make sure keep the revision on for 8 hours in the last 10 days and ensure that you get 8-hour sleep until IAS Prelims.

100-Days Action Plan to Clear IAS Prelims: The Conclusion

In this 100-Days Action Plan to Clear IAS Prelims, we hope that we have provided you with the best plan to clear the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam within 3 months. These strategies will help you to get the highest Return on Investment (RoI) without any overburden. You will need to work smart in order to cover more in less time.

The ‘TTT approach’ covers the core-essentials that are necessary for your success – Test-series, Techniques, and Text-books.

All you need to do is to make sure that you have confidence and a focused mind. It would be best if you do not run behind too many resources in the last few days. You also need to be laser-like focused in order to cover your subjects.

If you have the belief that you will clear the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary exam within 100 days, then there is no stopping you. Many candidates under our guidance have achieved success with short time preparation. Believe that you can clear IAS Prelims with whatever time left. Make the most efforts. All the best!

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