The Power to Concentrate vs. Cracking the IAS Exam

Cracking the IAS Exam: Concentration plays a decisive role when it comes to the preparation for the IAS Exam. Preparing for and clearing the Civil Services Exam is often considered as a great ordeal by most of the aspirants. The truth is that while studying, the majority of the candidates are in a hurry to finish the current topic(s). There are many other in the pipeline to be studied.

It usually serves to make them anxious. As a result, in a hurry to prepare for the maximum number of the topics, they cannot concentrate well on the current one. It seems that quantity seems to be more important to most of the IAS aspirants rather than the quality. But, the truth is the other way round.

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Cracking the IAS Exam: How To You Gain By Concentrating Better?

An excellent concentration is, of course, an enviable skill. Moreover, when the same helps you prepare in a flawlessly competent manner for the IAS Exam, it becomes more enviable. Finally, when you crack the Civil Services Exam and join the Indian Administrative Services, it is the most enviable skill.

Here are a few benefits that you enjoy because of an excellent concentration

1. Your pace to learn improves considerably:

when you concentrate well, your complete attention is automatically focused on what you have been reading. It helps you comprehend the subject/topic at hand with an amazing skill.

Apart from comprehending well, you will also find it much easier to retain whatever you have been studying in your memory for longer spans of time. As a result, your learning pace will be accelerated to a considerable extent.

2. Your ability to co-relate is sharpened:

The people who are forgetful most of the times often struggle when it comes to co-relate various issues. For example, if you have forgotten the basic concepts for the sinθand cosθ, it will not be very easy for you to prove that sin2θ+ cos2θ = 1. Hence, it is essential to develop a sharp concentration power.

What’s more, a well developed skill to concentrate well would help you comprehend a variety of subjects. It pertains to the huge variety of various subjects required by the syllabus prescribed by UPSC for the Civil Services Exam.

3. A better concentration sharpens your memory:

when you concentrate better, you comprehend better and retain the same in your memory for much longer than what it would have been otherwise. Needless to say, a sharp memory would help you recall the information with greater ease when it is most required while you face the Civil Services Exam.

4. You are psychologically a healthier individual:

A better concentration and hence, a sharper memory only serves to indicate the excellent psychological health enjoyed by an individual. And who would deny that it is a great blessing in itself.

5. Your personality develops in an astonishing manner:

When you concentrate, you automatically learn to keep all the distractions and diversions at bay. Needless to say, it provides you with a sharp insight distinguishing in between what is important and what is not.

And you would be witnessing a great change coming over your personality. It would leave a highly positive impact on your answer writing skills. It is your complete personality that is reflected in your answers for the Mains, apart from how you respond to various questions during the Interview.

Now, you can see how wonderful can be the power to concentrate well to prepare for and crack the CSE within one go.

How to improve your concentration?

There are not many who can concentrate well. But, you may cultivate the skill and even develop it further if you so desire. Here are quite a few effective ways to improve your skill to concentrate better:

1. Get interested in what you do:

If you treat preparation for the IAS Exam as a routine activity, you are far from concentrating on what you read. Remember, the candidates who simply cram treating the Exams as something that they have to study for somehow are far from cracking the CSE.

CSE is an Exam that requires you to put your soul into the preparation. A Civil Servant, specifically an IAS officer is to serve the society. Thus, do not treat studying for the IAS Exam simply as a routine. Take a keen interest in what you study.

2. Be positive:

A relaxed mind can always concentrate better. Thus, be positive. Do not allow any negative thoughts or ideas come across your mind. Besides, keep all kinds of negative influences at the farthest distance possible.

3. Try to stay fit and fine:

A good health is a great boon for all, specifically for an IAS aspirant. Follow a disciplined life. Study as per the time table. But do not forget to take your meals on time. Besides, exercise well. And sleep for 8 hours every night.

Sleep helps rejuvenate you. It also calms the mind. And a calm mind can always concentrate better.

4. Choose the right place to study:

Wherever you study, there should not be any kind of the disturbance to ruin your concentration. It would be a good idea to gain the membership of a library, in case you are not fortunate enough to study un-disturbed at home.

A Word of Caution

Cracking the IAS Exam: In the zeal to focus well and concentrate better, you should not tire yourself endlessly. Do not be too hard upon yourself. It will only serve to ruin your concentration rather than developing it further.

Allow yourself little breaks during the study schedule. Going out for an evening walk for 15 or 20 minutes every day would you relax your mind a great deal. And you would be pleasantly surprised to find that a relaxed mind can concentrate far better than what you might have thought of initially.

Conclusion: Cracking the IAS Exam

To sum up, it is your power to concentrate finally, and keeping the diversions at bay, that draws you closer to joining the Indian Administrative Services.  So, concentrate better. It really pays.

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