Leverage the Internet for the IAS Exam: And Watch The Result

Internet for the IAS Exam: Understanding how to leverage the Internet for the IAS Exam can simply produce amazing results. It can help you beat the entire competition.

What are you likely to gain by leveraging the Internet?

Leveraging the Internet in order to prepare for the IAS Exam can help you in multiple ways.

1. You will be at ease facing the CSE: Internet for the IAS Exam

You would come across a number of tips and tricks to prepare for the Exam across the Web. Besides, you would be getting to read the blogs and articles by various experienced authors. Moreover, it would be highly helpful to read what the Toppers have to say about cracking the CSE.

Gaining advantage from this wealth of information, you would find yourself facing the Civil Services Exam with great ease.

2. You might crack the IAS Exam in the very first go!

Internet, if leveraged properly can go a great way to help you update your knowledge of the changing patterns and trend of the IAS Exam. Getting familiar with the same can of course help you to crack the IAS Exam in the very first go!

3. Helps you gain an insight into the Current Affairs:

Internet provides all, specifically the IAS aspirants with a brilliant opportunity to get to know what goes around. It helps to stay updated concerning the Current Affairs. Besides, you gain a sharp insight into the Current Affairs with respect to various perspectives.

As a result, your personality is enriched. Eventually, it will help you answer in a balanced manner during the Mains. Apart from that, you would also be better equipped to answer during the Interview. UPSC Interview, the last stage for the CSE is commonly referred to as the Personality Test. The Union Public Service Commission enjoys a high reputation for recruiting only the most competent of all the candidates as the Civil Servants. It applies in the most specific manner to the Indian Administrative Services

4. Enhances the probability of your scoring higher than the competition:

As already specified earlier, Internet provides you with a platform to get familiar with various perspectives co-related to the Current Affairs. When you gain an insight into various issues related with the Current Affairs, your answer writing skills are sharpened automatically.

It definitely helps you answer better during all the Papers of the Mains. It should be noted that a balanced perspective is always reflected in your answers.

5. You might push your score higher:

It is no secret that the Indian Administrative Service is the most coveted of all the Civil Services. The next one being the Indian Police Service. Understandably, UPSC asks only the highest of the rank holders to join the IAS.

It has already been made clear above that leveraging the Internet may play a considerable role in sharpening your answer writing skills. Besides, you would be far better equipped to answer the UPSC Interview Board questions in a logically convincing manner.

Besides, UPSC is going to assess your skills as the future Civil Servant by what you write in the Mains. It would be in the best interest of all the IAS aspirants to leverage the Internet.

It is a task that should not be taken for granted if you aim at giving a push to your scoring capability. Mains, CSE includes 4 papers for General Studies carrying 250 Marks each. It comes up to a total of 1000 marks. There is the Essay Paper (250 Marks) and 2 Papers for the Optional subject, carrying 250 Marks each. Total it all together. It comes up to 1750 marks.

Besides, as it has already been specified above, the Interview is also a scoring activity. And leveraging the Internet skillfully can help you score during the Personality Test also.

Now, add the 275 Marks carried by the Interview to the 1750 Marks as totaled above. Do you think you should be risking 2025 Marks! Of course, not!

So, it is in the best interests of an IAS aspirant to leverage the Internet!

6. You might realize your ambition of joining the Indian administrative Services:

As specified above, by skillfully leveraging the Internet, the probability of your scoring higher than the competition would be far enhanced.

And UPSC asks only the highest of the rank holders in the Civil Service Exam to join the Indian Administrative Service. So, that will definitely help you join the Indian Administrative Services.

All the factors specified above clearly explain why Nowadays, preparation for the IAS Exam has been greatly influenced by the use of the Internet. With almost all the fields of the life going online, candidates preparing for various Exams have also been drawn towards Internet. Needless to say, it has become highly important to leverage the Internet to optimize the probability for cracking the Civil Services at the very first attempt itself.  

Internet & the Preparation for the IAS Exam: the Present Scenario

Internet has been replacing the traditional methods of preparing for the IAS Exam in a highly fast manner. There used to be a time when the Print Media ruled the roost. In other words, the hard bound books, and the printed newspapers and magazines used to form the crux of the study material to prepare for any Exam. And the IAS Exam was no exception by any means.

Besides, it was considered essential, nay indispensable to be physically present in the class room, lecture after lecture and be all ears to the teachers.

However, at present, the use of Internet has been increasingly on the rise to prepare for various Exams including the Civil Services Exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.

Reasons behind the soaring popularity of Internet for the preparation of the IAS Exam

Internet has almost changed the entire way the IAS aspirants used to prepare for the CSE. There are various reasons behind the revolutionary change.

The major ones are briefly described below:

1. Ease of preparation:

Technology has made the life easier than what it used to be earlier. The same applies to the preparation for the IAS Exam as well.

Besides, it’s quite easy to prepare for the IAS Exam using various Preparation Apps on the mobile phones. You may use your laptops, mobile phones etc., to prepare for the CSE wherever you are at the moment and whenever you feel like.

2. Internet has brought preparation for the IAS Exam within the reach of all

Gone are the days when the IAS aspirants were required to be there in the classroom to attend the coaching sessions for the CSE. Consequently, a huge majority of the candidates who could not make their way to Delhi found preparing for the CSE simply out of their reach.

But, Internet has made it feasible for all to realize their dream of joining the Indian Administrative Services. You may prepare for the CSE online without coming to Delhi or leaving home, that is to say, if you are already residing at Delhi for attending the classes at a regular IAS coaching institution.

3. It’s economical:

Preparing for the IAS Exam making an extensive use of the resources available online is highly economical as compared with the fee paid at regular class room IAS coaching institutions.

Thus all those who do not find it economically viable to get themselves enrolled at a regular IAS coaching institution may prepare for the IAS Exam online.

Advantages of Preparing for the IAS Exam by Means of Using Internet

Preparing for the IAS Exam by making an extensive use of Internet definitely scores over the traditional methods of preparing for the IAS Exam. Most importantly, you might not even have thought of some of the benefits, unless and until you experience them yourself. First-hand experience is usually more convincing than any other one, as per the human psyche.

However, Some of the advantages are as specified below:

1. Availability of data

Internet provides a much easier access to data than what it used to be before the advent of the technology. Internet offers a marvelous collection of information.

Practically speaking, the World Wide Web provides a virtual library including almost every subject and everything that might be thought of being existing under the Sun.

2. Notes and storage

It’s much easier to download information from the Internet. You can organize the same into various files. Apart from compiling and organizing the study material thus, leveraging the Internet also helps you make and update the notes.

Needless to say, the entire process as specified above is far from being cumbersome. You will not only find the activity highly interesting, but also time saving.

Thus, you would be



(c)organizing the study material and notes, and

(d) also saving time for revision – all simultaneously. And isn’t that great!

3. E-books

Most of the E-Books can be downloaded from the Internet for free. It not only saves time, but also money. The NCERT Books that are a must read to gain the crystal clear concepts can also be downloaded.

Besides, in case you feel like purchasing a few books, you can do the same online. It would save a lot of time. And you can use the same to focus better on the preparation for the IAS Exam. As you do not have to move outdoors to purchase the books, you would not be fatigued either. Thus, apart from the time, you can focus better on your Exam preparation with a greater stamina.

4. News sites 

You need to keep your knowledge of the Current Affairs updated. You may read the Newspapers on the Internet. Most of them are available free of cost.

Reading the Editorials is going to help considerably when it comes to prepare for the IAS Exam. Besides, the Editorials help you gain a sharp insight into various Current Affairs. As a result, your answering skills will be sharpened, pushing your score higher both for the Mains and the Interview.

5. Government websites

The Government websites from various Ministries and Departments are the most authentic sources for gaining knowledge of various Government schemes and policies.

6. Online Coaching 

As has already been said earlier, all the IAS aspirants who cannot attend the regular IAS coaching sessions for some reason or another, may prepare for the IAS Exam online. Elite IAS Academy offers various courses online including the Optional subjects.

7. Online Test Series 

Internet provides various online Test series and Mock Tests. It helps you considerably to assess yourself and prepare for the IAS Exam accordingly.

8. Blog

Sharing your views and opinions by means of blogs can help you interact with other IAS aspirants and the people concerned. Thus, it widens your perspectives and sharpens your insight. No wonder it helps you prepare better for the IAS Exam

9. Visuals

There are various subjects including Geography, Chemistry, Physics etc., that can be understood better by means of the 3D Visuals. Besides, you may access videos, apart from simulations for the same on the Internet.

A Word of Caution

It is advisable to be careful concerning:

1. Temptation to surf 

many a times, you are likely to get diverted because a temptation to go surfing. It is advisable to read as per the Syllabus that UPSC prescribes for the CSE.

2. Filter the data

You are likely to come across a lot of information for what you search on the Internet.  It is advisable that you distinguish what is relevant as per the preparation for the IAS Exam and what is not.

3. Distractions

Do not allow yourself to be distracted by the temptation for the attractions like Twitter, Facebook etc. You only have to focus on the preparation for the IAS Exam.

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