How to Become an IAS Topper?

The majority of the educated ambitious Indian youths aim at clearing the Civil Services Exam. The ones who are the most ambitious would like to get themselves placed among the highest of the rank holders. They are asked by UPSC to join the most sought after of the cadres, and that is Indian Administrative Services. However, though it usually may, but it certainly does not satisfy the ambitious streak of all the IAS aspirants.

What does it take to become an IAS Topper?

There are quite a few whose soaring ambition compels them to covet the All India Rank 1 when UPSC declares the Civil Services Exam results. So, would you not like to hold the highest rank? The point to be noted is, what does it actually take to become an IAS topper?

The truth is that none of the IAS aspirants actually has an idea that he would acquire AIR 1. Yet he leaves no stone unturned to achieve the same. And it’s a greater truth that there are great many an IAS aspirants who do aim at topping the CSE. But it’s only a single candidate who is declared the TOPPER! The IAS Topper who achieves the All India Rank 1 needs to be the best of the IAS aspirants. Being an IAS Topper requires you to be clever, apart from being sincere. It’s the smartest of the smart approach towards the preparation of the IAS Exam that sets the Topper apart from the remaining of the competition.

You would require to be:

  1. Disciplined
  2. Study both hard and smart
  3. Practice relentlessly
  4. Opt for a strategy that is well thought out after considering everything that is relevant
  5. Thoroughly aware of your strengths as well as weaknesses

Tips to become an IAS Topper

As already said above, if you aim at acquiring the AIR 1 and be the IAS Topper, you have to be the cleverest and smartest of all the IAS aspirants. And, of course, you would have to prepare for the Exam more sincerely than the remaining of the competition.

Here are a few tips to help you become an IAS Topper

Well, you may become an IAS Topper. If others can, why can’t you top the Civil Services Exam? But, you should have a knack of strategizing well for preparing for the Exam that would help you score an edge over the competition. Nay, that would rather be an understatement.  You have to actually beat the competition.

Following the tips given below would help you do so to a considerable extent:

1. Stay focused rather than being obsessed

Though it’s always desirable to stay focused on your goal, there is a big difference in between maintaining focus and getting obsessed. If you allow yourself to be obsessed with the power and prestige that joining IAS is going to bestow upon you, you would not be able to stay focused on the preparation for the IAS Exam.

2.Do you understand yourself well?

You would be able to formulate a strategy that works for you only when you understand yourself well. Therefore, you need to understand your own strengths and weaknesses, apart from your likes and dislikes.

Doing so would help you formulate the preparation strategy accordingly. Besides, if you know what you are comfortable with, you would also be better able to pick the right kind of the Optional Subject. Certainly, it would help you prepare well for the Optional Subject Papers.

Besides, you would enjoy preparing for the Optional. It would no longer be a monotonous task. And when you enjoy something, you do it well! As a result, you will study well, prepare well and score well.

And a better understanding of yourself is also likely to leave a highly positive impact on your preparation of other subjects and Papers also. Optional Subject Papers are not an exceptional case.

As a result, you will be preparing better, and scoring higher than the competition. It will push your rank higher. And you would move closer to your goal of your goal of acquiring the All India Rank 1 and be the IAS Topper.

3.Be Persistent

Do not give up, come whatever may. Above all, it’s your goal to be the IAS topper that holds the utmost importance for you, rather than the problems that you encounter on the way. If you do not follow the goal persistently, you might well clear the Civil Services Exam, but will not be able to acquire the All India Rank 1. So, be persistent for you have to realize your ambition of being the IAS TOPPER.

4.Enjoy your preparation

If you consider preparing for the IAS Exam a tedious activity, you are far from being the topper when UPSC announces the CSE results. On the other hand,if you enjoy preparing for the Exam, you will be moving closer to your goal by leaps and bounds.

As a result, it would help you move closer to your goal of topping the CSE if you take a keen interest in your preparation for the IAS Exam rather than going ahead with the same in a mechanical manner. The greater the interest you take in the preparation for the IAS Exam, the better you prepare for the same. Besides, it will also help take the monotony to prepare for the Exam off your mind.

5.Opt for the right kind of Optional

It’s highly important to choose the right kind of Optional. An Optional subject that you enjoy reading and that makes you feel confident that you would be scoring well, more often than not, also serve to take the monotony of the preparation off your mind. As a result, you feel refreshed.

6.Do not ignore any part of the preparation:

Essay Writing, Current Affairs, Optional Subject Papers, the GS I-IV Papers in the Mains – all require a different type of the strategy to be prepared for. Therefore, if you want to be the best of all the candidates facing the IAS Exam, you have to prepare in the most competitive manner for every part of the preparation.

7.Be thoroughly aware of the Exam pattern, syllabus and the UPSC requirements

As you have to manage your time well, most importantly, prepare the entire syllabus well within time and as per Exam pattern and UPSC requirements, it’s best to read the syllabus first. Likewise, it will help you prepare well if you keep a copy of the syllabus on your study table while preparing for the IAS Exam.

8.It’s best to avoid all the negative vibes!

When you perceive something negative, it would certainly disturb the calm of your mind to some extent or another. As a result, you are not very likely to put in the best of your efforts for the preparation of the IAS Exam. Thus, it’s best to avoid all the negative vibes and simply focus on preparing for the Exam. Most importantly, it is the rank 1 that matters for you!

9.Read NCERT

It’s best not to ignore reading the NCERT books. It will help clear the basic concepts for various subjects. How can you go ahead with building a massive structure over a weak foundation? That is to say, if your basic concepts for a subject are clear, you are more likely to march ahead with your preparation for the IAS Exam with a far greater success.

10.Make frequent revisions

Howsoever studious you might have been during your entire preparation for the IAS Exam, the entire preparation would be a great waste if you can’t recall the required information during the time you actually face the CSE. However, making frequent revision would help you know if you have forgotten something, and hence need to revise it again. Besides, it will help you recall the required information during the Exam with a great ease.       

In conclusion, whatever has been discussed above, makes it clear that acquiring the number 1 rank in the CSE is a result of a number of balances and checks. And there is something that’s simply peerless and that is your intense will power! Where there is will, there is a way! The tips given above, accompanied by your will power can certainly help you be the IAS Topper holding the All India Rank 1!

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