Ultimate Guidance for UPSC Exam Preparation

Proper dedication, self-study, hard work, and smart work are the key factors when it comes to crack the esteemed IAS exam. A combination of Right guidance, proper strategies and study material is what you require as the basic material when it comes to UPSC Exam Preparation for the same.

If you want to crack the exam, college is the best place to start up. Setting up your goal in the initial stages or while you pursue under graduation is what you require to hit the bull’s eye.

People who start preparation at a young age are packed with energy and sharpness and plan ahead when it comes to IAS exam preparation. Lack of proper guidance and strategy can turn their attempts to futile and they lose the precious chance.

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Candidates can avoid this by being focused on the preparation and taking guidance from the final or second year of graduation. The mentioned below are tips that you will find helpful in IAS preparation.

Tips for IAS Exam Preparation

Early Preparation

The eligibility criteria are set to the age criteria between 21 years to 32 years and education level of being an undergraduate. Students pursuing their graduation in the last year are eligible to take prelims for IAS exam. Many aspirants enter the field of preparation very late, resulting to miss the golden opportunity because of age.

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If you initialize your preparation in early age, this will provide you with a lot of benefits. The candidates who start early preparation clear the exam without compromising with their joy and delight of college life, but the right direction is required.

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Prioritize your time

It is very important to prioritize things, do only those things which are extremely important. Start your preparation parallel with the graduation rather than dedicating one or more year after graduation. One should go through the previous question paper and read the topper interviews in your leisure time. Various apps are available for preparation, one can go through while waiting for a bus or while sitting in the library.

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Read newspaper and Magazines

Never compromise with your newspaper or magazine reading, as this keeps you in touch with the current perspective. Newspaper reading is quite a boring task, but once you get into it you will become habitual and find it quite interesting and knowledgeable. Utilize your time in reading the quality articles as this helps you to enhance your reading and writing skills.

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Convert your daily chit-chat into the productive conversation. Develop your friend circle with whom you can discuss the current issue. Participate in college debate competition this helps you build up self-confidence. Peer learning plays an important role in IAS exam preparation, so build a right friend circle from college only.

IAS is the toughest exam in India, so proper preparation is required. The primary reason for the failure of the aspirant is a lack of guidance and planning. Many UPSC coaching centers are available that can help you in proper preparation by providing proper study material.

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Prepare Your Suitable Study Time Table

By now, you must be aware of all the important books, NCERT and reference books. These are the basic resources you will need to prepare for a UPSC exam preparation. In order to get started with actual preparation, ensure to have a well-planned time table. Schedule your studies and manage your time perfectly. Dedication of 9 to 10 hours in a day should be sufficient. If you do this with 100 percent focus and concentration, it becomes easy to crack the exam.

Do not try to believe everything you read about UPSC preparation. Some say, candidates must study for 15 hours per day. It is quite impossible to maintain concentration power by doing so. In fact, you should involve leisure time and short breaks in between. Prepare at your own comfortable pace. Please do not hurry up. It is not going to help you in any way.

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Make Notes While Studying

Learn the art of making notes during UPSC Exam preparation. Of course, you need to master the skill of writing notes. In the last minute of the exam, you cannot again prepare for the whole syllabus from huge books. You just have to refer to the notes 20 days before the exam. It can be both prelims or mains. So, prepare short and crisp notes for every important topic. Moreover, it helps you to make a quick revision. As a result, you will not get tensed during the last few days of UPSC exam Preparation. Also, it builds confidence within you to attend the exam successfully.

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Prefer Smart Work Over Hard Work

All the candidates believe in consistency and hard work to score top rank in UPSC. IAS exam does not expect you to read tons of books continuously. The perfect analysis and planning play an important role in bringing you success. In other words, candidates sit for more than 10 hours without a break while preparing for UPSC. So, what exactly is meant by working smart or preparing a smart plan? For example, do not read all the materials you have.

Observe the list of content resources you have, choose the best and do the selective reading. But, make sure you read them well. Mix up the important books and well-written notes to study certain topics. Ensure to learn time management. Take up regular mock tests and practice well. Above all, be flexible to understand the demands of UPSC and prepare accordingly.

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