How to Prepare for IAS Exam Online?

Union Public service Commission, the central agency of our country conducts the Indian Administrative Exam for which lakhs of aspirants are competing whereas the selection is very less. The IAS exams are that level of dry and difficult to pass as it has 3 stages. In every stage, the candidates should show their skill sets to move to another round.

When we talk about IAS preparation, there are various sources such as Online IAS Preparation, Offline IAS Preparation, Self-preparation, coaching room preparation there. But while doing Online IAS preparation, the experience will be really unique.

The greatest advantage of choosing Online IAS preparation for UPSC main syllabus, prelims syllabus induces a self-study technique among the IAS aspirants. Toppers and experts advocate self-study is the effective form of study that has to be followed by the aspirants to scrutiny their weakness and strength. Since it helps the aspirant to plan a strategy where they feel comfortable.

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There is no demand for Online IAS preparation for UPSC Main syllabus, prelims. Aspirant might choose many wonderful quality materials designed by expert and coaching centers. Many sites have come forward to avail the UPSC online coaching at zero cost and some charge reasonably. Besides these, aspirants should buy a part of the study material, online material for UPSC preparation, depends on their needs.

Online IAS Coaching

Let us begin with the significance of using the internet and web to the greatest benefit.

Subscribe UPSC Online coaching websites

If you subscribe to authentic UPSC online coaching websites, you will be availed with free Online IAS preparation materials and strategies to clear such a huge exam. Also, keep a LIKE to the concerned Facebook page for receiving information from various websites.

Use mobile apps

There are various good android apps which can be checked when you are even busy at some places with the help of the internet. Many IAS coaching centers released their own apps which are smartly accessible in any android device. You shall only do is installing the relevant app from the Google store. Most of the apps are useful, reader-friendly, integrate many features. Now the extension of preparation moves forward from laptop to mobile.

Use a voice recorder

Using voice recorders and recordings good classes will always help to recall the imparted subjects. Otherwise, you may study good points and the same can be recorded, listened in the future. You may hear all of your recordings while traveling. This is a good practice to keep attention always on the subjects.

Use Facebook

Facebook has much valuable information. When you start preparing for IAS, you need not to be detached from Facebook. Facebook and other social media such as YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn can help the IAS aspirants immensely when you have the right idea about what to be subscribed. Try to subscribed valuable pages or channels like The Hindu, CCC and you will get regularly updated in your Facebook account while login. Do not oversubscribe pages, because they may confuse you at any time unwontedly.

Buy a laptop or tablet

If you have affordability, buy a tablet or laptop. If you cannot afford, visit the nearest internet center and browse some core resourced from the important websites. If you are reading, blogging buff on bigger screens, you may go for a laptop. Tablets are very handy and it gives a feel like reading books. Get an internet connection with highs speed if you are a gadget freak. Do not waste too much of time in the low internet connectivity. That may irritate the study as well as one’s mindset.

So, in the above online sources, you may prepare for UPSC main syllabus, prelims and interview phase. Why don’t you try the best?

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