Keep A Track of Your Preparation to Crack the IAS Exam

Preparation to Crack the IAS Exam: There are a few common mistakes made by a great many of the IAS aspirants. In other words, there is a huge majority of the candidates who fail in spite of multiple attempts to clear the IAS Exam. It only serves to indicate that their failure to learn from their own mistakes keeps them from cracking the CSE.

Self Monitoring Goes a Long Way while Preparing for the IAS Exam

Most of the IAS aspirants focus too well on the preparation. Well, there is nothing like that! You must concentrate and study well.

But don’t you think it would be better to keep a track of where the entire Exam preparation is heading to? Self monitoring is highly essential, nay indispensable, if you do not want the entire preparation for the IAS Exam to be a great waste.

Why Monitor the Preparation?

It’s monitoring the preparation that allows you to prepare smart rather than simply studying hard! You might be burning midnight oil night after night to realize your ambition to join IAS.

But monitoring the preparation for the Civil Services Exam helps you gain an upper hand over the entire competition.  In other words, it provides you with a number of benefits you might not have gained otherwise.

The major ones are as specified below:

1. Allows you to counteract all that is detrimental:

Unless and until you keep a track of where your preparation is heading to, you would not be able to hit the target. That is to say, the bottlenecks in the entire process of preparing for the CSE must be attended to immediately.

For instance, you might feel that you could have been better at writing Essays. Thus, you should be focusing more on your writing skills. Similarly if you are not so good at the Current Affairs, it would only make more of sense to read The Hindu every morning.

2. You may strengthen the plus points to a far greater extent:

You might already possess fine writing skills. So, it’s time to sharpen them further by trying to gain more of knowledge. And do not forget to develop a sharp insight into various issues/topics/subjects etc.

3. Your score in the CSE results will probably be pushed higher:

Monitoring your preparation and taking care of the same accordingly will help you write logically convincing answers during the Mains. It would, of course, be highly effective concerning the following Papers of Mains:

(i) GS I – 250 Marks
(ii) GS II – 250 Marks
(iii) GS III – 250 Marks
(iv) GS IV – 250 Marks
(v) Essay – 250 Marks
(vi) Optional I – 250 Marks
(vii) Optional II – 250 Marks

Now, just total it all. It comes to 1750 Marks. Do you think it would be wiser to neglect keeping a track of the preparation and jeopardize the otherwise good probability of optimizing your score out of these 1750 Marks?

4. You gain a holistically developed personality:

During the process of monitoring your preparation for the CSE, you gain an insight into most of the issues. A great many of them are related with the Indian society at various platforms.

Apart from that, the entire process helps you get rid of the prejudices in case there have been any. And you are better equipped to understand and alleviate the grievances suffered by various sections of the society.

5. The probability of your performing well at the Interview is enhanced:

A holistically developed personality is the greatest tool that comes to your aid while facing the UPSC Interview. It should be noted that UPSC makes an assessment of the candidate’s complete personality in the final stage of the CSE.

The Union Public Service Commission looks for the candidates with the personalities that make them suitable to fulfill the responsibilities as the Civil Servants. It applies in the most emphatic manner to the Indian Administrative Service.

Thus, a well developed personality, of course, enhances the probability of your being selected to join the IAS.

How to Monitor Your Preparation?

Well, attempting the IAS Mock Tests and solving the Test Series are among the most applicable methods to monitor your preparation. It would help you make a fairly logical assessment concerning whether your preparation is on the right track or not.

Conclusion: Preparation to Crack the IAS Exam

To sum up, keeping a track of the entire preparation is simply mandatory. It helps you make a self assessment and proceed further accordingly.

However, the point to be noted is that you should not leave the complexities unaddressed. Seek a solution and proceed further.

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