How to Prepare for the Impending 2020 Prelims?

Most of the IAS aspirants preparing for the impending Prelims Exam 2020 would agree that there is no dearth of the study material. However, what actually counts is not the quantity, but the quality of the content that you read.

Why should you take a qualifying Prelims Exam seriously?

Most importantly, the point to be noted is that you should never underestimate the significance of the Prelims Exam. However, a majority of the IAS aspirants do make the mistake.

Though the reasons may vary, the major ones are described below reflecting the psyche of most of the IAS aspirants:

1.Prelims is a qualifying Exam

As the very fact suggests, most of the candidates treat the Prelims exam as a qualifying stage rather than an Exam they are supposed to prepare thoroughly for.

2.The best of the effort and the time is reserved for the Mains and the Interview

Above all, the truth is that it is the Indian Administrative Service, rather than any other cadre, that’s the most sought after by the Indian youths. Certainly, it’s your rank in the Civil Services Exam results that enables you to join IAS. Further, it’s your score in the Mains and the Interview that pushes your score higher for the Prelims is only qualifying.

As a result, majority of the IAS aspirants under-estimate the importance of the Prelims. The best of their efforts are reserved for the Mains and the Interview. And the irony is that a great many of the IAS aspirants repeat the same mistake while preparing for the Interview also. Above all, nobody knows what UPSC may or may not ask during the Interview? So, why prepare for it in the first place itself?

3.Preparing well for the C-SAT is more than sufficient!

The truth is, it is not so! However, you cannot take it for granted that first of all, it’s the C-SAT answer sheet that is evaluated by UPSC.

That is to say, once you clear the CSAT, it’s only then that UPSC evaluates the GS Paper for the Prelims. However, even if you clear the CSAT, that stands no guarantee that you qualify the Prelims.

Above all, the GS Paper is still there. And unless and until, you clear that as well, UPSC would not include your name among the candidates who qualify the Prelims.

So, you are required to prepare thoroughly, both for the CSAT as well as the GS Paper. And mark it, you have to be flawlessly competent for the negative marking may reduce your score otherwise. In short, qualifying the Prelims is mandatory.

How to go ahead with the preparation for the Prelims?

Huge numbers of the candidates appear for the Civil Services Exam year after year. But these are only a few who qualify the Prelims. Thus, it’s understood that the competition is not an easy one.

As a result, you are required to prepare thoroughly if you aim at qualifying the Prelims at the first attempt. Here are a few tips for how you should go ahead with the preparation for the Prelims:

1.Make it a practice to solve the Test Series frequently

Apart from gaining the knowledge, it’s highly essential to put it to the right use specifically when you are answering the Prelims for the CSE. You have to qualify the CSAT so that your GS Paper answer sheet is evaluated. So, make it a practice to solve the Test Series frequently.

2. Gain and upgrade your knowledge of the Current Affairs

Be absolutely thorough with the knowledge of the Current Affairs. And keep it absolutely updated whenever there is any major development at various platforms viz., political, socio-political, economic etc.

3. Past Years’ Question Papers

It’s advisable to solve the past three years’ question papers at least. It will give you a knack of the Exam pattern for the CSE.
In conclusion, it’s advisable to leave no stone unturned to qualify the Prelims. And you MUST qualify it. If you don’t, UPSC will not allow you to go ahead with the Mains, let alone joining IAS.

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