Benefits Of Video Lectures For UPSC Preparation

Video Lectures For UPSC: Many UPSC hopefuls believe that online IAS training cannot replace traditional classroom training. However, the top IAS tutoring has improved its online learning platform over the past two years, and as of 2022, online IAS classes are now more advantageous than offline ones. Since there are no frontbenchers or backbenchers in online IAS classes, it is quite simple for students to raise questions and get their questions answered. Additionally, anyone can enrol in online classes for IAS exam preparation from the comfort of their own home. Nobody has to spend a lot of time getting to and from the coaching centre. Online IAS training is more advantageous than classroom training because to these and many other benefits.

As competitors put in greater hours immersed in their books and notes, the IAS preparations might be a strenuous endeavour. As a result, you must interrupt the boredom of repetition. You can’t enjoy lengthy breaks while preparing for the UPSC Civil services. You need some diversity in your study routine to prevent such tedious situations, and video lectures are a terrific resource for this.  

Videos helps to clarify concepts/ideas

  • Videos are a better choice than books or study materials if you want to grasp how the brain processes complicated hierarchies in an. 
  • As we are all aware, viewing and hearing to something has a greater mental impact than simply reading it. 
  • It will be easier to understand things and revisit complicated procedures if you watch videos.

Breaks the Monotony

  • Even though you enjoy reading books and other printed materials, there are times when your mind needs a change of pace from the same old things. 
  • The greatest substitutes to rejuvenate your brain for this video.

Makes the Subjects Interceding

  • The UPSC common administration tests need that you take a lot of factors into account. You might have to think about a few topics that don’t interest or appeal to you.  Videos can pique a viewer’s interest and make concepts more compelling. 
  • A few topics can also be adapted better by viewing stories, in my experience. These recordings might provide you with a variety of viewpoints for your responses.

Easy to Accessible

  • By having video addresses on your mobile device or tablet, you can save time. 
  • On the bus or anywhere else, you can watch them.

Attend Important classes anytime

  • The main advantage of video classes is that you may access subject-matter experts’ lectures while relaxing in your own home. 
  • Simply put, the days when you had to relocate to major cities for IAS training are long gone. 
  • Live training can come to your homes thanks to innovation.
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Videos Help in Clear Understanding

For the UPSC civil services exams, you must study a variety of subjects. You might have to take classes in subjects you don’t want to take. Videos may engage viewers and provide appeal to abstract ideas. Additionally, documentaries can improve your understanding of particular subjects. Additionally, these films can provide you various viewpoints on your responses.

Videos Create Enthusiasm

  • The UPSC common administration tests require you to take many things into account. You might have to consider a few subjects that you don’t like or aren’t interested in.  
  • Videos stimulate viewers’ curiosity and can encourage them to get passionate about the subject. 
  • Additionally, some concepts can be adapted considerably more successfully by viewing narratives. 
  • Additionally, these recordings can provide you various viewpoints on your comments.

Online Resources

  • The best thing about online resources is that they are accessible round-the-clock, every day of the week, so candidates may obtain rapid assistance whenever they need it.
  • The most crucial tactic for success in the IAS exam is for candidates to prepare themselves. 
  • This is due to the fact that, even after enrolling in a coaching program, it is the individual’s own time that results in the desired outcomes.

Money is Another Concern other than Time

  • Time is one thing, and money is the next. To adequately prepare for the exam, one needs a considerable sum of money. 
  • Nowadays, coaching classes don’t offer the necessary texts and don’t even charge less than a lac.
  • Therefore, in addition to paying for the coaching class, a student must purchase additional books worth Rs. 4000-5000.

Merits of Video Lectures for UPSC Preparation

#1 Online coaching costs only, a fraction of coaching classes

  • The fact that online preparation programs are far more economical than coaching facilities is one of their main advantages. 
  • Coaching classes are available at moderate costs or even for free to aspirants who cannot afford them. 
  • Nowadays, practically anything can be found online, and taking online lessons is a convenient and affordable way for applicants to pass the UPSC exam.

#2 A time-saving and convenient option for exam preparation

  • As UPSC candidates don’t need to go and may study whenever they choose, online tutoring is another convenient and time-saving option. 
  • Online tutoring is the greatest choice, especially for those who are full-time workers or college students. 
  • When students have free time, they can study and review at their own speed. For such hopefuls, managing work, college, and coaching sessions could be stressful.

#3 Online platforms offer good study material with updated content

  • Having the proper study materials is crucial for passing CSE. Online resources are well renowned for providing updated study guides that adhere to the most recent UPSC exam syllabus criteria. 
  • Online materials including video lectures, question papers, current affairs, and other test preparation tools are available on platforms of high quality. 
  • However, some teaching facilities may provide outdated content despite demanding hefty prices.

#4: Online coaching helpful for self-study, self-analysis

  • Online tutoring is beneficial for applicants’ self-study and performance review. 
  • Additionally, online resources provide CSE Prelims and Mains question papers and mock exams so that candidates can acquaint themselves with the format of the exam and gauge the effectiveness of their preparation.

#5 Many online platforms offer 24×7 doubt-clearing services

  • Today, a number of internet resources provide dedicated mentors, discussions with experts, and 24/7 question-clearing services that could be helpful for candidates studying for the UPSC CSE. 
  • Despite the fact that IAS coaching facilities provide students with the assistance of experienced tutors, some students may find it difficult to have their questions answered because of the high batch sizes and multiple interruptions in the classroom.

#6 Quality learning modules

  • The IAS test tutoring market on the internet is booming. This has created fierce competition for online market share among numerous institutions and online platforms. 
  • As a result, the clients, or aspirants for IAS, stand to benefit. IAS candidates now have internet access to a wide variety of high-quality courses and study resources at affordable prices.

#7 No need to shift base

  • An candidate won’t have to relocate to Delhi or other UPSC preparation hotspots because to online tutoring. 
  • Many of my students said that they preferred online coaching to classroom instruction for this very reason. 
  • For people who reside in tier 2 cities and distant places, online tutoring makes it easier for them to prepare at home.
  • People from a variety of social backgrounds can now prepare for the IAS online. Online coaching gives much-needed access to teachers, study materials, and exam series for many people whose circumstances don’t allow relocation, including those who live in small towns, stay-at-home moms, and those with disabilities.

#8 Prepare at your own pace

  • It may take some pupils longer than others to understand things. Each student can watch lectures in online modules at their own leisure. 
  • An aspirant can move through his preparation at his own pace rather than being one of the hundreds in a physical classroom. 
  • Depending on one’s comfort level, one can decide how much time to spend on each area of the syllabus and at what pace to learn.
  • Some students take longer to take notes and have trouble keeping up with a lecture in class. These students can take notes during online tutoring at their own leisure.

Demerits of Video Lectures for UPSC Preparation

#1 Requires self-motivation

  • Online coaching has some drawbacks, one of which is that the candidate must maintain self-motivation during his preparation. 
  • Hopefuls who choose online tutoring frequently lack a network of mentors and fellow aspirants. 
  • Therefore, it is crucial that the candidate who is studying online retains a competitive mentality and instils self-discipline.

#2 Lack of personalized attention

  • Online coaching frequently lacks the personal touch that comes from teacher-to-student engagement in a traditional classroom. The majority of online coaching platforms don’t have a user interface.
  • To circumvent this, some lecturers provide online pupils a tailored doubt-clearing service.  
  • Therefore, it’s crucial to choose your online coaching carefully, especially if you’re the type of person who needs constant assistance and engagement with your mentors. 
  • Examine whether or whether the lecturers at a particular institute are available by phone as often and for as long as you would want.

#3 Preparing in isolation

  • Peer-to-peer learning is a crucial component of conventional classroom coaching. 
  • Confusing questions that one would be reluctant to ask lecturers are clarified by discussing the day’s lecture with your classmates over a cup of chai. 
  • The competitive spirit is also fostered in the school environment. IAS hopefuls benefit greatly from and support one another emotionally.
  • When studying online, many people lament the absence of such a supportive environment as they struggle to prepare alone for the difficult IAS exam.


Despite its drawbacks, online coaching continues to be beneficial for many serious applicants preparing for the IAS. It may work for some people as a learning method and not for others. Before choosing online coaching over traditional classroom coaching, careful consideration and introspection are required. A portion of the rating is based on outside factors, such as budgetary limitations and lecture time. Criteria that are internal to the student, such as his capacity to uphold a structured preparation plan and remain self-driven, are another factor.

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