Eligibility for UPSC Civil Services Exam

Cracking the esteemed IAS exam is a very common goal among Indians. Many a time even the most deserving candidates miss out the opportunity because of not being aware of the eligibility and requirement of the job. Below is the eligibility criteria for IAS.

Age: For the general category, the upper age limit is 32 with a total of 6 attempts overall. For OBC, it is 32 years with a relaxation of 3 years. The number of attempts is 9. The UPSC exam eligibility for SC and ST is 32 years with relaxation of 5 years and number of attempts is unlimited.

Education: Anyone who has completed a degree from universities established by the Act of Central or State legislature in India or any other institutes that are established by the Act of Parliament is considered valid. Moreover, an institute declared as deemed under the act 1956 or equivalent qualification is eligible for the UPSC exam.

Nationality: The applicant must be a citizen of India. He/she can be a citizen of Nepal or Bhutan provided that he/she has come to India before January 1, 1962, and is settled in India permanently. Apart from this, the candidate can also be a person of Indian origin migrated from Kenya, Ethiopia, Malawi, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Zaire or Pakistan and is permanently settling down in India.

Civil services preparation is quite challenging but totally worth it. The role of an IAS offer is very crucial and demands a lot of responsibility. The officer also needs to be physically and mentally fit. He/she has to handle the affairs of government involving implementation and framing of policies. This also involves traveling to the places where these policies will be implemented and disbursement of funds upon supervision.

The officer is answerable to the parliament as well as legislature for disobeying any rules or regulations while on duty. The functions, as well as responsibilities, vary at different levels of the career.

The IAS exam was previously known as ICS and has a reputation of being one of the toughest exams to crack. The Union Public Service Commission conducts the exam. When it comes to hierarchy, it is the highest administrative post from the 24 services like IFS, IPS and the like.

It is prestigious to be an IAS officer as the officer is given the administrative command of the entire district as the District Collector. They also represent the Government of India at the international level in multilateral and bilateral negotiations. Students do not leave a stone unturned when it comes to their civil services preparation, as the chances are a few and there are ample of people who wish to crack the examination, in order to be seated on the most esteemed position.

The key to civil services preparation lies in beginning early with a schedule. This will help in setting up the entire sync accordingly. Moreover, this also will lead to an in-depth understanding of the subject, and score high in a competitive exam with such repute.

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