Role of Coaching in IAS Preparation

UPSC Coaching: The UPSC commission is always ahead of the game with changing Exam patterns every year. The only question that does not change is: – Do an aspirant need IAS Coaching? To answer this question, we need to understand various dimensions from the aspirant’s perspective as well as from the perspective of the Coaching Institutes.

The aspirants face several problems when they start preparing for the UPSC exam. Along with the complexity of the syllabus, and the huge availability of source material, the misguiding Coaching institutes are the stumbling blocks to the civil service aspirants. On the flip side, the aspirants shut their eyes to the genuine Coaching institutes that are willing to provide the counselling under the sway of the celebrated and affluent Institutes.

The aspirants need to acknowledge the significance of coaching to take the edge off the time spent in the preparation in addition to recognizing the reality of the sham institutes.

Why Coaching is needed in UPSC preparation? And at which stage?

UPSC Coaching: The first thing aspirants need to comprehend is that Coaching is a vast term that includes offline-online classes, test series, mock interviews, study notes, etc. Every aspirant should decide the type of services to be taken from coaching institutes as per their need.

Considering the difference in intellectual and learning capabilities of each aspirants, the requirements of the coaching also differ. Apart from this, the need of coaching also differs at different phase of IAS preparation.

At the initial stage of preparation, the aspirants have no introduction and insight into the UPSC Exam pattern and syllabus. Here the aspirant can consider going to the Foundational Course from the coaching institute.

Basic details about the Preliminary, Mains and Interview can be gained from the YouTube channels. However, when the understanding of concepts is considered the aspirants should consider the taking guidance can be taken from coaching.

Besides, the aspirants can also choose the option of coaching for the subjects that are most difficult to them or for subjects with high weightage of marks like Optional Subjects.

During the Practice Stage, the most pivotal thing is solving multiple Test Papers, both for Prelims and Mains. Here the aspirants should focus on solving multiple Practice papers prepared by various coaching institutes to strengthen the hold on questions.

What do the aspirants need to take care of while going for Coaching?

The aspirants should be cautious while investing their time and money in coaching institutes. They should reap the benefits from the institutes and utilise it in IAS preparation. Furthermore, the valuable study material will add ease in the preparation for the exams. Solving multiple test papers will strengthen their hold and help them to fetch good marks.

Besides the aspirants should take care that the fraudulent material which is scattered across the vast number of telegram channels. Another trap that the aspirants should be take care of is “so- called” important short notes readily available in the market. Such dreadful material not only waste time but also dishearten the aspirants in their preparation.

Is it possible to prepare for the UPSC exam without Coaching?

Now the only questions left is about the possibility of UPSC preparation without any coaching. Practically, it impossible to side-line the involvement of any coaching institute in UPSC preparation be it solving test papers, using current affairs monthly magazine or watching videos on YouTube channels. But, a legitimate Output-driven strategy strictly focused on the UPSC pattern can help an aspirant to grab extra pace in the complex process of exam-preparation. The aspirants should remember that the coaching institutes can only show them the path, but it has to be walked only by them.

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