Elite IAS Academy provides free counseling/guidance for the beginners to prepare for the IAS exam. The proper guidance can provide the key to the aspirants to crack the IAS exam. The Indian Administrative Services are the most sought after among the Civil Services that UPSC offers. Thus, it is only logical that the UPSC exam is the toughest of all the competitive exams in India.


No wonder, the beginners require expert guidance specifically when they begin preparing for the exam. Apart from being the toughest of the exams, the syllabus prescribed by UPSC seems to be exceptionally vast, specifically to the beginners. Besides, there are various ways to prepare for the UPSC exam. All these factors often leave the majority of the IAS aspirants highly bewildered and confused.

It further emphasizes the need for the professional guidance and counseling, specifically for those who have just begun with or going, to begin with, the preparation. Some of the problems are commonly faced by the majority of the IAS aspirants. These include opting for the best of the study materials, the most efficient of the newspaper reading techniques, a highly skillful time management, opting for the most scoring of the Optional Subjects etc.

The queries and doubts of most of the IAS aspirants seem to be endless! And the fact is that they are, given the complexity of the preparation that is required to crack the most competent and toughest of the exams. Besides, the majority seeks to join IAS. No wonder, the UPSC exam is often referred to as the IAS exam.

Elite IAS Academy provides free guidance and counseling sessions to its students solving their doubts and queries and helping them to prepare for the IAS exam with enhanced confidence. Elite IAS Academy sees to it that individual attention is paid to all the candidates while solving their doubts. Thus, the candidates are counseled not in a group, but individually.

The candidates are required to fill in a form to request counseling. Accordingly, they are provided at a suitable time. And expert counselors counsel and guide them helping them to opt for various strategies to prepare for the IAS exam.

Each counseling session may last for as long as 30 minutes. There are also little breaks in between, if so required. The entire idea is to enhance the confidence levels of the candidates so that they begin and continue with the preparation for the exam in a confident and efficient manner.

A Few Tips for the Beginners

  1. The preparation for IAS may be begun with while you are still graduating.
  2. Get in touch with the knowledge of the current affairs by means of the newspapers, yearbooks, magazines etc.
  3. Read the NCERT books thoroughly from std. 6 to 12 for various subjects as per the UPSC syllabus.
  4. Keep all the disturbances at bay so that you can study without any diversions.
  5. Begin to prepare at least 6 to 8 months before the Prelims.
  6. Sharpen your answer writing skills.
  7. Consider your aptitude well before opting for the Optional Subject.
  8. Do not ignore the Essay Writing skills.

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