Ethics & Essay: The Game Changer of UPSC

Ethics & Essay: The UPSC Mains examination contains 9 papers. They are as follows: –

  • The compulsory language papers which are qualifying in nature (2 papers) 
  • General Studies (4 papers).
  • Essay paper (1 Paper)
  • Two Optional Papers (Paper 1 and Paper 2).

The Mains papers are to be answered in a descriptive manner. In UPSC examination two papers are considered as game changer.

They are Ethics (General Studies 4) and Essay Paper.

Why Ethics & Essay Papers are game- changer?

1)Weightage: –

The UPSC Mains consists of 9 papers. The 9 papers amount for 1750 marks. The weightage of Ethics and Essay is 500 marks. The aspirants can score decent marks in both the papers. This will help them to confirm a rank in the final list.

2) Concise syllabus: –Ethics & Essay

Ethics & Essay: The syllabus for Ethics and Essay paper is concise. The content for these papers can be taken from various sources. This can be newspapers, magazines and research papers etc.

3)Ease of Answer Writing: –

Both Ethics and Essay papers demands crisp understanding of the surrounding issues. It does not require the aspirant to become a master in any particular topic. There is no fixed answer format. The questions can be answered based on the aspirant’s own capabilities.

4) Availability of source material: –

The required material is easily available. A wide variety of notes with value- addition are available.

The UPSC aspirants can score good marks in Ethics and Essay. They need to follow the right strategy. There should be concise selection of source material. This will increase the score in their Mains final marks. Ultimately, these papers will give aspirants an interview call!

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