How Does Setting the Daily Routine Aids Your Preparation for the IAS Exam?

Daily Routine Aids Your Preparation for the IAS Exam: Manage the time to beat the competition lest you might be left behind specifically when it is the IAS Exam. According to Victor Hugo, the famous French poet, novelist and dramatist, planning the transactions for the entire day in the morning and proceeding accordingly can easily take you through the busy schedules of life.

Why Chart Out a Timetable?

After you decide that it is the Indian Administrative Services that you would like to join, it’s only reasonable that you should be going ahead with studying the syllabus. And alas! It’s too vast!

Preparing for the entire syllabus and that too, in a competent manner is a Herculean task in itself. Besides, you would need to revise quite often for it is none other than the IAS Exam.

Moreover, there would be a number of activities co-related to the preparation for the IAS Exam. The Exam preparation would require you to:

  1. Read the newspapers/magazines
  2. Refer to the authentic websites including the government ones
  3. Attend the classroom coaching sessions
  4. Solve the Test Series
  5. Take down the notes
  6. Revise, etc.

So, do you think you can manage it all (and there might be quite a few activities, apart from what have been listed above) without charting out a timetable? Of course, not!

Advantages of Following the Time Table

An effectively charted out time table helps you prepare successfully for the IAS Exam in a disciplined and well planned manner. You would be pleasantly surprised at optimizing the results for all your effort and hard work if you prepare for the IAS Exam as per a well thought of time table.

Following the time table sincerely benefits you in various ways that you might not have even thought of initially. With this great feel good factor concerning your preparation for the IAS Exam, you are also likely to feel a great surge in your confidence. And who can deny that confidence is one of the biggest assets one can ever possess?

Here are the major advantages that a well prepared time table provides you with for the preparation of the IAS Exam:

1. Provides you with a goal on the daily basis

The time table enables you to organize the daily activities to go ahead with the Exam preparation in a result oriented manner. Thus, it provides you with a direction to move ahead so that you get to know that on what topic/subject etc., you have to focus on for the day specifically when you know that the UPSC syllabus is exceptionally vast. 

2. You may divide your time properly for various tasks

Going ahead with the preparation as per the time table helps you keep a provision of time for the Mock Tests and revisions as well, apart from studying as per the UPSC syllabus for the Civil Services Exam.

Besides, preparing the time table well and proceeding accordingly would also help you get the time for improving the weaknesses. That is to say, you would be able to find which of the study areas need to be focused upon with greater priority.

3. It makes the preparation more productive and efficient

With the properly planned study schedule, you will discover for yourself that you have been able to prepare for the Exam with greater productivity and efficiency. When you keep a provision of time for the revisions, you gain more of efficiency for the topic/subject concerned every time you revise.

And, as a result, you sharpen your skills for the preparation for the IAS Exam even to a greater extent. Thus you will get to prepare more qualitatively within the fewer number of hours than what you had been doing earlier. And the productivity gained thus would improve gradually.

4. Improves your focus keeping you on the right track

When you decide beforehand what topic of a subject you are going to study for the day, you are very likely to keep your focus on the same in a successful manner. Thus, your concentration would not be diverted from the topic you have been studying to another one. Moreover, your preparation would be moving ahead on the right track for it would be easier for you to plan for the preparation for what you have to study next.

5. A well prepared time table helps take tension and stress off your mind

Time table allows you to prepare for the Exam in an organized manner. When you organize what to study and when to study and proceed accordingly, you get rid of a lot of confusion automatically.

As a result, your mind gets relaxed. Relieved of the tension and stress, you prepare better and know for sure where your preparation is moving ahead. Thus you know what you have already studied and what you have to study further. It, of course, takes a lot of stress and tension off your mind.

Daily Routine Aids Your Preparation for the IAS Exam – A Word of Caution

Though it’s understood that charting a well thought of time table would aid your preparation for the IAS Exam, you have to follow the same sincerely. Unless and until you do so, even preparing the time table would be nothing, but a sheer waste of your time. So, chart out a time table after considering all the requirements concerning your preparation for the IAS Exam.

Also, be realistic. Fix the goal that can be achieved by the end of the day. Besides you know your own capacity concerning how much you can study in the day. Your reading speed and grasping power would of course enhance as the time goes by.

But, it’s always better to be realistic. No IAS aspirant can prepare for a complete paper in a day. Neither can you read a complete book in a day. So, fix the goal that you think you would be able to achieve and go ahead with the same. And once again, do not forget to keep a provision for the revisions in your time table. All said and done, now begin to follow the time table you have prepared!

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