Find the Best Tips to Study for IAS

Are you going to build your dream career by cracking the IAS exam? We know how hard it is to get the ultimate success, as there are millions of aspirants to compete with you. The UPSC/IAS exam can make your future bright. But, you may need to remove all obstacles to find a ray of hope. Most of the candidates cannot reach their target in one go. However, it would help if you did not feel lethargic while preparing for the IAS exam. A systematic preparation will help you to beat your competitors.

Take time to know the IAS syllabus

Your first step is to learn about the IAS syllabus. Most of the students make the mistake of paying no attention to the syllabus. There is no need to have profound and vast knowledge to pass the exam. Stick to the latest IAS syllabus and understand what UPSC wants.

There are some dynamic elements in every subject. A clear understanding of the syllabus will make your preparation more effective.

Note that UPSC has set the syllabus for both the Preliminary and Main exam. You have to know the details of the syllabus.

You may have registered your name for some IAS training. Still, you can never achieve success without reading the relevant books. Buy the essential books composed for UPSC aspirants. Buy history, economics, and NCERT books.

Read magazines and newspapers daily

Although you may be busy reading books, you must have time to read magazines and newspapers. Thus, find some time from your busy schedule to prepare for IAS. You can read the articles and news of The Indian Express, The Hindu, and other newspapers during your spare time. It is also better to focus on editorials.

While talking about magazines, we need to say that EPW is the preferable one, as it introduces you to current affairs. Kurukshetra and Yojana are some other magazines to learn about government schemes.

Discuss with friends

Some of your friends may be IAS aspirants, and you can take advantage of them. Do not waste time with chit-chats. Pick the hottest topic from the newspaper and start a debate. It is one of the best ways to gain mutual benefits. While discussing current issues with others, you can learn more. Thus, build a group and engage yourself in peer learning sessions.

Focus on some subjects during your semester break

It is one of the tips for college students who are preparing for the IAS exam. Most of the toppers finish at least 1 to 2 subjects during their college semester breaks. After graduation, you can concentrate on current affairs and General Studies.

When you have some time left, you can save it for an optional subject. It is also better to read NCERT books of class 6 to12. Moreover, you can look for some free study materials that are relevant to the IAS syllabus.

Revision should be a part of your effort

The UPSC exam is very tough, and you need to gain knowledge on a range of subjects. Although you have focused on those subjects, you may forget what you had studied the previous day. That is why revision is critical to stick everything in your mind.

Practice Writing

Your writing speed and writing skills are essential to prepare for Mains. Writing practice is especially essential for working professionals who are always busy with computer-related works. These candidates may not have a good speed of writing something with pen and paper.

Set your deadlines

Set your daily and monthly personal goals to finish the IAS syllabus on time. Ensure that you grab values from every precious moment, as you have a short time for preparation. By setting the deadline, you can make the optimal use of time. Create a timetable and start concentrating on your study.

Take a series of mock tests

When you feel that you are somewhat ready for the IAS exam, you can take some mock tests. There are lots of online sites for free mock tests. As one of the Civil Service aspirants, you can make self-assessment and learn new things from mistakes. You can identify your strengths and weakness.

Look for government resources

As you dream of working for the Indian government, you have to visit government sites (like PRS and PIB) to get valuable information. You may also watch national TV programs to learn something new.

IAS interview tips-

Perhaps, you have cracked the written exam, and now, you are preparing for the interview session. By scoring a higher mark in the UPSC interview, you may beat your fellow candidates. We have some interview tips to make you feel confident.

  • Never wait for the result of the UPSC Main Exam. From the first day of your preparation, you have to think of the interviews.
  • Another important thing is to know yourself- your hidden personality.
  • Go through your bio-data several times. As you have mentioned your hobbies, you may be asked questions on those issues.
  • Do not tell a lie. You must not add fake facts while writing your bio-data.
  • Stay calm- You may not know answers to all questions. However, interviewers will check your emotional intelligence.
  • Know your state and district- It is widespread for interviewers to pose questions on this topic. Know the history and other details of your birthplace.
  • Your body language must be positive.

We have provided you with a guide on how to prepare yourself for IAS. Lots of IAS applicants are college students, while others are working professionals. There is a myth saying that working professionals have a shortage of time and mental stress. They find problems in preparing for the exam. However, with motivation, confidence, and passion, every candidate has the potential to build his career. You must value your time and make sure that every step you take will prepare you for the IAS exam. Never demotivate yourself at any time. You will surely get success.